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Questions for Nick


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I have a question about the texas track owners / promoters association, i am unsure of what the association is called but I have some questions for you.


I remember reading about the group and most of the Texas tracks working together to allow racers the choice of what track they wanted to race at with they're cars. I understand the LM class is always short on car caount at most tracks, and some tracks dont even have a weekly LM class at all, but i wasnted to know about the SS class, or sportsman class.


We have a car that is Sprotsman legal at SAS and want to run at THR and we are unsure about the rules, can i run in the THR SS class legaly under SAS rules or do i have to met THR rules?


I may be way of course here, and thinking more about it, maybe the whole thing was about TSRS car running other track LM class under TSRS rules or something, but reguradless i want to run our SAS sportsman car at THR with minimal or no changes, and figured you were the one to ask.


Thanks for any input Nick or anyone out there that knows or cares to coment on this.

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7, I know Nick will chime in, but I thought I'd mention something. There have been a few former SAS sportsman cars race at THR, so you could probably do it with some minimal changes. There are a few rules that are glaringly different (intake manifold and exhaust come to mind), but many are similar.


Here's the link to the THR rules - just click on the SS rules for the complete book:





Hope this helps,



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You da man! Thanks for giving "7" the info and thanks for all you do for THR.




I made Nick aware of your post here at practice at THR. He'll be answering you sometime soon.

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the intake is a start as well as heads SAS allows 68cc but I believe THR is 62cc. THR will let you go with the 500 cfm carb as well as the car weighing 3300 in leau of 3400.

Roller tip rockers are allowed @ Kyle where SAS requires the stock-type rocker arms.

The important thing to remember is the tires, F53 @ SAS vs. the 970 @ THR, not sure what the call would be there.

Also, the Sportsman cars can run after

market tailpieces and electric fans that the SS do not allow.

I'd be curious as well as to what wouls and would-not be allowed.

Not sure on front spring rules for Kyle ..

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Another question i have is why dont the rules at most tracks open up on th eengine rules. I had to search long and hard to find some old heads that would be legal, every se i found had already been milled or re-valved and finally i found a set after looking and asking on about 50 sets. I know cost is probably a factor, but after you send an old set of heads off to bel cut and cleaned and prepped, you could have bought a set of dart heads and save a ton of time. I know that rules are rules but some of the rules require you to find parts that are 30 years old and they are some what scarce.

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i want to run the car at kyle



We hope you make it up to Kyle!

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Sorry that I didn't get in this thread earlier.. had one of "those days" yesterday.


All members of the Texas Track Owners and Promoters Association have agreed, in principle, to come up with rules, arrangements and adjustments that would allow cars built to TTOPA specs to race at any of the three member tracks. We are starting to tackle the LM rules first and once those rules are in place we will move down the chain to the Streets, Hobbies and Beginners Classes in that order.


Cars that are already out there would have to make certain engine and drive train changes to make it all work, but weight adjustments would take care of frame differences.


At this point we are running behind schedule, mostly because of me. Trying to run a business, get an advanced degree, raise two kids, moderate this site and work at THR has left me with little time for anything else. I am out of school this summer, so plans are being made to get the rules committee back in session in the next couple of weeks.


As things stand right now, any SAS Super Street wishing to race in the Street Stock class at THR with their existing car would have to be willing to run under their home track's rules and be willing to take a weight adjustment as determined by the host track, OR, run under the host track's rules 100%. Either way.


Obviously, a SAS SS team planning to run their car at Thunder Hill would have to meet with Jack Sanderfur to iron out the weight adjustment, if any, and agree to meet the dB (noise) rules at the track. And a THR SS team wanting to run their car at SAS would have to meet with Paul Lozano. After talking with Mike Sepich about the weight adjustment, it appears as though the two classes are pretty much equal in performance at SAS, so hopefully, they would also be pretty much equal at THR.


I hope this helps.


Nick Holt

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