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Hill Country Satellite 1000 Buck Shootout @ I-37 Rcwy Sat 11/7/09

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Second Annual Thousand Buck Shootout, presented by Hill Country Satellite @ I-37 Raceway 11/6-7/09


Pleasanton, Tx.,(Nov. 7Th, 2009) The final night of racing in the 2009 I-37 Raceway season was night two of the Hill Country Satellite Thousand Buck Shootout. $1,000 to win up for grabs in the Modified and IMCA Southern SportMod classes, plus the Limited Late Models running for an increased purse and a 50-lap Enduro for the Front Runner class.


Already having the top six SportMods locked in from Friday night, qualifying heats were run to fill the remainder of the 20-car field, along with heats for the Modifieds and Limited Late Models.



Majek Outmuscles Modified Main Field

In a short, but stout field of Modifieds, it was two young guns out of Corpus Christi putting on a show for he win. When the dust settled, it was 14-year old Josh Majek holding off USMTS hotshoe Steve Whiteaker jr. for the win. Majek went wire to wire, but Whiteaker kept the pressure on showing his nose in the corners. At the end it was Majek inching away to pick up the big payday.



As green waved for the start of the 20-lap Modified main event Majek, Whiteaker jr. and Danny Brown were almost three wide in turns 1-2 for the lead. Majek came out with the top spot, Brown second and Whiteaker jr. third. Brown spun from second on lap 2 nearly collecting Whiteaker jr. in the process. On the restart Whiteaker jr. dove low into turn 1, but couldn't get off turn 2 falling back in line.



Brown was quickly working his way back up getting past Bill Pittaway on lap 4 for fifth, then Greg Dinsmore, in a borrowed ride from Bob Lienweber, for fourth. Steve Whiteaker sr. brought out the yellow on lap 5 when he rolled to a stop in turn 4. Once back to green, Whiteker jr. again tried to dive in on the bottom, but Majek had the pull off turn 2 to hold the lead. In the pack Barry Codling spun to bring out the caution.



Majek got a slight advantage as green waved, with Brown looking under shopmate, Whiteaker jr. for second. Codling looped it again on lap 8 ending his night. Again Whiteaker jr. showed Majek the front bumper in turn 1, but the youngster held steady on top to hold the lead. A second spin for Brown ended his night on lap 10, with Pittaway spinning to avoid Brown.



Whiteaker jr. was able to get along Majek on the restart, but couldn't get the bite off the bottom to complete the pass. As Majek started to increase his lead, Whiteaker jr. tried to change his line only to give up more ground. As th white flag waved, Majek had built a half straightaway lead over Whiteaker jr. cruising on to take to Thousand Buck payday in the Majek Tile & Marble, Frankie Majek powered, Hughes Chassis.


“I try to get nervous and hit my line every time,” said young Majek. “The top was real fast tonight, I don't know about the rest of the track because I just stayed on top.”



“We just do the regular maintenance for a big money race, maybe bring extra parts. I know a few things, but mainly my dad and grandpa do the set up on the car. I do some of the smaller things like tires, fuel and getting the trailer ready.”



“To beat guys like Steve(Whiteaker) and Danny(Brown) you've got be smooth and God gave me the ability to be smooth tonight. I've beat them before, but not very often. I saw Steve stick the nose in every once in a while, but I try to think about it. If I do then I get scared and end up messing up.”


“I've been running a Modified for about a year and a Limited Modified for two years. before that. It would be cool to make it somewhere, but not many do. So I can't focus on just this(racing) and focus on other things. We're going to run the USMTS shows in Houston, but in the Limited, not the Modified. We ran the show last week and did pretty well.”



Hill Country Satellite Modifieds

82 Josh Majek

89 Steve Whiteaker jr.

37 Bill Pittaway

c31 Marlin Sanford

88 Steve Whiteaker sr

55 Danny Brown

12 Greg Dinsmore---DQ(Did not tech)

57 Dale Flanagan---DNS(Motor)

125 Jason Borlace---DNS(Motor)



Modified heats

Heat #1

89 Steve Whiteaker jr

82 Josh Majek

12 Bob Lienweber

57 Dale Flanagan

c31 Marlin Sanford



Heat #2

55 Danny Brown

88 Steve Whiteaker sr

37 Bill Pittaway

21 Barry Codling

125 Jason Borlace---DNS(Motor)




Blaylock(s) Best in SportMod Bash

As the 30-lap SportMod feature lined up it would have been a good bet that Brandon Blaylock starting from row 2 might be the winner. But this is racing after all, so all bets are usually off. When the checkers flew it was his brother, James Blaylock, working his way from his fourteenth starting spot taking the win. B. Blaylock, who led early got sent to the back after causing a caution shedding a body panel, but worked his back to the front. After a post-race disqualification the Blaylock brothers scored a one-two finish.



As the 20-car SportMod feature took the green Dennis Hilla was first into turn 1 but drifted too high. B. Blaylock and James Meyers were side by side with B. Blaylock getting the advantage. Meyer fell in line second, Hilla, Bill Pittaway and Gene Hyde rounded out the top five. Just as Pittaway and Mickey Hems got by Hilla, Hyde spun in turn 2 to bring out an early caution. Once back to green B. Blaylock jumped out, while Pittaway got back past Hilla for third.



As B. Blaylock starting to inch away, Hilla slowed in turn 1 and pulled up, going into turn 3 Ted Thomas got into the back of Pittaway turning him around for a lap 4 yellow that sent Thomas to the tail. On the restart Pittaway was looking inside Meyers for second when B. Blaylock had the rear deck panel come off in turn 4 to quickly bring the yellow back out and send B. Blaylock to the back.



This handed the lead to Meyers for the lap 5 restart that saw Pittaway again trying the bottom to get by. Pittaway was able to complete the pass on lap 7 for the top spot. As the pack finally sorted out JJ Jennings got around Helms for third . Meyers got sideways on lap 9 with Jennings, Justin Robinson and Helms getting by. Thomas, Larry Jernigan and Randy Bennett tangled on lap 10 to bring out the yellow. Under caution, Jennings rolled to a top on the back stretch from second.



The fourteen-tear old Robinson, hung with the veteran Pittaway on the restart while J. Blaylock moved to the top five getting by Jason Stanley. J. Blaylock got by Meyers for fourth an along side Helms for third running wheel to wheel on lap 11. With Pittaway easing away, J. Blaylock and Helms ran down Robinson going three wide for second when Mark McGahey spun to bring out a yellow.



Pittaway got to-car length advantage on Robinson once the green waved again coming to halfway with J. Blaylock, Helms and Meyers rounding out the top five. J. Blaylock use the high side to get past Robinson for second on lap 15 and closed on Pittaway for the lead. J. Blaylock took a look low this time but couldn't get by. The yellow hankie came out on lap 19 after Bennett stopped on the back stretch just off the track's edge.



Once back to green, Robinson tried, unsuccessfully, to retake second from J. Blaylock. Coming from the back, B. Blaylock got by Ray Doyon III and was side by side with Meyers for fifth. Up front J. Blaylock got along side Pittaway for the lead, while Robinson and Helms were wheel to wheel for third. J. Blaylock got the top spot on lap 23, while brother Brandon took fifth from Meyers. As Pittaway tried to fight back for the lead, Doyon got turned by Derrick Flora, who got sent to the back.



J. Blaylock got a good jump as the green flew again with Robinson and Helms again side by side for third, as B. Blaylock waiting for an opening. Robinson, Helms and B. Blaylock were three wide on lap 27 with B. Blaylock grabbing third on lap 28. At the head of the pack, J. Blaylock was adding some distance on Pittaway as he was motoring to victory in the Diamondback Transport, Central Redy-Mix, Bebos Graphics, Valley Truck Sales, Spreen Racing Engines, Allen Motorsports Chassis.



“This was a special win coming from so far back, a big pay check and a one-two finish for us,” commented J. Blaylock Blaylock. “We had been dealing with performance issues since Abilene and on Friday night. We stumbled on something Saturday morning and got it corrected.”



“I want to thank I-37 Raceway for a great track with multiple grooves. That's the only way I was able to get to the front. With the quality of guys starting in front of me, I was hoping for a top five finish at best. The first couple laps I took it easy because cars where everywhere. After the caution I let things thin out and then started picking them off.”



“I was kind of bummed about what happened to Brandon. After I saw him get the lead I figured it was his to lose. I didn't really know what happened to him. Then I saw them holding him on the front stretch and an official walking with his deck. I was really glad it wasn't Dad or I that filled the fuel. He'd have never believed that we got it on right.”



“Being a two-car team we share all our info and we'll run each other hard depending on the situation. If we're racing in the pack and I know his car is faster and has a better chance to win I wouldn't race him as hard. But, if we're racing for the win, that's another story.”



“I really want to thank our Dad for all the countless hours he puts into prepping these cars and th Lord for our success and safety.”



Manning Safety Services IMCA Southern SportMods

7 James Blaylock (14)

9 Brandon Blaylock (3)

10 Justin Robinson (8)

175 Mickey Helms (6)

90 Dustin Butcher (11)

92 Jason Stanley (12)

47 James Meyers (2)

66 Johnny Torres (13)

00 Derrick Flora (16)

89 Doug Livingston (19)

88 Mark McGahey (15)

9x Ray Doyon III (20)

22 Randy Bennett (17)

44 Gene Hyde (4)

26g JJ Jennings (10)

174 Ted Thomas (7)

18 Larry Jernigan (9)

51 Greg Rohmer (18)

2x Dennis Hilla (1)

37 Bill Pittaway (5) DQ(Vacuum)

11 Chris McLendon---DNS



SportMod heats(Top 3 to A-main)

Heat #1

47 James Meyers

175 Mickey Helms

44 Gene Hyde

66 Johnny Torres

88 Mark McGahey

22 Randy Bennett

11 Chris McLendon

89 Doug Livingston



Heat #2

10 Justin Robinson

26g JJ Jennings

92 Jason Stanley

7 James Blaylock

00 Derrick Flora

51 Greg Rohmer

9 Ray Doyon III




VanKirk Vetos Bartosh for Limited Late Win

Two-time track champion, Moe VanKirk capped off his 2009 racing season adding another win to his impressive list. The Kerrville native battled with Richard Bartosh until halfway then pulled away in the final laps for a convincing win.



VanKirk jumped out front at th start of the 20-lap Limited Late Model feature leaving Bartosh and Howie Marcx side by side for second. Patrick Kelly closed in on Marcx as he lost ground to Bartosh. The top two began to distance themselves from Marcx, Kelly and Barry Major, who was pressuring Kelly for fourth. Chris Brock spun on lap 9 coming down between VanKirk and Bartosh, before continuing on.



As Bartosh was reeling in VanKirk again, Marcx and Kelly split Brock three wide. Bartosh caught VanKirk on lap 12 and snuck by to lead lap 13. VanKirk came right back getting the spot back on lap 14, while Marcx and Kelly were door to door for third. Major took advantage of that battle getting by Kelly for fourth on lap16, then Marcx for third a lap later. Up front it was VanKirk putting some distance on Bartosh taking the checkers with a comfortable margin.



C-D Electric Limited Late Models

58 Moe VanKirk

7 Richard Bartosh

33 Barry Major

13 Howie Marcx

84 Patrick Kelly

08 Chris Brock


Limited Late Model heat winner, 58 Moe VanKirk




Hutson Hustles to Enduro Victory

After the event at Ft. Hood earlier in the week it was fitting that a member of the military out of the base itself would be victorious. “Gunny” Jay Hutson out ran and out lasted a large field of Front Runners, holding off track mate Martin Quiram(Heart o' Texas Speedway) for the honors.



Hutson got by early leader, Dennis Taylor on lap 6 with Quiram following to second. Taylor was able to sneak back by both on lap 10 after they got hung up in traffic. Hutson reassumed the point on lap 12 when Taylor spun. Hutson and Quiram then pulled away as they marched in formation dicing through slower cars. Lynn Hardy worked his way up to third with regular driver, “Camber” Amber Helton navigating. At the checkers it was Hutson and Quiram nose to tail, while Janel Hilla came across the line in fourth, backwards.



Douglas Glass Front Runner Enduro(50 laps)

17x Jay Hutson

17T Martin Quiram

41 Lynn Hardy

7x Janel Hilla

13 Cameron Smith

57 Les Bettis

(Remainder of field yet to be determined)

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