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pro late setup


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Since there seem to be some good feedback on the truck setup I thought id ask the same setup for a pro late...seems the one I have has lots of front left. Compared to front right...how much is to much?

It varies based on RC, RM, sway bar and actual wheel rates of the springs and many other factors including what the driver is comfortable with. Too much left weight shows up on your pyrometer as LF tire gaining more heat than RF after several consistant laps. Many times too much LF weight shows up in the steering wheel as a car that starts to turn in well, developes a push but just before the apex starts to come loose - even tho pyro shows good temps. The above symptoms are often corrected by the driver (unfortunately sometimes without even realizing it) by braking harder - the extra r-f transfer under braking ends up lessening the effect of oversplit in weight.

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