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TBS racing showed up with high hopes at the dirt track Saturday night. Terry finished 3rd in his heat in the #01 and I finished 4th in my heat in the 48X. We lined up for the feature in the 7th and 9th position and we both charged to the front. I made it up to the 2nd position and took the lead, but it was short lived. Pretty much got taken out and in the process broke an axle. Terry finished 7th overall after 2 separate incidents with two cut tires. Both times by different cars. Oh well!!

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TBS crew,


Man, that sucked! I am friends with the #1 car, and I would have black flagged him. I am going to try to sit down and talk with David Goode this week. There are a couple of days I don't work this week so hopefully I can get a good long talk with him.


Most everyone I talked to after the races thought ya'll got hosed. I sure hope that this doesn't keep you guys from coming out and racing with us. I think the TBS crew is an asset to any track you go too, and would hate not being able to see you guys race.


Maybe next year, build you a couple of I-Stocks, and get away from the Street Stocks. Generally a little higher class of drivers, and I know that a bunch of them would welcome you with open arms. Find Jason Batt or Eric Jones at the track, and those two will give you the wheels from under their cars.


Hope to see you guys out there again, cause it would suck with out seeing the TBS crew.


Stay safe,


Bill "Sarge" Masom

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