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Eckert eases away for Lone Star 50, WoO Late Model win

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Reb Report sponsored by Browning uto Parts.....


Lone Star 50, World of Outlaws Late Models @ Battleground Speedway, 3/26/10


By J M Hallas


Highlands, Tx.(March 26th, 2010) The World of Outlaws Late Model Series returned to Battleground Speedway for their second trip to the semi-banked, 3/8 mile, black gumbo oval just east of Houston. Many of the big name drivers made the trip west after last weekends southeast swing. Included in the ranks were a handful of local drivers and another group out of Louisiana.


This years event, cut back to 50 laps, still paid a cool $10,000 to win and was the first race of the “Texas Two-Step” which wraps up Saturday night on Lone Star Speedway's ½ mile track in Kilgore, Tx. also paying a second 10K to the winner.


Along with the high-flying WoO Late Models, the local Limited Modifieds, Hobby Stocks and Pure Stocks were part of the nights racing program.



Eckert Eases Away at End for Lone Star 50 Win and Ride on Hondo

York, Pennsylvania's Rick Eckert drew the outside pole after heat race action, then promptly beat Tim Fuller into turn 1 at the start of the 50-lap main event. Eckert was hounded by Fuller and Austin Hubbard through the first 2/3rds of he race.


As Hubbard tried to hold off a charging Darrell Lanigan, Eckert was able to build a cushion of that battle. Lanigan eventually got past Hubbard, but by then Eckert was long gone cruising to the win by nearly a full straightaway. In true Lone Star tradition, Eckert then climbed aboard Hondo holding an artist and creative longhorn trophy.


As the 24-car starting field roared to life, Fuller beat Eckert into turn 1, but coming out of turn 2 Eckert's run on the top shot him out front. As the pack tried to sort out it was three wide for fifth, with Lanigan blasting around the high side to fourth. Fast timer, B. Smith and Hubbard swapped fifth before B. Smith gave up spots to Tim McCreadie and Josh Richards on lap 4.


Up front Fuller was challenging Eckert for the top spot, but could never get around, while McCreadie caught Hubbard for fifth. Just as he lead duo was htting slower traffic, Kenny Merchant brought out the first caution on lap 15 when he slowed with a flat tire. Steve Francis got past Fuller on the restart, while Lanigan slipped and lost positions to Hubbard and McCreadie.


Francis, Fuller and McCreadie were three wide for second but Keith Foss rolled to stop to bring out the yellow on lap 18. Fuller retook second from Francis on the restart, with Hubbard trying following to third. Richards, on the top, made a huge run getting by Lanigan and Francis for fourth on lap 19. As Fuller pressured Eckert for the lead, Hubbard got along side Fuller as they ran door to door for second.


Foss, April Farmer and Chub Frank tangled in turn 4 to bring out the yellow on lap 21. On the restart, Hubbard pinched off Fuller second, as Lanigan got back past Richards for fourth. Coming to the crossed flags it was Eckert, Hubbard, Fuller, Lanigan and Richards in the top five, with Moyer making his way up to seventh and Brian Birkhofer cracking the top ten after starting in the back.


Yellow waved agai just past halfway when Wendall Wallace slowed high in turn 4. Once back to green Fuller repassed Hubbard for second, while Lanigan and Richards continued to swap fourth. Fuller was just running down Eckert for the lead when Rob Litton spun in turn 2 to slow the action.


Now to single file restarts, Eckert got a good jump as Lanigan looked low on Hubbard. Richards was able to sneak by Lanigan on lap 29 as they battled for third. Fuller slipped on lap 32 handing second to Hubbard and stacking up Lanigan, Richards and McCreadie. This gave Moyer the chance to get along side McCreadie for sixth. McCreadie held off Moyer, then got inside Richards for fifth.


Moyer then moved in on Richards with the two getting hooked on lap 36 sending Richards around. Richards caught a break when yellow had just waved for Tony Knowles stopped in turn 4. As green waved again Russell King and Kyle Cummings got together in turn 4 just as Fuller got by Hubbard. King stopped just short of pit out to bring out the yellow on lap 37.


Eckert again got a good ump on green, with Lanigan looking low on Fuller for third as the two were side by on lap 38. Behind them Moyer got past McCreadie for fifth. With ten to go, Eckert had started stretching out a lead. Lanigan got third from Fuller on lap 42 and was challenged by Moyer on lap 44. As he flagman showed Eckert five fingers, his lead had grown to a half straightaway.


Behind Eckert, Lanigan had reeled in Hubbard for second, with Moyer putting heat on Fuller for fourth. Lanigan finally took second from Hubbard but Lanigan was nearly out of sight. Eckert easily slipped through traffic putting the Raye Vest, J&K Salvage, Eckert Trucking, York Excavation, Ritchey Sandblasting, Jay Dickens Race Engines, Team Zero(Bloomquist) Chassis in the Winners Circle.



WoO Late Model Lone Star 50

24 Rick Eckert, York, Pa.

29 Darrell Lanigan, Union, Ky

19H Austin Hubbard, Seaford, Del.

19T Tim Fuller, Watertown, NY.

21 Billy Moyer, Batesville, Ark.

39 Tim McCreadie, Watertown, NY.

1 Josh Richards, Shinnston, WV.

15b Brian Birkhofer, Muscatine, Ia.

44 Clint Smith, Senoia, Ga.

15 Steve Francis, Ashland, Ky

2 Brady Smith, Solon Springs, Wisc.

25 Shane Clanton, Locust Grove, Ga.

R5 Kyle Cummings, Sibley, La.

56 Russell King, Bristolville, Oh.

6x Rob Litton, Alexandria, La.

1* Chub Frank, Bear Lake, Pa.

26 Tony Knowles, Tyrone, Ga.

1S Jack Sullivan, Greenbrier, Ark.

88 Wendall Wallace, Batesville, Ark.

14 April Farmer, Livingston, Tenn.

95 Keith Foss, Winona, Minn.

c28 Kenny Merchant, Ruston, La.

3 Brent Thompson, Smithfield, Va.

20 Kevin Sitton, Baytown, Tx.



In Ohlin Shocks qualifying, it was Brady Smith out of Solon Springs, Wisconsin posting the fastest lap turning a 15.549 in his Mid States Equipment & Hydrolics, gottarace.com, Big Red Motorsports, Michaletz Trucking, Como Oil & Propane, Amsoil, Willow River Saloon, Snap On Tools, Vic Hill Race Engines, Bloomquist Chassis.


Billy Moyer, Tim Fuller, Rick Eckert and Kyle Cummings rounded out the top five quick timers.


There was a scary moment during qualifying when Jill George had mechanical failure and/or hung the throttle and went head-on into the turn 3 wall. The car jumped the concrete barrier and was hung upside down in the catch fence. George was transported to a local hospital for stitches on some cuts, but was otherwise alright.



WoO Late Model Ohlin Shocks Time Trials

2 Brady Smith, 15.549

21 Billy Moyer, 15.585

19 Tim Fuller, 15.602

24 Rick Eckert, 15.660

R5 Kyle Cummings, 15.693

29 Darrell Lanigan, 15.700

19H Austin Hubbard, 15.713

1s Jack Sullivan, 15. 748

1 Josh Richards 15.760

15b Brian Birkhofer, 15.873

26 Tony Knowles, 15. 893

56 Russell King, 15.909

21b Chris Brown, 15.930

44 Clint Smith, 15.936

39 Tim McCreadie, 15.946

25 Shane Clanton, 15.975

1* Chub Frank, 15.997

15 Steve Francis. 16.027

88 Wendall Wallace, 16.055

16 Brain Nuttall jr, 16.061

c28 Kenny Merchant, 16.061

95 Keith Foss, 16.071

6x Rob Litton, 16.200

20 Kevin Sitton, 16.219

1b Doug Begnaud, 16.372

14 April Farmer, 16.383

22 Jill George, 16.583

21d Lee Davis, 16.619

6R Robbie Stuart, 16.627

21x Rick Briggs, 16.797

92 DeVane Hillman, 17.023

28 Chris Holley, 17.444

3 Brent Robinson, 19.919




WoO Late Model heats(Top 4 to A-main, top 2 redraw)

Heat #1

2 Brady Smith

1 Josh Richards

1* Chub Frank

R5 Kyle Cummings

21B Chris Brown

c28 Kenny Merchant

1B Doug Begnaud

6R Robbie Stuart

3 Brent Robinson


Heat #2

29 Darrell Lanigan

15 Steve Francis

44 Clint Smith

95 Keith Foss

15b Brian Birkhofer

21 Billy Moyer(spun while leading)

21x Rick Briggs

14 April Farmer


Heat #3

19T Tim Fuller

19H Austin Hubbard

39 Tim McCreadie

26 Tony Knowles

88 Wendall Wallace

6x Rob Litton

92 DeVane Hillman

22 Jill George---DNS


Heat #4

24 Rick Eckert

25 Shane Clanton

1S Jack Sullivan

56 Russell King

20 Kevin Sitton

28 Chris Holley

21d Lee Davis

16 Brian Nuttall jr.---DNS



WoO Late Model B-mains(Top 3 to A-main)

B-Main #1

15b Brian Birkhofer

21 Billy Moyer

c28 Kenny Merchant

21b Chris Brown

21x Rick Briggs

14 April Farmer

1b Doug Begnaud

6R Robbie Stuart

3 Brent Thompson--DNS


B-Main #2

88 Wendall Wallace

6x Rob Litton

20 Kevin Sitton

28 Chris Holley

92 DeVane Hillman

21d Lee Davis

22 Jill George---DNS

16 Brian Nuttall jr.---DNS

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