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HMP Race Teams,


We would just like to remind everyone that raced at HMP last year that January 15th is the deadline for reserving your 2009 registered number. After January 15th, any un-registered numbers will be available on a first come, first served basis. Many of you have called to let us know that you will be racing; however, we still must receive the form by the 15th to reserve last year’s number. Below are the 2010 HMP Registered Drivers that have submitted their forms:



All 2010 Registration Forms are attached below. You may fax, email or mail the form to the address at the top of the form. In an effort to make registration easier, HMP has added a credit card payment option on the form. Also, if you choose to pay by credit card (Mastercard & Visa only), you may fax your completed form back to HMP at 281-458-2836. If paying by check, please mail registration form and check to the address on the form.


You may also get the forms by clicking below:






















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i think a 24 max would be a good number

I think that if a truck shows, it should start the feature. If you send someone home, they won't be back. It's not like Cup where they have $10,000 just to show up money. Reality though, if we have 30 Trucks at the opener(wouldn't THAT be to cool), not all are going to make all the races, so I don't think that there will be a worry about too big a field. But, isn't it nice after last year wondering if we would have enough trucks to put on a feature to being concerned that the feature would be too big?!

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btw david nascar (cup included) does not have a show up and get ten grand policy...if you dont make the show you dont get a dime. every team pays an entry fee too.


i think it would great if we have the problem of too many. what a problem too have.


i would like to see more than 2 heats (if car count allows) with a random draw for the first 4 rows..

the winner of the first heat draws... last season the truck feild was usally covered by .30 of a second. if a full invert

happens it will be hard to pass 12-24+ cars in 30 laps. the way qualifying is now mild sand bagging is rewarded.

example of line up. heats still lined up by qualifying of course.

1st 1st

1st 2nd the draw would be 0-4 with 0 being heads up...will stop some of the trying to finish 1st,3rd,5th b.s.

2nd 3rd

3rd 3rd

4th 4th

4th 5th

5th 5th

and so one

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One thing about how many truck's have signed up. You SHOULD have atleast a 15 truck field and every race this year....I hope!


This should be what it look's like!!!!!! Can anybody name any name's from this picture? My 47 truck started second row inside with Greg Davis in it beaten out by a tick for the pole by Robert Walton(in his first truck outting). Photo from 11-16-02 18 started.


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