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Dallas County Speedway closed for now


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Apparently, Dallas County Speedway (formerly Grand Prairie Speedway) is having trouble passing code inspections and the new promotor, Mr. Brimmer, has shut down for now. Let's hope they get it all figured out.


By way of explanation, Mr. Brimmer, the DCS promoter, posted this on the DCS site:


It has something to do with the fact the Electric Account for GP Speedway was closed out. And the other fact they have said is that no one in over several years has ever even applied for a business license or had an inspection done. However new guidelines and regulations for electric service for new Business and Such has changed the process as well as a Certificate Of Occupnacy which must be obtained to do businness in the unincorporated area of Dallas County and since the area lies in that zone, then the County and State Firemarshalls both over see it. as well as the Dallas County Health Department. these facts have just came to light in the last couple of weeks. And hope that it will change and stay in No Man's land.


However the lease states we must follow these guidlines in order to operate.


Wehave spoken to other promtors in the area and they agree some of the clauses that effect this track also effect theirs and is the main reason why owners and promoters and such stay in tack to operate, or in the event of any closure those tracks may as well be in the same boat.


I will not post any more on this. Until such time an outcome has been reached.


Does this ring a bell with any folks who followed the San Antonio Speedway fiasco?



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It's not like it's in the "nicest" neighborhood either.....


I wonder if Yellow Bellys Drag Strip(the only covered strip I've ever seen), which is located directly next door, is having the same difficulties with the county as the dirt track.


Despite all it's code issues SAS was a palace compared to GPS/DCS. Since GPS/DCS is basically in the same boat as SAS was(owned by two elderly sisters and leased out) I don't see any promoter(s) putting a lot of repair money into something they don't own.....The only thing it does have going for it is that there's no Toyota plant wanting to buy up the land.....But I fear hope for its longevity is bleak at best...

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