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TPS Qualifying Order & Rules

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TEXAS PRO SEDANS - Qualifying Order & Rules


CC Speedway - Race # 6 - July 11, 2009


From: Neil Upchurch

Race & Administrative Director

Texas Pro Sedans


1 17 *** G.B. Carter/ Harlingen, TX *** no TPS points - receipt of entry #7

2 31 r- Jesse Sandoval Jr/Corpus Christi, TX *** no TPS points - receipt of entry #6

3 99 r- Steven Carpenter/Corpus Christi, TX *** no TPS points - receipt of entry #5

4 73 r- Cody Limerick/Corpus Christi, TX *** no TPS points - receipt of entry #4

5 07 *** Mike O'Connor/Weatherford, TX *** no TPS points - receipt of entry #3

6 50 J *** Paul Jett/Bulverde, TX *** no TPS points - receipt of entry #2

7 28 *** Lisa Sandoval/Corpus Christi, TX *** no TPS points - receipt of entry #1

8 38 *** Dave Parks/San Antonio, TX *** 0 TPS points

9 40 r- Robert Robbins/Bastrop, TX *** 2 TPS points

10 24 *** Josh Freeman/San Antonio, TX *** 5 TPS points

11 3 *** Bob Sherland/San Antonio, TX *** 5 TPS points

12 9 r- Bobby Burrows/Yorktown, TX *** 8 TPS points

13 18 *** Lanny Young/Kingsland, TX *** 8 TPS points

14 23 *** J.J. Osburn III/Converse, TX *** 13 TPS points

15 97 *** Kevin Hallman/Cibolo, TX *** 14 TPS points

16 88 r- Dennis Taylor/Universal City, TX *** 14 TPS points

17 71 *** Bruce Mabrito/San Antonio, TX *** 17 TPS points

18 2 r- Johnny Guerra/Corpus Christi, TX *** 20 TPS points

19 22 *** Harry Osburn Jr./San Antonio, TX *** 22 TPS points

20 04 r- Nathan Robbins/Bastrop, TX *** 24 TPS points

21 48 *** Mike Knotts/Universal City, TX *** 33 TPS points

22 26 *** Lalo Leal/Corpus Christi, TX *** 35 TPS points

23 20 *** Sergio Hexsel/Live Oak, TX *** 38 TPS points

24 01 r- Tory Christopher/Universal City, TX *** 42 TPS points

25 27 *** Bill Labarge/Bryan, TX *** 59 TPS points

26 15 *** Tom Johnson/Kingsland, TX *** 86 TPS points

27 70 *** Mike Merrell/Kingsland, TX *** 86 TPS points (ties broken by last race finish)


r - Eligible for 2009 TPS Rookie of the Year Award


Qualifying Rules & Procedures: (please read carefully and comply)

TPS Time Trials will start at 7:00pm as shown on Race Bulletin #6 "Schedule UPDATE". Be ready to take your 2 timed laps. Cars must align for Time Trials as listed above. Drivers must have working scanner (154.570 MHz) on at all times on

track. Cars missing qualifying line order may opt to re-align at rear and then receive one timed lap. Track entry is thru turn #1 gate. After entering the track, TPS cars should gain full speed quickly. All cars will receive green flag the second time at S/F line. In the event of a timing failure or negative track conditions, a re-run may be opted at the discretion of TPS Officials.

2nd Lap Rule: Going on track uses 1st Lap. Drivers not initiating 2nd lap at speed, may go to rear of line for a 2nd qual lap. Track Exit Rule: Failure to exit track after 3/4 cool off lap (unless otherwise instructed) results in disallowance of qual times .

Cars will exit track, enter pits and park in TPS Scales line. All cars are weighed. Cars skipping weight inspection loose times. No top-off after time trials. (For TPS cars only - after LC Race - 7 lbs or 1 gallon. After the Feature - 21 lbs or 3 gallons top off). Times not official until car passes post Qual inspection. Ties broken by prior TPS points, then date of entry.


Qualifying Format:

Feature Race grid limit - 20 cars. 1st 14 by qual times, 15th thru 18th - 1st 4 in LC race, 19th & 20th to best in 2009 TPS points. If Time Trials not held or not completed, feature grids 1st 14 by prior points, 15th-18th by LC race finish, 19&20 by prior points.


CC Speedway PA announcements regarding TPS performance, while usually correct, are considered unofficial by TPS.


Fastest Qualifying time breaking the TPS at CCS qual record of 15.370 set by #70 Donnie Moore, 7/9/2005 earns 3 bonus points. Fastest Qualifying non-record time earns 1 bonus point. Qualifying questions should be addressed at the Driver's Meeting.


Disclaimer: The above Texas Pro Sedans qualifying order list is for the exclusive use of TPS drivers, Officials, TPS & CCS scoring. This list is composed of drivers who have submitted an entry form and paid an entry fee for the July 11 TPS race at CCS. The list should not be interpreted as a list of TPS drivers who will compete on track or even actually arrive at CCS. TPS cannot determine the travel intent of Official TPS Entrants, who may or may not arrive.

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where is the #66 ford of double A motorsports??
''''' they talked aboult bringing it out .have not heard anything in the past couple of weeks .but i would not be surprise to see it there ..

would be nice to see that OLD man out of the stands and back in the pits where he belongs

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