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HOT Speedway "Night before the Nationals" 5/28/04

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Heart O’ Texas Speedway 5/28/04

By J M Hallas

Waco’s Heart O’ Texas Speedway kicked off a big weekend of racing on the 1/4 mile high-banked clay track, with the "Night Before the Nationals." All classes except the SIMS Limited Modifieds were on hand, with the IMCA Modifieds and Hobby Stocks both running double features from a previously rained shortened event. The SIMS class was off because of their own National event in the Dallas area.


PJ Pockets Win One

At the start of the 24 car, 20 lap IMCA Modified A-main, Randall Harwell and Chase Glick paced the field to green. Glick was out first as he three-wheeled into turn 1, with PJ Egbert getting past Harwell for second. Lap 2 saw Glick passed by both PJ Egbert and cousin, GW Egbert for the top two spots. Current National points leader, Henry Witt then moved in on Glick as they swapped third on lap 3. During that battle, the two made contact with Witt sliding back to seventh.


On lap 5, GW Egbert spun himself from second on the rough track to bring out the yellow. Under yellow Witt pitted, sending both he and GW Egbert to the tail. PJ Egbert got a good jump as the green flew, with National Roookie of the Year contender, Trevor Egbert taking second and Brian Killingsworth moving into third. On lap 7 Glick's woes continued as he got sideways and came to a jump stop to bring out caution.


B.Killingsworth got around T. Egbert on the restart, while Keith White moved into fourth. White then passed T. Egbert to grab third and was looking inside B. Killingsworth for second on lap 9. At the crossed flags the top five were, PJ Egbert, White, B. Killingsworth, Tim Ridgeway and Cody Williamson. Witt, Glick and Wesley Veal were battling hard in mid-pack with the trio going three wide on lap 11 as they slugged it out for 10th-12th.


Paul Hansusch brought out the yellow on lap 11 when he looped his mount. White pressured PJ Egbert on the restart, while Keith Green was loooking low on Ridgeway for fourth. White gave PJ Egbert some breathing room with five to go as he got sideways in turns 1-2. Ridgeway and Green got by B. Killingsworth to move into third and fourth.


With three to go PJ Egbert had a big lead on White who had a good gap back to the Ridgeway, Green, B.Killingsworth fight. Green passed Ridgeway with two to go, while Witt battled his way back up to sixth in the closing laps. As the checkers waved it was the 2003 IMCA Modified Rookie of the Year, PJ Egbert taking the win in his Phils Paint & Body/Cooper & Bright Plumbing/BigTex Autoplex/Nightmare Graphics/Zip Car Wash/Pflugerville Machine/Lingo Race Engines/RDG Auto Detailing/Smith Construction/Cove Glass & Mirror/Afforable Towing/Excaliber Chassis.


FEATURE-1. #707-P. J. Egbert, Copperas Cove; 2. #1W-Keith White, Academy; 3. #52-Keith Green, Robinson; 4. #81-Tim Ridgeway; 5. #57-Brian Killingsworth, Pflugerville; 6. #701-Henry Witt, Jr., Waco; 7. #34-Ronnie Warren, Oglesby; 8. #18-Cody Williamson, Waco; 9. #5K-Kenny Stone, Troy; 10. #9-Pat McGuire, Belton; 11. #8G-Greg Dinsmore, Kerrville; 12. #717-G.W. Egbert, Salado; 13. #78-Trevor Egbert, Salado; 14. #02-Chase Glick, Buffalo; 15. #727-Keith McCullough, Dennison; 16. #11-Wesley Veal, Princeton; 17. #5-Paul Hanusch, Temple; 18. #6-Mike Hanucsh, Temple; 19. #24-Chris Bragg, Springtown; 20. #75-Randall Harwell, Gatesville; 21. #410-Tracy Rodden, Mesquite; 22. #114-Shannon Hartline, Ivanhoe; 23. #63-Hardy Henderson, Round Rock; 24. #23X-Greg Atwood.

In B-main #1 Hardy Henderson grabbed the lead from Mike Hanusch on lap 2. Henderson then built a big lead over Wesley Veal and M. Hanusch as they scrapped for second. Henderson took the win by a 1/2 track over Veal, Hanusch and Greg Atwood.

B-MAIN #1-(Top 4 transferred to A) 5. #Missy McAlister/Kerr, Fort Worth; 6. #29-David Cureton, Bruceville; 7. #28-Russ Reed, Waco; 8. #44-Allen Waltermire, Harker Heights, 9. #56-Gregg Killingsworth, Pflugerville; 10. #90-Robert Taylor, Frankston; 11. #134-Chance Killingsworth, Seagoville; 12. #14-Dwayne Acree, Conroe.

B-main #2 saw Pat Mcguire get the lead from polesitter Keith Green who fell back on the start. Green clawed his way back to the front and took the topspot from McGuire on lap 9 again quickly pulled away. Green took the victory over McGuire, Greg Dinsmore and Kenny Stone.

B-MAIN #2-(Top 4 transferred to A) 5. #123-Gary Chambless, Elkhart; 6. #41-Eric Hughes, Boerne; 7. #118-Steven Carter, Waco; 8. #2-Chris Renegar, Florence; 9. #751-Rusty Trevathan, Wylie; 10. #3A-Matt Hood, McGregor; 11. #18X-Cody Smith, Forney; 12. #55-Christopher D. Brown, Sandia.

David Cooke grabbed the early lead on B-main #3 as the field strung out. Cooke's chances of a transfer ended on lap 6 when he broke and pulled to the infield. Tim Ridgeway took over the lead and went on to snag the checkers ahead of Keith McCollough, Ronnie Warren and Tracy Rodden.

B-MAIN #3-(Top 4 transferred to A) 5. #T.J. Evans, Gladewater; 6. #07A-Allen Williams, Hutto; 7. #99-James Holder, Robinson; 8. #753-Jack Franklin, Royce City; 9. #4-David Hanusch, Belton; 10. #23-Dave Cook, Austin; 11. #191-Scot Raney, Denison; 12. #17-Daniel Phillips, Bruceville; 13. #11J-Justin Radcliff, China Spring.


PJ Doubles His Pleasure

The make up feature for the IMCA Modified resumed where it ended, on lap 2, led back to green by Randall Harwell. Russ Reed got by Shannon Parsons for seond on lap 3, while Cody Williamson and Rusty Trevathan ran side by side for fourth. Lap 4 saw a four wide battle for third between PJ Egbert, Trevathan, Reed and Williamson. Williamson was the man on the move as he came out on top of the previous fight then grabbed second from Parsons.


The yellow waved on lap 6 when GW Egbert made contact with Cody Smith, who spun in turn 4. As the green flew it was three wide for the lead between Williamson, Harwell and Parsons. Williamson came out with the point on lap 8, as PJ Egbert got around Harwell for second. Kenny Stone and Parsons made contact while scrapping it out for fourth sending Parsons through the infield, without losing much ground.


At the halfway point the top five showed Williamson, PJ Egbert, Harwell, Stone and Parsons. Yellow waved on lap 11 when the leader, Williamson shed some body parts on the track. Williamson was forced to restart on the tail handing the lead to PJ Egbert. As the race resumed, Parsons spun from fourth, but continued on losing several spots.


Stone began looking inside Harwell for second on lap 12, but lost the door panel on lap 13 to bring out yellow again. Instead of restarting on the tail, Stone retired. Back under green, Trevor Egbert got by Keith Green for third while Williamson was a man on a mission, charging back through the field with five to go.


Lap by lap, Williamson picked off cars, getting past Green for fourth on lap 16, T. Egbert for third on lap 17 and Harwell for second on lap 18 only to have caution fly for a spin by Greg Dinsmore, erasing that pass. In didn't take long after the green waved that Williamson snagged second, leaving Harwell, Green and T. Egbert to slug it out for third.


On the final lap, Williamson's charge came to an end when he slowed dramatically in turn 3 and pulled up the track. As those behind him stacked up, Harwell and T. Egbert made contact with others scattering and scrambling to line. Unphased by action behind him, PJ Egbert scored his second win of the night putting his Phils Paint & Body/Cooper & Bright Plumbing/BigTex Autoplex/Nightmare Graphics/Zip Car Wash/Pflugerville Machine/Lingo Race Engines/RDG Auto Detailing/Smith Construction/Cove Glass & Mirror/Afforable Towing/Excaliber Chassis in the Winners Circle again.


MAKE-UP FEATURE (From April 30) 1. #707-P.J. Egbert, Copperas Cove; 2. #52-Keith Green, Robinson; 3. #34-Ronnie Warren, Oglesby; 4. #4-David Hanusch, Belton; 5. #18-Cody Williamson, Waco; 6. #78-Trevor Egbert, Salado; 7. #75-Randall Harwell, Gatesville; 8. #13-Shannon Parsons, Chilton; 9. #28-Russ Reed, Waco; 10. #8G-Greg Dinsmore, Kerrville; 11. #9-Pat McGuire, Belton; 12. #5K-Kenny Stone, Troy; 13. #751-Rusty Trevathan, Wylie; 14. #118-Steven Carter, Waco; 15. #18X-Cody Smith, Forney; 16. #71-Charles Lamb, Aledo; 17. #63-Hardy Henderson, Round Rock; 18. #5-Paul Hanusch, Temple.




Parsons Picks Up I-Stock Payday

In the 20 lap IMCA Stock Car A-main, Toby Miller and Charlie Wilson led the 24 car field at the start. Wilson jumped ahead on the start while Miller, Shannon Parsons and Jason Batt ran three wide for second. the three wide action continued, this time for the lead as Wilson, Miller and Parsons dueled in out. Parsons came out on top to get the point on lap 4.


Lap 5 saw Batt and National points leader, Duain Pritchett made contact sending Batt to the infield. By lap 7 Parsons had put some distance on Miller who had a good gap back to Wilson and the battle for fourth between D. Pritchett and Thomas Earl. D. Pritchett and Earl continued their scrap for a couple laps running door to door on lap 9.


At halfway the top five were Parsons, Miller, Wilson, Earl and Terry Pritchett, while D. Pritchett pitted. While fighting for fifth, T. Pritchett and Chad Estes made contact and spun, with T. Pritchett getting the black flag. Parsons got out cleanly on the restart with Doug Lorenz got by Miller on the low side for third, then Jeff Turner going by Miller on the high side for fourth.


Lorenz then moved in on Wilson for second, running side by side on lap 12. In the meantime, Parsons was building a good lead on the Wilson,Lorenz and Turner fight, as the rest of the pack had two and three wide action. With two to go, Lorenz and Wilson were door to door again, trading some paint as they scrapped for the runner-up spot. The battle continued on the final lap while Parsons in his Parsons Roofing/Cutting Egde Graphics/JR Motorsports/PRC Chassis was grabbing the victory by a comfortable margin.


FEATURE-1. #13-Shannon Parsons, Chilton; 2. #97-Doug Lorenz, Harker Heights; 3. #044-Jeff Turner, Seagoville; 4. #55-Charlie Wilson, Denton; 5. #41-Travis Evans, Bullard; 6. #125-Toby Miller, Boyd; 7. #147-Tom Earl III, Fort Worth; 8. #23-Shad Stevens, Troy; 9. #872-Jeff Sustaire, Emory; 10. #72-Charles Brewer, Winters; 11. #17-J.W. Johnson, Abilene; 12. #62-Mike Miles, Keller; 13. #47-Benji Kirkpatrick, Elm Mott; 14. #34-Tim Pyle, Midland; 15. #30-Steve Spoonts, Belton; 16. #007-Chris Meyers, Eunice, NM; 17. #251-Brandon Dulock, Lorena; 18. #252-Cory Teakell, Waco; 19. #22-Duain Pritchett, Combine; 20. #5K-Kenny Timmons, E. Tawakoni; 21. #134-J.D. Berryhill, Seagoville; 22. #99-Jason Batt, Temple; 23. #112-Terry Pritchett, Palmer; 24. #83-Chad Estes, Troy.


The IMCA Stock car B-main #1 saw Jeff Turner grab the lead on green and pull away from the field. With five to go a good four car scrum raged for the transfer spot between Charles Brewer, Jeff Sustaire, Matt McDonald and JD Berryhill. Turner got the win and the transfer along with JW Johnson, Mike Miles, Brewer, J. Sustaire and Berryhill.

B-MAIN #1-(Top 6 transferred to A) 7. #18-Matt McDonald, Waco; 8. #29-Brandt Willis, Austin; 9. #1K-Daniel Kent, Waco; 10. #71-Philip Houston, Odessa; 11. #9-Craig Brown, Killeen; 12. #25-Brandon Bishnow, Robinson; 13. #14-Cham Savage, Copperas Cove.

In I-Stock B-main #2 Thomas Earl got the lead on green as he and Travis Evans pulled away from a seven car battling for third. Chad Estes and Cory Teakell broke out of the pack to have their own fight, while Earl was running away from Evans. Earl grabbed the top spot ahead of Evans, Teakell, Estes, Tim Pyle, and Kenny Timmons.

B-MAIN #2-(Top 6 transferred to A) 7. #181-Ed Thompson, Waco; 8. #39-Keith Lunsford, Boyd; 9. #4-Jason Honey, Waco; 10. #07-Earl Johnson, Aspermont.


Patterson Posts Hobby Stock Win

The front row of Joey Patterson and David Watkins led the 12 car, 15 lap IMC Hobby Stock feature to green, with Patterson getting grabbing the lead despite clipping an infield tire in turn 1. Current National points leader, Dillon Smith moved along side Watkins on lap 2 as they ran side by side. On lap 3 Jerry West got around Allen Montgomery for third, then Matt Drottz got by Montgomery for fourth.


Watkins began to pressure Patterson for the lead, with Smith moving in on both. As the lead trio battled three wide around a lap car, Smith grabbed the top spot. At the mid-point the top five were Smith, Patterson, Watkins, West and Montgomery who had gotten back by Drottz.


Watkins and Smith were door to door for the lead on lap 8 with Patterson getting the point back on lap 9. Watkins and Smith dueled side by side on lap 10 for second as West closed in on both. With three to go, Watkins, Smith and West went three wide just as yellow flew for an infield tire on the track. As green waved West grabbed second from Smith, but was unable to challenge Patterson in the final laps. As the checkers flew it was Patterson in the R & W Wrecker Service sponsored car taking the win.



FEATURE-1. #17-Joey Patterson, Cleburne; 2. #9-Jerry West, Fort Worth; 3. #03-Dillon Smith, China Spring; 4. #46-Brent Morris, Weatherford; 5. #38-Allen Montgomery, N. Richland Hills; 6. #54-David Redman; 7. #21-Jason Gallimore, Waco; 8. #5-Buddy Baker, Lewisville; 9. #13-Russell Carter, Waco; 10. #87-Matt Drottz, Fort Worth; 11. #28-David Watkins, Haltom City; 12. #22-Willie Kenley, Tolar.



In Pure Stock action, Mike Robertson got the ealry lead in the 15 lap feature. Robertson gave way to Kevin Smith on lap 3. Smith's reign on top was a short one as Logan Saulters got around on lap 5. Chris Guy nearly rolled his ride on lap 6 as he hit an infield tire, bicycled, the landed back on all fours. Saulters would hold off challenges by Timmy Kemp and Smith who both suffered flats while running second.


FEATURE-1. #47-Logan Saulters, Bellmead; 2. #11-Marshall Sauseda, Waco; 3. #17-Michael Robertson, McGregor; 4. #57-Kevin Smith, Waco; 5. #44-Scott Tacker, West; 6. #22W-Justin Wierenga, Harker Heights; 7. #54-Melvin Kemp, Jr., Riesel; 8. #40-James Wills, Axtell; 9. #48T-Kirk Tidwell, Hillsboro; 10. #27-Thomas Schmidt, Robinson; 11. #1-Timmy Kemp, Bellmead; 12. #77-Chris Guy, Waco; 13. #68-Thomas Hall, Waco.


The 15 car, 15 lap Street Stock feature saw Doug Andrews get the lead on green and never look back. The former multi-time track champion Andrews then pulled away from the field, leaving Mark Guerin, Jerry Whatley and nephew, Greg Andrews to battle it out for the runner-upspot.


FEATURE-1. #1-Doug Andrews, Elm Mott; 2. #42-Mark Geurin, Whitney; 3. #25-Jerry Whatley, Waco; 4. #08-Greg Andrews, Waco; 5. #71-Tommy Kirkpatrick, Elm Mott; 6. #73-David Khoury, Waco; 7. #181-Ed Thompson, Waco; 8. #05-Charlie Goodnight, Mart; 9. #120-Cody Sample, Palmer; 10. #32-Bill Eller, Hewitt; 11. #00-Merwin Balz, Temple; 12. #22; 13. #8-Andrew Simmerman, Evant; 14. #3-Mike Sutherland, Bellmead; 15. #34-Larry Moore, Waco.



FEATURE-1. #10R-Russell Brackeen, West; 2. #97-Linda Wills, Axtell; 3. #34-Corey Homan, Oglesby; 4. #07-Michael Haisler, Elm Mott; 5. #04-Michael George, Waco; 6. #08-Johnnie Metcalf, Whitney; 7. #44-Chad Barber, Waco; 8. #100-Robert Wall, Temple; 9. #5M-Rick Morosky, Ross; 10. #744-William Dean, Elm Mott; 11. #18-Jeremy Hendrix, Waco; 12. #24-Chris Wills, Waco; 13. #99-Robert Lawrence, Temple; 14. #16X-Dustin Cleveland, Elm Mott; 15. #77-David Willis, Elm Mott; 16. #16-Derek Talley, Academy.



FEATURE-1. #5-Kevin Green, Robinson; 2. #55-William Shaw, Sweetwater; 3. #8-Brandon Goodnight, Mart; 4. #60-Nathan Sodek, Temple; 5. #44-Wesley Jones, Kennedale; 6. #51-Cody Hodges, Eunice, NM; 7. #50-Jeffrey Hill, Sherman; 8. #88-Kyle Jones, Kennedale.

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