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Some pics from Texas World Speedway


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Was at Texas World today, and thought a couple pics would show you what kind of condition it is in.

The first pic is the hill the stands are built on. THere is no activity here from a fan's standpoint, and the stands are blocked from anyone entering them. More on that later.



The second pic is what is left of the scoreboard. Obviously not usable, and it has cables attached to it front and back; seems to be a temp fix to prevent it's falling down in high winds.



Third is the road leading from the south tunnel to the pit area. You can see what looks like new asphalt in turn one; they have redone both ends of the track like this, but a couple drivers stated it is still very bumpy, and the track still has the bad bumps at both the north and south tunnels, as well as the spectator tunnel under the start-finish line.



Here is why you will not see spectators in the stands at TWS. Look closely, see the warped bleachers? It is actually an area that has sunk, due to the collapsing of the dirt berm under the stands. The same dirt berm in the first pic. Every individual section of the bleachers has some amount of collapse under it.

I would not want to imagine the liability if they loaded up those stands, and they collapsed further...............



Pic 5 is my Dad and my Grandson Michael meeting up with Pat St. Cricq from Houston. My father watched Pat's Dad Marcel St. Cricq race midgets at the State Fair Speedway in the shadows of the Cotton Bowl in Dallas in the early 50's.



Pic 6 is Dad Tom Sr, Pat St. Cricq, and Drew Williams looking over some pics Drew brought.


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Thanks TX, glad to see she's still in tact at least.... the deal with the stands sure does hammer home the fact that we won't see good spectator events. Sure would like to see a TSRS/ Super Stock (hell YEAH!!!)/ Pro Sedan show to wake her up.

Many fun times there growing up, to me TWS still "THE" track!

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