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Thunderhill Raceway's Weather Contingency Plans for this weekend


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We’ve received several inquires about the possibility of inclement weather affecting this weekend’s scheduled race activities at Thunderhill Raceway. The latest forecast shows a high probability of continued rain through Saturday for the Kyle area.


We’re continuing to monitor the forecast, and we haven’t made any definite decisions yet to change our plans for this weekend. However, if we decide not to race this weekend, here’s our backup plan:


o Cancel the September 11 practice session and September 12 races

o Reschedule the TSRS Late Models to the next racing event at THR (September 26)

o Reschedule the DWIDUDE.COM 50 sponsorship for the Pro Trucks to the THR Texas Stock Car Spectacular (October 10)

o Hold double feature races (no heat races) for the ASA A-Line Super Stocks. The ASA national championship guidelines require that 14 races need to be completed by September 27. Since we’ve only run 12 races so far this year, we’d need to make sure we get the other two races completed on September 26, along with determining the THR Super Stock track champion. The feature races on September 26 would be the last points’ races of the season for the Super Stocks. However, the Texas Stock Car Spectacular will be the last points’ race for the other THR classes (Mini Stocks, Grand Stocks and Thunder Stocks).

o Open the pits gates earlier on September 26 – at 11: 00 a.m. instead of noon – to accommodate the additional classes


Since we understand some of you have to incur additional expenses for travel, we hope to announce our final decision by 10:00 a.m. tomorrow (Friday). We ask that you delay any travel plans for THR until then. It is our desire to go ahead with our current plans and hold the races this weekend, but right now we’re under the control of Mother Nature. So, please stay tuned for further information.




We’re also currently working on the final copy of our Texas Stock Car Spectacular, and we hope to have it posted and distributed by early next week.

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It looks like we'll be delaying our decision just a little bit this morning - probably around 10:30 a.m. Jerry Spencer is headed to the track now to check out the track conditions. Although the forecast for tomorrow is 40%-70% chance of rain, we really need to look at how saturated the ground may already be from yesterday's rain and the possibility of additional rain today.


Again, please stay tuned for further information.

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