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Lite Series at Mobile


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Donnie Wilson set quick time:




1st 82 Donnie Wilson 16.925

2nd 18 Bubba Pollard 17.024

3rd 112 Augie Grill 17.025

4th 9 Chase Elliott 17.041

5th 67 Jeff Fultz 17.100

6th 1 Mike Garvey 17.156

7th 99 Casey Smith 17.192

8th 49 Ryan Lawler 17.206

9th 99L Dale Little 17.214

10th 10 Johanna Long 17.234

11th 51 Josh Hamner 17.234

12th 22 Josh Bragg 17.302

13th 42 Steven Davis 17.330

14th 23 Jeremy Rice 17.524

15th 16 Bryan Barrett 19.828


Top 4 inverted.

With about 10 to go, Casey Smith had worked his way to 2nd, then lost power.

Finish was Grill, Elliott, Long, Garvey, Pollard

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Results have not been made official; there is an issue with the cylinder heads on Grill's car. Didn't specify what the issue was.


The unofficial finish:


1st 112 Augie Grill

2nd 9 Chase Elliott

3rd 10 Johanna Long

4th 1 Mike Garvey

5th 18 Bubba Pollard

6th 49 Ryan Lawler

7th 23 Jeremy Rice

8th 42 Steven Davis

9th 22 Josh Bragg

10th 67 Jeff Fultz

11th 99 Casey Smith

12th 51 Josh Hamner

13th 82 Donnie Wilson

14th F16 Bryan Barrett

15th 99L Dale Little

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Results are now official; Augie Grill was disqualified and the win awarded to Chase Elliott.

It was determined that Grill's cylinder heads were illegal, the specific infraction has not been disclosed. The heads were determined by the original manufacturer to have been altered in some way.

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Here's what I got from Dale Terry....


Augie Grill crossed the finish line first in The Miller Lite 100 at Mobile International Speedway Saturday night, in an apparent Sunoco Gulf Coast Championship weekend sweep after winning The USA Digital 100 Friday at Five Flags (FL) Speedway. Post-race technical inspection by Ricky Brooks, however, turned up illegal cylinder heads.That hands the win to Dawsonville's Chase Elliott, who initially finished second.Grill also won at Five Flags the night before, and pocketed that check. (Partially from www.Z3Sports.com)
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The story about what was found, and the reaction from Grill. Taken from Sped 51:


“We ended up disqualifying Augie from Saturday night’s race,” said Brooks in a phone interview on Tuesday night. “The heads had been altered from the original state that had come from the factory. I knew this Saturday night, but to give them the benefit of the doubt, we had another machine shop look at them before we sent them back to Dart Performance in Michigan.”


Grill didn’t learn about the disqualification until Tuesday night's Speed 51 Radio broadcast. Grill was a guest on the show when the 51 staff was made aware of the disqualification and the message was then relayed to Grill.


“If that’s the way it goes down, then that sucks,” said Grill on Speed 51 Radio on Tuesday. “I know there are of lot of guys that don’t go race down at Five Flags because they can’t spend all the money to get their bodies to fit the templates. I am not sure what we are going to do, I thought I had legal racecar, but now we’ll have to weigh our options.”


Grill was upset with the news and was upset about the decision, but held his composure well on the radio broadcast. Speed51.com then confirmed the information with Brooks during the show's subsequent commercial break to find out the heads were seen by Dart Performance Engine Technology and found to have been tampered with.


“There exact word were that the head been altered,” added Brooks. “You cannot purchase a head from Dart the way that head is now. Somewhere along the line it was altered. A cast iron head is rough and it has a cast iron finish on it and that head had been severely blasted or ported and re-blasted.”


Brooks also told 51 that this could be a situation where the engine builder for Augie Grill’s race team made an alteration without telling the race team.


“Dart said I could not buy a head from them finished the way that one was,” said Brooks. The rule states you can’t do any work. No work in runners, bowls or chambers. That’s where the work was done.”


“I think we knew the outcome on Saturday night when we left the race track,” added Grill in a phone interview on Wednesday. “We will just have to lick our wounds and get us a stock head to go racing with. It’s not a situation where our where our motor builder tampered with the heads. They come in a box and sometimes they will rust up so Ricky didn’t like the way the heads were cleaned out.”


The advantage of the work to the heads is unknown, but the possibilities are very high for a big advantage.


“There could be a 30 to 50 horse power gain there with that work done. You can’t measure it without having all the numbers,” explained Brooks. “Steve from Progressive Engines sent me a head at the first of the year and I told him that it was not good to race. So we know what we are looking for.”


Brooks has spent years taking the heat for tech infractions in his neck of the woods, but at the same time he claims it is all for the good of the sport.


“I know it took a few days, but I can’t over look this,” said Brooks. “If I do, then all I have worked for over the last five years has gone down the tubes.”


Grill is unsure if he will return to the Blizzard Series or the Gulf Coast Series after these recent events.


Brooks' Hit List


Here are the major tech infractions, and resulting disqualifications, that have been ruled on in recent seasons by Ricky Brooks:




2006 Snowball Derby – Johnny Brazier (Left Side Weight)


2006 Snowball Derby – Bobby Gill (Tread Width)


2008 Pro Rattler 125 – Steven Davis (Left Side Weight)


2008 Blizzard Series – John Bolen (Illegal Chassis Parts)


2008 World Crown Modifieds – Whole Field (Various Infractions)


2008 Snowball Derby – Brian Ickler (Tire Blowers)


2009 Pro Rattler 125 – Augie Grill (Axle Tubes)


2010 Speedweeks (Top Five in Sunday’s SLM race - all Soft Tires)


2010 Pro Rattler 125 – Bubba Pollard (Valve Springs)


2010 Miller Lite Series – Augie Grill (Cylinder Heads)

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Ricky Brooks deserves a standing ovation for sticking to his guns. Some of the "big boys" hate him because he knows where to look, but the rest of the competitors admire him for giving them what every racer really wants - a level playing field.



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I always have to laugh when people talk about Brooks after they get caught. And it is always the big names. Remember a few Snowballs ago. Wauters, Hogan, and Wallace.

Funny Augie says some racers don't come to the Snowball because of templates; look at all the saturday night racers who can hang a template legal body without too much trouble. Funny, he didn't seem to name any names.

And I have watched Brooks in tech; if your stuff is right, he is no problem at all. Will even joke, and a few weeks ago, he took time to chat with Big John and the crew at Pcola/Mobile.These big names that blast Brooks simply don't like it when they get caught, so they get on the nearest soapbox and cry that they have been wronged, and they are going to take their toy and go home.

Everyone on the Brooks hit list in my last posting bitched about tech, yet all but Brazier have been back. I think Brazier would be back, but his car owner won't allow his car to run.

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They had 22 at Pensacola, and traditiionally, the Saturday race loses about a third of the competitors. Friday crashes took out Mercer and others, and some of them have other series commitments.

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