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Need Indy/Cart car for pics.


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I have a friend that works at a local crash investigation firm that needs an early 2000's Indy/Cart car to take pics. of for a project. He won't need to move the car or anything just to take pics. of it on site. Anyone know of a car in the state? A museum, a private collector, one of the racers from that series that ran at SAS a few years back, any ideas? Thanks.

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Here are a few links that would/should know what is out there.


Link 1

This site has contact for over 200 vintage cars from about every era. They are also the ones that will be hosting a vintage oval racing car meet at Texas World Speedway November 13-15




Link 2


This site is for a group based in Texas that races pretty regularly at TWS and other tracks.


You can also call the Central Texas Museum of Automotive History in Rosanky at (512) 237-2635 to see if they have one. I recall a stock car or two there, but don't remember Indy cars.


Let me know if these come up empty, and I can try a couple other contacts.

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