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Rain out

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TPS Drivers, Car Owners, Officials, Sponsors, Host Tracks and Friends have been informed ...


The May 15th Texas Pro Sedans race at CC Speedway has been canceled due to overnight heavy rains and wet grounds at CCS.


TPS attempted to negotiate an agreement between CC Speedway owner, Dan Monroe and TPS Race & Administrative Directors David Mackey and Neil Upchurch for a June 12 makeup race date. A mutually acceptable date was not available to either party.


The next scheduled TPS race is on June 19 at THR. Race Bulletin #5 for June 19 at THR and Qualifying Order and Rules will be e-mailed next week to all members.


The next scheduled Texas Pro Sedans date at CC Speedway, is on July 10.


We regret the inconvenience this cancellation may have caused TPS Drivers, Car Owners, Officials and Sponsors.


Neil Upchurch

Texas Pro Sedans

Administrative Director

210/655-3222 office



David Mackey

Texas Pro Sedans

Race Director

512/913-9364 Cell Phone


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You did practice, didn't you?

yes i did poorboy ..but seeing it was for tps .and that race was canceled ..some were just wondering .if tps got paid or the track kept it .or what ....... no problem here ..i got my answer from speedy .and am happy with it ..so noone read anything into it or make anything out of this ....... case closed ....

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