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USLMA resultsat I-25 Speedway, 5/29/04

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I-25 Speedway May 29, 2004


Late Model Main Event Results



Position Car # Driver

1 83 Jim Sikes, Jr.

2 27 Mike Hathaway

3 71 Dusty Tutten

4 20 Jason Fields

5 37 Glen Port

6 36 Walt Smith

7 89 Bob Howard

8 88 Sam Kinkennon

9 91 Mark Orth

10 64 Ron O'Neil

11 81 Jeff Larsen, Jr.

12 42 Darrel Stutzman

13 24 Larry Schneider

14 87 John Webb

15 15 Robbie McCabe

16 dnf 96 Robert Schorr

17 dnf 27x Joe Ross

18 dnf 98x Shonnon Flick

19 dnf 14 Chad Stutzman

20 dnf 28 Dan Alamaa



Late Model Last Chance Results



Position Car # Driver

1 14 Chad Stutzman

2 24 Larry Schneider

3 52 Bob Turano

4 18 Doug Adams

5 23 Dave Cartee

dnf 92 Tim DuVall



Late Model Heat 3 Results



Position Car # Driver

1 36 Walt Smith

2 71 Dusty Tutten

3 81 Jeff Larsen, Jr.

4 98x Shonnon Flick

5 15 Robbie McCabe

6 64 Ron O'Neil

7 14 Chad Stutzman

8 18 Doug Adams



Late Model Heat 2 Results



Position Car # Driver

1 87 John Webb

2 83 Jim Sikes, Jr.

3 42 Darrel Stutzman

4 88 Sam Kinkennon

5 96 Robert Schorr

6 28 Dan Alamaa

7 52 Bob Turano

dnf 23 Dave Cartee


Late Model Heat 1 Results



Position Car # Driver

1 27x Joe Ross

2 27 Mike Hathaway

3 91 Mark Orth

4 20 Jason Fields

5 89 Bob Howard

6 37 Glen Port

7 24 Larry Schneider

8 92 Tim DuVall



Race Stats by Larry Dolch


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I-25 Speedway is a high-banked 1/4 Mile Paved Oval near Pueblo, Colorado.


And the United States Late Model Association (USLMA) is a Late Model Series that competes at Altus Speedway, Altus, OK, Sandia Motor Speedway, Alb. NM, JRP Speedway, Tulsa, OK, and I-25 Speedway, Pueblo, CO.



Nick Holt

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Ab, I have had occasion to talk to a guy that runs USLMA on whowon. When I asked about rules between ROMCO vs USLMA this way his reply.


the two classes are very close other than engines(sizes), uslma has a open engine with a 390 cfm carb. rule. tires are different, we run good year hooters take offs. other than that i think that the two are very close. the only other thing is that the closest we get to down south texas is altus, oklahoma. we run there, alberquerque, nm, and pueblo colorado. theres a bunch of great drivers in romco, we raced against several of those guys in TIDA and even before that. it would be neat to get together once in a while. we have a 5000 to win in october in alberquerque, last year there were 47 late models. mix between regulars and southwest tour.. lots of fun. good talking to ya. if we ever get to run together and your there, look me up


Maybe some enterprising promotor could get the USLMA rep's and set up a ROMCO vs USLMA shootout!? :) Maybe for an after-season race in warm sunny Texas. Come up with a compromise on rules, like added weight or something so no one had to make that many changes or buy new tires for one race. OR maybe not! :( Anyone remember what EXACTLY the Big Shot rules were?

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here the link to thier website. Seems like a nice organization. That ROMCO Vs USLMA would make for a good show but I dought anybody would do it.



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As the 2003 champion of USLMA, I will say in my opinion, its a great organization. The promotor has his head on straight, and things are always improving. There are things that need work (as in any racing organiziation), but all in all, the USLMA is going forward and growing.

Last season we averaged 18 cars per race, its up to 26 so far this season. The rule package is simple, and it works. The tire rule keeps costs way down compared to any other late model tire deal. Thats why I race w/ the USLMA.

As far as racing in Texas, I am sure that the USLMA would entertain any races offered, but they do not want to step on any toes (TSRS?, ROMCO) w/ other LM touring groups. A combined event would be a good idea.

As Rebelracewriter stated, we have a race on October 16th in Alb. New Mexico that pays $5000 to win. Thats our "Bigshot" race, last year we had 47 drivers from 7 different states attend!

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