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Tulsa Shootout Friday results


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Lonnie Wheatley, TULSA, Okla. (January 1, 2010) – Racers from throughout the nation rang in the New Year in style as preliminary action at the 25th Annual Tulsa Shootout continued on Friday at the Tulsa State Fairgrounds QuikTrip Center.


After a record 584 Micro Sprints and Midgets battled it out through a full card of 90 heat races and qualifiers on Thursday, another 500 or so Karts and Quads took to the Tulsa Expo Raceway clay for another 80 heat races and "B" Mains on Friday.


In Thursday's Micro Sprint action, Tulsa's Chris Andrews earned the pole for Saturday night's Tulsa Shootout championship main event with others earning pole positions including Scott Sawyer ("A" Class), Andrew Deal (Non-Wing), Colton Wiseley (Restricted "A") and Josiah Ribeiro (Junior Sprints).


Richard Kreisel and Gary Taylor topped the inaugural ASCS ECOTech Chevy Midget heat races, with Saturday's qualifiers to set the grid for the main event.


El Paso's C.J. Hulsey headlined Friday's Kart heat races with victories in three classes while Jay Rehagen and Travis Klinghagen (Pro) along with Daniel Chepkauskas (Amateur) each doubled up with a pair of Quad heat race wins.


Kart championship main events fire off at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, followed by Micro Semi-Mains and then the Micro and Quad main events at 6:00 p.m.


Pit passes for Saturday are $30, with General Admission to the grandstands beginning at 5:00 p.m. available for $15 for adults and $5 for children ages 6-11. Additional information is available by calling 918-838-3777.



Kart Results:


Junior I Light (26 entries):


Heat Winners: 21-Brayden Smith (Newburgh, IN), 09-Nicholas Kyle (Norwich, KS), 53-Trey Thesenvitz (Jasper, MN).


"B" Main Winner: 17-Jacob Murray (Omaha, NE).


Junior I Heavy (26 entries):


Heat Winners: 99-Trevor Hunt (Liberty, MO), 09-Nicholas Kyle (Norwich, KS), 4-Ayrton Gennetten (Versailles, MO).


"B" Main Winner: 00-Brody Willett (Alburnett, IA).


Junior II Light (34 entries):


Heat Winners: 88-Cole Ferguson (Dexter, IA), 199-Ryan Luza (Cypress, TX), 22-Kaleb Johnson (Sioux Falls, SD), 10-Cayden Carter (Oskaloosa, IA).


"B" Main Winner: 2-Blake Sanford (St. Charles, MO).


Junior II Heavy (28 entries):


Heat Winners: 22-Kaleb Johnson (Sioux Falls, SD), 25-Gunner Pike (South Bend, NE), 17-Cameron Martin, 16-Ross Young (Des Moines, IA).


"B" Main Winner: 7-Clay Money (Hill City, KS).


Junior Animal (18 entries):


Heat Winners: 10-Cayden Carter (Oskaloosa, IA), 3-Zack Hockemeier (Kansas City, KS).


Stock Light (25 entries):


Heat Winners: 77-C.J. Hulsey (El Paso, TX), 16-Tom Spanel (Lincoln, NE), 113-Justin Kern (Grimes, IA).


"B" Main Winner: 3-Benjamin Seaton (Crane, MO).


Stock Medium (30 entries):


Heat Winners: 41-Steve Smith (Des Moines, IA), 07-Mike Halliburton (Columbia, MO), 18-Zachary Humphries (Aberdeen, SD), 77-C.J. Hulsey (El Paso, TX).


"B" Main Winner: 24-Nick Jackson (Coulterville, IL).


Stock Heavy (21 entries):


Heat Winners: 8-Garrett Swiggart (Omaha, NE), 26-Andrew Bates (Newton, IA), 35-Skylar Prochaska (Lakefield, MN).


Animal Medium (31 entries):


Heat Winners: 77-C.J. Hulsey (El Paso, TX), 67-Joe Warren (Paducah, KY), 2-Blake Sanford (St. Charles, MO).


B Main Winner: 8-Garrett Swiggart (Omaha, NE).


Animal Heavy (29 entries):


Heat Winners: 56-Cameron Koopman (Brewster, MN), 35-Skylar Prochaska (Lakefield, MN), 176-Dane Williams (Charlotte, NC), 07-Mike Halliburton (Columbia, MO).


"B" Main Winner: 49-Cory Forsythe (Des Moines, IA).


Blue Wazoom (10 entries):


Heat Winner: 56-Cameron Koopman (Brewster, MN).


Yamaha KT 100’s (24 entries):


Heat Winners: 14-Tom Spanel (Lincoln, NE), 71-Brad Stevens (Des Moines, IA), 31-Jamie Ferrell (Indianapolis, IN).


"B" Main Winner: 12-Bryan Hale (Des Moines, IA).


Run What Ya Brung (22 entries):


Heat Winners: 31-Jamie Ferrell (Indianapolis, IN), 5-Kyle Heitz (Sherrill, IA), 73-Brad Moriarty (Des Moines, IA).


Stock Animal Winged Karts (25 entries):


Heat Winners: 19-Tru Atkins (Nixa, MO), 111-Tony Dowd (Mansfield, TX), 18-Payton Pierce (Bridgeport, TX).


"B" Main Winner: 31-Bobby Williams (Pittsburg, MO).


Kids Outlaw Winged Karts (18 entries):


Heat Winners: 42-Kobey Borecky (Hutchinson, KS), 19-Tru Atkins (Nixa, MO).


Open Outlaw Winged Karts (27 entries):


Heat Winners: 70-Nick Tucker (Kannapolis, NC), 57-Kyle Bellm (Nixa, MO), 30-Kyle Larson (Elk Grove, CA).


"B" Main Winner: 24-Rico Abreu (Rutherford, CA).




Quad Results:


Open Pro (14 entries):


Heat Winners: 809-Trent Powell (Benton, KY), 5-Travis Klinghagen (Tea, SD), 41-Jay Rehagen (Columbia, MO).


250cc Pro (12 entries):


Heat Winners: 41-Jay Rehagen (Columbia, MO), 5-Travis Klinghagen (Tea, SD).


Open Amateur (35 entries):


Heat Winners: 165-Haley Arnold (Sedalia, MO), 414-Daniel Chepkauskas (Muskogee, OK), 415-Lance Bowden (Fort Gibson, OK), 20-Garrett Clark (Owasso, OK), 129-Joshua Killion (Houstonia, MO), 17-Coy Burton (Clever, MO).


"B" Main Winners: 27-Jordan Clemons (Kearney, MO), 286-Lukas Reeves (Liberty, MO)


250cc Amateur (32 entries):


Heat Winners: 9-Jeff Long (Sand Springs, OK), 414-Daniel Chepkauskas (Muskogee, OK), 85-Patrick Fair (Prattville, OK), 41-Stephanie Rehagen (Columbia, MO), 330-Chad Heil (Inola, OK), 13-Tanner Young (Green Ridge, MO).


"B" Main Winners: 415-Lance Bowden (Fort Gibson, OK), 51-Derek Bredehoeft (Concordia, MO).

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