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November Sprint Shootout Notes and & Pre-Entry Updates

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November Sprint Shootout Notes and & Pre-Entry Updates


by DarinShort


Kennedale TX (10/20/10) - Although the Cowtown Speedway 4th Annual November Sprint Shootout (NSS) presented by City Vending and ShopTheBOSS.com is still three weeks away, there are a lot of news and pre-entry notes to report.


First off, ShopTheBOSS.com is going to host a fun and unique cash award to Sprint Car teams competing at the NSS, called the “ShopTheBOSS.com 50-off 360 Bonus.” With a promo name shrouded with enigma, you know it’s going to be something interesting, so here it is:


During green flag, racing conditions, any Sprint Car driver that unintentionally spins their car (thus the ‘360’ component of the name) and keeps going, will receive a $50 cash bonus from ShopTheBOSS.com. Shop The BOSS General Manager Davis Bell states: “I’ve always enjoyed a fast-paced show like Cowtown Speedway runs, and this is a way we can reward drivers that have a bit of bad luck caused from the spin out to continue on and keep the show moving along.” Each Sprint Car driver can receive a maximum of one these bonus awards during the NSS weekend.


Early entries are coming in at a steady pace in all divisions, and here are some highlights of the Sprint Cars teams entered for this ASCS sanctioned event:


-Inaugural NSS winner, Kevin Ramey, will make his fourth NSS appearance driving the City Vending 7M sprint car. Kevin is also the first of many multi-division driver entries. Kevin thrilled the Cowtown Sprint Nationals (CSN) crowd by rallying to a 2nd place finish in the Non-Winged ASCS2 600 division championship by finishing in the 63-car field. Kevin will race in the Non-Winged division again, and possibly the Midget division. One other ‘Ramey’ related note: daughter Mackenzie will make her Restricted 600 division debut at the NSS.


-Another multi-division driver, Justin Melton, will be piloting the Mike Melton owned #11 in the Sprint Car and Non-Winged 600 divisions. Justin made the A-feature on both nights of the CSN a few weeks back.


-Veteran sprint driver Wayne Brown was sidelined in 2010 due to a hip replacement surgery. But he returns to action for the NSS, feeling better than ever, and is anxious to get back behind the wheel of the DarinShort.com and Wayne Brown Racing number cwb15.com sprinter.


-Local fan favorite, Chad Wilson is set to hit the high banks in his Mike George-owned #20 car. Chad had a run of tough luck at the CSN, and will certainly rebound at the NSS. Chad did win a cash award from the KJC123 “Who’s It Gonna’ Be” Bonus at the CSN for finishing one spot out of the championship feature lineup.


-Oklahoma standout, and former two-time ASCS Sooner Region champion, Brian McClelland has entered the Davis-owned #25, and is fresh off of a hard fought 11th place finish in the CSN championship feature.


-Gause Texas’ Brandon Corn has turned up his performance dial to a new level in 2010 at Cowtown Speedway. Brandon finished third in the 48-car CSN qualifying night event, and secured a front row spot in the championship event before tire woes kept him from would certainly have been a solid top-5 finish.


-Air Force Reserve and Sprint Car ‘pilot’ Mark Huddleston of Genoa Arkansas has served on various tours to places like Iraq and Afghanistan, and has received ‘clearance’ to compete in this year’s NSS. Mark will be driving his own Suggs chassis #33.


-The “Ambassador of Sprint Car Racing,” Claud Estes, is yet another driver having a great season at Cowtown Speedway. Claud cracked winner’s circle in July with his win in the ASCS Lone Star vs. Sooner region, much to the delight of the Estes-biased crowd in his family-owned Eagle Motorsports chassis entry. Claud finished 7th in the CSN Championship feature and won an additional $500 from KJC123.com.


-In August, D.J. Estes made his Sprint Car debut at Cowtown and wowed the crowd with a top-10 run until he had to make evasive action when a car spun in front of him. D.J. was entered in the CSN when engine woes sidelined the car for the weekend, but the car is entered in the NSS field.


-Former Cowtown Winged 600 standout, and 2009 ASCS Gulf South region champion Aaron Reutzel has entered the NSS after being forced to scratch his entry from this year’s CSN. A recent crash sidelined the team from the CSN as the new car wasn’t quite finished on time, but they will certainly make up for it at the NSS with another strong run with Aaron’s rim-riding style.


-The NSS has always been known for its ‘invader’ quality. The season is winding down, leaving sprint teams from across the country scrambling for a place to race. There is a “Mystery Driver” entered in the NSS that will be unveiled on race week. At this point, due to the request of the team, we are not at liberty to give any further details.


There are also a growing number of entries in all of the ASCS2 divisions. We will once again compile those entries and publish the complete list on Tuesday of race week, which is November 9th. That will give the teams and the track time to make any last-minute changes or corrections so registration night goes as smoothly as possible.


In other NSS news, we urge all teams to get pre-registered online as soon as possible, so as many pit parking requests and car number requests can be fulfilled. Those requests are only being fulfilled by pre-entering at the track website, and by a first-entered basis. The same goes with paved pit space requests.


While you are registering online, you also have the ability to purchase a 2-day pit pass in advance. Besides not having to carry the cash on you for race night, this also allows you to go directly to the far left pit window to pick up your pit passes and pay card – thus – reducing your time in line as you only have to go to that line to get all of your credentials. There is no additional charge for this service and online entry and advance 2-day pit pass sales end on Monday, November 8th (of race week).


Race fans will be able to purchase their 2-day grandstand passes online at a savings of $10 through November 11th (the day before the event). There is no additional fee for purchases made at the track website.


Please click www.cowtownspeedway.com/NSS10.html for complete event flyer, preregistration, 2-day grandstand passes and much more…and don’t miss the final 2010 event of Cowtown Speedway’s season with the always exciting and unpredictable November Sprint Shootout presented by City Vending and ShopTheBOSS.com.

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