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The 2010 Texas Pro Sedans Rules and Specifications have been available since

December 12 and are posted online




Reminder ... the first 2010 TPS race is on Saturday, March 20 at Thunderhill Raceway

with Time Trials and a 35 lap Feature at the opening 2010 event at THR.



Neil Upchurch

Texas Pro Sedans

Administrative Director

210/655-3222 office & FAX


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Quick question about the rules, if you don't mind me posting here.


D. Stabilizer bars or Z bars are free in diameter, material or mounting and limited to one per axle unless the car was

manufactured with more than one bar. The attachment device between the rear trailing arms on cars such as VW Rabbit

or Scirocco is considered to be a stabilizer bar.


Can you explain what you mean by Stabilizer Bar? are you referring to a sway bar ? Or more of a panhard type bar?


i run a VW that i have added a bar to the rear beam that goes from the center of the beam to the right rear trailing arm. this is to reduce trailing arm flex as the car goes through the corner. is this legal?


Thanks in advance,




btw....i am still working on trying to get down to race with you guys.... this year may be my best chance as i have some jobs running in the area this summer.

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