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I thought you were DW HT. Goint to THR tonight? How's Joshua's pitching coming along? :)

i wont say boogity boogity ....i hate that ...its time for the real dw to come up ith something else ...more like shut up ........probalby wont make it to thunder this year if we do .it will be the last night ..with three cars running here .and a forth when joshua gets through with baseball .wont be any time to ride up till then ...... as for pitching ..he pitched a heck ofgame the other night at victoria ..7 innings 95 pitches . 5 walks 7 strike outs ...i think he pitched to 26 batters ....sad part was he lost his first game this year in district .......i think he 4 for 5 ...not sure ..a couple of minor but costly er,s didnt help ......but fantastic came to watch ..pitchers battle .. we made the playoffs ..so we will be heading up to sa or austin for those games .i quess ...they do have one more next friday in sa ..finale season game ...look like he will pitch that game ..

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