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What alignment method do YOU use?

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I'm curious how you guys align your race cars. I have used many methods, but am curious what works best for YOU:



Toe poles/bars?

Laser Strings?

Laser Fixtures?

Alignment rack at a shop?


What method has shown you the best results over time and which products have you found to aid YOU the most?

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I think for most racers, a set of stands and strings are fine for squaring things like the rear end.


As for the front, toe plates are very easy to use, are not expensive, and for the budget minded, you can build them yourself out of plywood.

Scribing the front tires is good also, but you have to jack each tire, etc. Remember also, whether scribing or using toe plates, bent wheels will throw off the measurement.


As for which method is better, I tend to think that the toe plates are a little more accurate. Reason is when you use the scribe method, things like suspension and chassis limit you to making your measurement and adjustment on the bottom third of the tire. The toe plates spread across the entire tire, and while you still are measuring from the slots on the bottom of the plates, you get a much more accurate reading. If you have the stuff, take the time to measure toe with the scribing method, then, without changing anything, use toe plates. It will give you an idea how much difference one is to the other.

And get your self a good camber guage. You'll use it more than you think.

Another tool you can use is an angle finder. Use it for checking pinion angle, etc. They are made in several price ranges.


But, most important, whatever methods you decide to use, use them the same way every time. Consistency in your setup is the key.

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See ya there. Bring your portable A/C!!

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