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Tx Nationals modified results/recaps

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Brown Bags Last Lap Win

In Sunday’s 20 lap A-qualifier taking the top 12 to ‘Big Show’, Keith McCullough and GW Egbert led the 24 car field to green. Egbert got the point in turn 1 with the pack stacking up when Tony Kegley spun. Chase Glick took another tour of the infield, missing the in field tire this time, while Gregg Killingsworth and Mark Whiteley spun in turn 2. On lap 2 Glen Hibbard was looking inside McCullough for second.


Egbert ran into lap traffic by lap 5 as Scotty Brown and Josh McGaha ran side by side for fifth with Brown getting the position on lap 6. Caution waved on lap 7 when Shannon Hartline spun and collected Danny Keeton. Egbert got out to a nice lead on the restart with Brown and Kenny Stone door to door for fourth. Whiteley brought out the yellow on lap 8 when he spun in turn 2.


As green waved, Gary Chambless and James Holder got stacked up collecting Nick Cooper and Keeton. On the next try Stone tried to dive low on Hibbard, while Glick was moving back up getting by Jimmy Bragewitz for ninth. Hartline spun at the halfway point, showing Egbert, McCullough, Hibbard Stone and Brown in the top five.


Stone was able get past Hibbard as the race went back to green, with Brown moving in on Hibbard for fourth. On lap 12 the yellow was back out for a spin by Cooper in turn 2. On green Glick got by Darryl Campbell for eighth. Caution quickly waved again on lap 13 for Justin Radcliff, who stopped on track and Dwaine Powers who found the back wall.


Egbert’s car faltered on the restart allowing Stone, McCullough and Brown to get by giving Stone the lead. On lap 14 & 15 Brown and McCullough were wheel to wheel for second right on the bumper of Stone. Egbert lost another spot to Hibbard on lap 17 when he slid high. Hibbard caught the top three on lap 18 and on the final lap coming out turn four is was three wide for the win. Brown in his B&B Concrete/B&B Ready Mix/Vista Ridge Concrete Pumps/RiteWay Starters/B& B Auto Sales and Salvage/Brown Trucking/4-B Simmental/Jetts Performance Signs & Graphics/Dirt Works Chassis beat Stone to the line by a small margin for the win.


IMCA Modified A-qualifier (Top 12 to A-main)


1 144 Scotty Brown (11)

2 5 Kenny Stone (6)

3 127 Glen Hibbard (4)

4 727 Keith McCullough (1)

5 102 Chase Glick (9)

6 32 Kevin Clement (8)

7 123 David Cooke (17)

8 717 GW Egbert (2)

9 991 James Holder (15)

10 83 Darryl Campbell (16)

11 661 Missy McAllister-Kerr (23)

12 23 Gary Chambless (19)

13 38 Tracy Fetty (20)

14 114 Shannon Hartline (22)

15 18 Danny Keeton (21)

16 40 Dwaine Powers (12)

17 111 Justin Radcliff (18)

18 Nick Cooper (10)

19 69 Jimmy Bragewitz (14)

20 110 Mark Whiteley (13)

21 763 Tony Kegley (5)

22 56 Gregg Killingsworth (3)

23 0 Chris Watkins---DNS

24 Josh McGaha(7)---DQ Rough Driving


Witt Wins Wild One

With the field of 90 IMCA Modifieds pared down to the fastest 24 of the weekend, Keith White and Scotty Brown held the front row for the 25 lap, $2000 to win A-main event. Brown got the jump into turns 1-2, but White fought back down the back stretch and come out of turn 4 first to lead lap 1, with David McKay and Glen Hibbard side by side for fifth. The duo stayed together on lap 2 as Henry Witt moved inside Keith McCullough for seventh.


Lap 3 had Kenny Stone spin while battling for fourth with Hibbard. Under yellow Hibbard pitted with a flat, along with Steven Whitaker who suffered damage in the accordian traffic jam behind Stone. As green waved Witt and McCullough went door to door again, this time for fifth. Before completing the lap Wesley Veal got sideways with Ronny Sigman driving over his hood as well as collecting Varion Sisson and David Cooke.


With White, Brown and David Smith II staying low on the restart, McKay and McCullough went to the high side. This let Witt get under McCullough to complete the pass on him for fifth on lap 4. Chase Glick then got under McCullough for sixth on lap 5. Witt continued his charge to the front on lap 6 getting by McKay to grab fourth.


McKay battled back retaking the fourth spot from Witt and McKay then moved along side Smith for third as the two wide scraps continued behind the leader. On lap 9 it was three wide for third spot as Witt and McKay both got around Smith, while staying wheel to wheel. McKay staying high then moved up next to Brown for second. At the halfway point White still headed the field, with Witt, McKay and Brown three wide for second, and Smith fifth.


Witt and McKay stayed glued together at the rub rails, while Glick moved up to fight it out with Brown for fifth. The Witt, McKay struggle continued as they swapped second turn for turn on lap 15. A break in the action finally came on lap 17 when Whitaker spun in turn 3. Under yellow Glick pulled to the infield from fifth, while Smith pitted from sixth with a flat tire.


On the restart, Brown dove under McKay for third, with Rusty Trevathan from row nine climbing up to battle with McCullough for fifth. Coming out of turn four, White’s chance to become 2004 Tx. Nationals champ went out the window as he broke the crankshaft. As the pack scattered and checked up behind the wounded car of White, McKay spun, with Hibbard and James Holder getting caught up in the melee.


With White, McKay and Hibbard out the top five the restart showed Witt, Brown, McCullough, Trevathan and Kevin Clement in the top five. Witt got a car length on Brown as green waved, while McCullough and Trevathan were door to door for third. Brown moved up to the high side in turns3-4 but couldn’t make any headway. This allowed McCullough to move inside as they fought for second with two laps to go.


Witt continued to inch away as they battled it out for positions behind him. As the checkers flew it was the Current National points leader, Witt taking home the victory, the check and the 2004 Tx Nationals title, to add to his list of accomplishments. The new Hoffman Chassis sponsored by Dick Scott Ford/Centex GMC/Midwest Motorsports/Affiliated Auto Glass/Bartell Motorsports/SliderRacing.com/Danz Designs/Allied Racing Wheels/Superior Race Fuels scored another win in a short time out and seems to fit Witt’s style well.


IMCA Modified A-main


1 701 Henry Witt (7)

2 727 Keith McCullough (8)

3 144 Scotty Brown (2)

4 751 Rusty Trevathan (17)

5 32 Kevin Clement (12)

6 6 Varion Sisson (15)

7 48 Ronny Sigman (13)

8 83 Darryl Campbell (20)

9 231 Greg Atwood (23)

10 123 David Cooke (14)

11 23 Gary Chambless (24)

12 89 Steven Whitaker (11)

13 703 David Smith II (3)

14 661 Missy McAllister-Kerr (22)

15 24 David McKay (5)

16 717 GW Egbert (16)


17 1 Keith White (1)

18 127 Glen Hibbard (6)

19 991 James Holder (18)

20 102 Chase Glick (10)

21 122 Jeramie Cox (21)

22 11 Wesley Veal (9)

23 12 Slade Johnston (19)

24 5 Kenny Stone (4)


The 10 car, 10 lap Champions Round-up sponsored by Jeffs Performance Automotive got off to an ominous start with threatening skies above. Now I’m no weatherman, but swirling clouds and grey-green skies are never a good thing. Reminded me of the 2001 Tx Nationals when tornadoes formed just after storms passed over the track. During the hat draw for positions, a loud clap of thunder echoed overhead when Glen Hibbard was called to draw. A sign from above? Perhaps.


Kevin Clement and Keith McCullough drew the front row, with Henry Witt and Keith White in the second. Clement and McCullough stayed wheel to wheel in turns 1-2, with McCullough getting the edge on the back stretch. Cody Smith spun to bring out caution on lap 1. McCullough held serve on green as Witt tried inside White for third. Coming to halfway the top five were McCullough, Clement, White, Witt and Hibbard.


Just about the same time rain drops started falling. McCullough started to creep away while Hibbard was trying inside on White for fourth. As the rain increased, the track quickly got slippery, with McCullough sliding high allowing the others to close back in. Witt ran by Clement and McCullough only to slide way high on the now treacherous track. Fortunately the checkers waved, just as skies opened up. McCullough in his Jeffs Performance Automotive/Race Art Grafix/El Chico Restaurant/K&M Auto Sales/Parkway Auto Sales/Jeff Hills Race Engines/Dirt Works Chassis took the checkers.

Champions Round-up


1 727 Keith McCullough (2)

2 32 Kevin Clement (1)

3 23 Gary Chambless (6)

4 701 Henry Witt (3)

5 127 Glen Hibbard (7)

6 24 David McKay (9)

7 1 Keith White (4)

8 703 David Smith II (5)

9 911 Josh McGaha (10)

10 181 Cody Smith (8)

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