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Thieves won't keep Trey Mitchell from PASS race this weekend

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Thieves Won’t Keep Trey Mitchell from a Strong Bounce Back at Orange County Speedway


from Tex Motorsports Marketing


Mooresville, North Carolina (April 20, 2010) - If last week's test at Orange County Speedway, in preparation for the PASS South Orange Blossom Special 125 on April 24th, is any indication on how the Trey Mitchell Racing team plans on making a comeback from the teams prior Hickory disappointments, the competition better be watching the #47 Magnum’s Oilfield Service Ford.


After things in Hickory didn’t quite go as planned, salt was rubbed in an open wound when thieves broke into the Trey Mitchell Racing trailer stealing almost everything inside including tools, scale pads, radios, and more the night before the team was to test at Orange County . Not having realized what had happened the team, lead by crew chief Gary Crooks; did not find out until unloading inside the infield of Orange County Speedway. This forced the team to make a trip to a local store to purchase enough tools just to be able to work on the car throughout the day.


Lucky enough, not too many tools were needed as the car was a rocket from the moment it unloaded out the trailer. Some fine tuning adjustments made the car better in both race trim and with fresh tires for qualifying runs, a part of the program that has given the twenty year old driver trouble recently.


“We haven’t had the best of luck lately, but after testing the race car at Orange County last week, and having as good of a car as we did I think our lucks about to change. Having all out stuff stolen was a total shocker and huge blow to our race team financially. Whenever you have to spend money on stuff you’ve spent years acquiring it hurts. Hopefully the racing community will keep an eye out for us, and maybe we can either catch the guys who done it or maybe get some of our stuff back,” stated Mitchell.


While the frustration of stolen goods is still in the minds of the team, the optimism of getting back on track is the number one priority. The Orange County facility will mark the second of three consecutive racetracks that Mitchell competed at a year ago in the PASS South series. At last years Orange Blossom Special race Mitchell scored a tenth place finish after running as high as fifth at the midpoint of the race, when a parts failure slowly sent the #47 car backwards in the closing laps.


“I really enjoy Orange County . It’s a track you can really race at side by side, lap after lap if you need to. You can race on the bottom, middle, or even the top once some rubber gets laid down, which makes it a good show for the fans,” added Trey.


*Trey Mitchell Racing is offering a $1,000 reward leading to the arrest and recovery of the person or persons that stole the various items from the Trey Mitchell Racing hauler. For more information regarding this issue, or a better description of the items missing contact Trey Mitchell directly by calling 512-496-7845 or emailing trey.m47@gmail.com.


Stay tuned to www.treymitchellracing.com all year long for all the latest news and information regarding Trey Mitchell Racing in 2010.

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