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Kurt Busch to attempt NHRA PS race in 2011


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Kurt's tried most everything! 24 @ Daytona, Super Gas, Legends, he will be racing in the Kimmel Street Stock race @ Rockingham, and now this. Way cool! This is why I like racers like Ron Capps, Cruz Pedregon, Tony Stewart, Jimmie Johnson, etc. They are racers and will drive anything!

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an update on Busch testing a pro stocker from Competition Plus:


For those still doubting the seriousness of Kurt Busch when it comes to NHRA Pro Stock racing, the facts keep piling up proving his intentions of being a serious Pro Stock racer.


In Bradenton Florida with several other Pro Stock teams at Bradenton Motorsports Park, Kurt Busch proved he has the credentials to compete in the Pro Stock ranks – now!


Driving a car previously driven by Vinnie DeCeglie, the former Sprint Cup Series Champion is reported to have made a clocked a 6.57 second pass Tuesday afternoon – January 4rd.


Busch, working with noted drag racing driver and instructor Roy Hill, spent the first couple of days of the new year working with the famed father/son combination Roy and Allen Johnson.


Going into the test, there were still serious questions from some very important people surrounding Busch's ability to compete on the Pro Stock level. No one questioned his desire.


Having worked with Busch for over a year, Hill, one of the most respect driving school owner/instructor in the country, never once wavered in his stance the Las Vegas native was both serious and capable.


“I got questions from everyone,” said Hill, referring to individuals from Dodge, the Johnson Camp, Shell, and others associated with Busch in this endeavor. “I told them, 'if I tell you he is ready, that is my honest feeling.' And, he went out there and proved he is capable and ready.”


On the first day of testing, following a carefully planned series of burnouts and short runs, Busch took his first full pass in a “race ready” Pro Stock turning in a 6.62 at 210 miles per hour in the Allen Johnson prepared Dodge.


The run was not without mistakes, but the message was clear, Busch could do the job.


On the second day of testing, with changing track conditions, and a series of curve balls meant to expose Busch to different scenarios inside the race car, Busch performed admirably eventually posting the 6.57-second run at 210 miles per hour.


According to Hill, Johnson reported to him how well Busch handled the day calling his performance, “excellent”.


It wasn't until later in the week, when Hill actually spoke on the phone with Busch, that the enormity of the accomplishment by the circle track veteran was revealed.


“He called me and told me just how he felt,” said Hill. “He told me, 'how much I respect you for getting me and my crew to this point.' He apologized for not being able to speak to me sooner, saying he had been busy in meetings with sponsors and his Sprint Cup team.”

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Does anyone remember John Andretti?


He is the only person that has won in an Indy Car, Top Fuel Dragster, and a Stock Car. Plus I think he has some Sports Car road course wins in there somewhere.


So, it isn't really anything all that new, but it is still pretty cool.


And I am trying to remember which drag racer has run a Midget at the Chile Bowl. I am thinking it is Pendergone (sp?) but can't remember.


Stay safe,


Bill "Sarge" Masom

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Petty had an accident that killed a person if I remember right I think it was a clutch explosion.


That is one of the the three different stories that have made the rounds. Another was a front-end suspension part failure. The third was transmission problems shifting into second gear, and the car breaking loose after he got it there.

The incident happened on 28 Feb, 1965 at Southeastern Dragstrip in Dallas, Georgia. He was participating in a match race with noted racer Arnie Bestwick. Whatever happened to the car, it turned sideways and went into the guardrail. The car stood up on its tail while doing all this and landed in a crowd of spectators. 7 people were injured, with an 8 year old boy getting killed.


The start of Petty's venture into drag racing came about with Bill France and Nascar outlawing the hemi engine in late 1964. Plymouth stuck with Petty when he went into drag racing.

His car was dubbed "outlaw" given the banning of the hemi engine.

Interesting enough, Nascar was racing just a few hours away at Asheville-Weaver Speedway in N.C. on the same day.

Here is a pic of Petty's car; and it was the same Petty Blue as all his other cars of the day.


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