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Bellmead Speedway results/recaps 3/7/04

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Bellmead Speedway 3/7/04

By J M Hallas

Waco-Bellmead, Texas. You would think that after spending two nights at a big Late Model/Modified show in Fort Worth, that a person would have had enough racing for one weekend. But guess what, there was yet one more weekend race left to cover. Bellmead Speedway was conveniently on the way back and running a special Sunday afternoon show. So like a moth drawn to light, I found my way there.


The IMCA Modified A-main was to start 18 cars for the 20 lap race on the 3/8 mile high-banked track, but polesitter James Holder and Ronnie Ellis were both unable to start under their own power. So, by rule, both were not allowed to start, putting the Glick brothers Chase and Chris on the front row. (Which I’m sure made their Dad nervous) This was one of those odd races, perhaps due to a full moon, that appeared no one would be able to win.


Chase would beat Chris into turn 1, with Chris sliding high and losing many spots. But he got a reprieve when Greg Dinsmore and Daniel Phillips got together in turn 2. Chase again got the jump on older brother Chris to get the lead. Trevor Egbert and JD Schlies brought the yellow early as they slid off the top of turn 3.


On the restart, Pat McGuire and Shannon Parsons got hooked together with both losing positions allowing Henry Witt to move up to fourth, followed by PJ Egbert in fifth. Just as Chr. Glick was doing a half spin from third, Cha. Glick broke the rear suspension going into turn 1. The rookie Blake Pigeon was benefactor as he inherited the point. During the yellow Witt was forced to pit with a flat right rear.


The crafty Witt made up five positions before the green flew to restart in the top ten. Once under green again Pigeon started gaining space between himself and the McGuire/PJ Egbert battle for second. At the crossed flags it was Pigeon, McGuire, PJ Egbert, Chr. Glick and Witt in the top five spots and in a world of their own.


McGuire and PJ Egbert started closing in on Pigeon and got a break on lap 12 when Schlies and Steven Carter slid off turn 3 top re-bunch the field. Back under green McGuire was pressuring Pigeon and sure enough, the rookie contender spun on lap 13 collecting McGuire in the process.

This gave the lead over to PJ Egbert(see the theme here), who got a good jump as green flew again, with Chr. Glick and Witt battling it out for third.


2003 IMCA Modified Rookie of the Year, PJ Egbert’s chance of getting his first 2004 win came to end when he tore the rear suspension out on lap 15. McGuire then inherited the top spot on the restart with five to go. Mcguire got another break when he was able to gap the battle for second between Chr. Glick and Witt as they ran wheel to wheel on lap 16. On the final lap, Mcguire had several lengths as he went on to snatch the checkers in his McGuire Trucking/HOT Chassis


IMCA Modifieds

1 9 Pat McGuire(6)

2 01 Chris Glick(1)

3 701 Henry Witt(8)

4 09 Blake Pigeon(4)

5 34 Ronnie Warren(10)

6 69 Jimmy Bragewitz(16)

7 7j JD Schlies(11)

8 118 Steven Carter(14)

9 707 PJ Egbert(7)

10 13 Shannon Parsons(3)

11 02 Chase Glick(2)

12 78 Trevor Egbert(5)

13 71L Charles Lamb(12)

14 48 Jason Bernal(13)

15 17 Daniel Phillips(9)

16 Greg Dinsmore(15)

James Holder–Unable to start under own power

Ronnie Ellis–Unable to start under own power


The SIMS Modified feature was paced to green by Bennie Everhart and Dave Stewart. Before the green ever flew, Justin Buzbee got a little anxious and ran into the back of Sid Kiphen. Everhart got the lead on lap 1, but caution flew for the quarter panel off Kiphen’s cars. Everhart got a decent start back under green, while Kiphen tried to work his way back up.


On lap 3 Shannon Dulock was looking inside D. Stewart for second. Everhart started to ease ahead by lap 5, with second through fifth running nose to tail. At the mid point the top five were Everhart, D. Stewart, Dulock, Adam Schwartz and Lance Hanson. Everhart continued to increase his lead until caution flew for Schwartz spun from fourth on lap 10.


D. Stewart got inside Everhart on the restart and grabbed the point to lead laps 11 & 12, while Dulock and Hanson also got past Everhart. Just as Stewart was looking to get a win, he broke and pulled off handing the lead to Dulock on lap 13. With five to go, Dulock had a three car advantage over Hanson who had five cars on David Cook in third.


Lap 18 saw the final yellow fly as a bumper was left laying the track. On the restart Cook got the jump on Hanson to get second. As the white waved, Cook tried one shot at Dulock in turns 1-2, but Dulock held him off going on to snag the victory in his Ledfords Performance Machine/Cottons Fina/The Wallace Group/Hornet Racing Graphics/Tire City/ homemade chassis, with special thanks to Dad, Mike and his wife for putting up with him.



1 47 Shannon Dulock(3)

2 32 David Cook(8)

3 5H Lance Hansen(5)

4 9 Bennie Everhart(1)

5 30 Chase Jupe6)

6 1W DL Wilson(11)

7 772 Adam Schwartz(4)

8 3 Dave Stewart(2)

9 58 Sid Kiphen(7)

10 77 Jody Buzbee(13

11 28 Roy Ewing(10)

12 06 Brandon Stewart(12)

13 111 Justin Buzbee(9)

14 35 Warren Harcrow(14)

771 Sam Sovey—DNS


Benji Kirkpatrick and Jonathon Pearson led the 20 car IMCA Stock Main to green, with Kirkpatrick getting out first. The yellow quickly came back on for a bumper on the track, and a complete restart. As green flew again, Kirkpatrick again got into turn 1 first for the lead. Caution came out again on lap 1 when Thomas Earl slid off the top of turn 3. On the restart, Duain Pritchett, Chad Estes and BJ Dulock were battling hard for fourth.


Estes was looking inside Dulock on lap 5 as the top five moved away from the pack. Pritchett moved in behind Dulock to keep Estes pinned out of the fast line, with the duo running door to door on laps 7 and 8. Just as the top five started dicing through traffic, Anthony Otken and Tim Ezell both slid off turn 3 for a yellow. On the restart, Estes got around Dulock for the spot.


Pritchett tried to get by Dulock on lap 9, only to spin himself out. Something the 2003 IMCA Stock National Champ seldom does, make a mistake. The top five got a good jump on the restart and at halfway it was Kirkpatrick, Dulock, Jeff Sustaire, Shannon Parsons and Estes, who lost the spots on the previous restart.


Lap 11 saw Dulock and J. Sustaire side by side for second, while Parsons and Estes were door to door for fourth. Estes completed the pass on lap 12. Otken brought the yellow again on lap 13 when he spun to slow the action. On the restart, Estes and J. Sustaire were still glued together, while Pritchett was working his way back to ninth.


Parsons lost a few spots after he took a side trip through the infield on lap 16 falling from fourth to sixth. With two to go, James Hyde and Duain Pritchett made contact with Pritchett spinning. Under caution Pritchett let Hyde know he was not happy with the move, with both being sent to the pits.


Back under green, Estes made the pass on Dulock for second and closed on Kirkpatrick for the lead. On the final lap, Estes took a look inside, but Kirkpatrick was able to hold on to grab the win in his M&M Paint and Body/Hornet Racing Graphics/Kinds Automotive/Photos by David/TMM Fabrications/Ronnie Symank Construction/J&R Machine Shop/RCI/T&M Wise County Detailing in a homemade chassis, with help from his crew Ted and Justin.



IMCA Stock

1 47 Benji Kirkpatrick(1)

2 83 Chad Estes(9)

3 251 BJ Dulock(11)

4 73 Tim Ezell(14)

5 872 Jeff Sustaire(5)

6 12 Daniel Reid(20)

7 87 Kevin Sustaire(16)

8 13 Shannon Parsons(13)

9 55 Charlie Wilson(7)

10 107 Jonathon Pearson(2)

11 4 Jason Honey(6)

12 424 Anthony Otken(17)

13 25 Toby Miller(10)

14 30 Steve Spoonts(4)

15 182 Jerry Whatley(3)

16 23 Shad Stevens(15)

17 147 Thomas Earl(12)

18 213 Jeffery Watkins(18)

22 Duain Pritchett–B/F

9 James Hyde—B/F


IMCA Stock B-main non qualifiers

94 Richard Riley

18 Ray Tinkey

181 Ed Thompson

122 Bradford Benson

62 Mike Miles

21 Tim Worthy

32 Matthew Bagley


In the IMCA Hobby Stock 15 lap, A-Main, Allen Montgomery got into turn 1 first to get the lead as he, Chris Ater and Jerry West began to inch away. Montgomery’s lead was short-lived as Ater snuck by to get the point on lap 3. West got by Montgomery as well, only to suffer a flat and be forced to pit, while Montgomery rolled to a stop to bring out the yellow. The top three of Ater, Dillon Smith and Chase Neill got a good restart pulling ahead by several car lengths.


Just at the halfway point with Ater, Smith, Neill, Jerry Chapman and Montgomery in the top five, Cory Rose got into the front stretch wall. The car climbed the wall and rolled over and back onto to all fours. Co. Rose tried to re-fire the car and pull off, but the car had other ideas. Again the driver was fortunately alright. From there Ater would pull away, while Smith and Neill battled for second. At the checkers it was Ater, taking another 2004 victory in his North Texas Angel Plumbing/Ace Tire Service/QSD Graphics/Destroyer Chassis.


IMCA Hobby Stock

1 7 Chris Ater(3)

2 4 Chase Neill(6)

3 03 Dillon Smith(4)

4 701 Jerry Chapman(10)

5 38 Allen Montgomery(1)

6 02 Corey Rose(8)

7 88 Curtis Rose(2)

8 36 Ed Autenrieth(7)

9 9T Jerry West(5)

10 30 Bill Nevers(9)


In the Pure Stock 15 lap feature, Michael Robertson took the lead on lap 1. Lap 4 saw the red flag wave when Doug Eddinger broke an axle, dug in and rolled over. Eddinger was shaking down a new car for the season openers next weekend. OUCH! Fortunately he was a lot better than his car was. Robertson continued to lead after the restart until the last lap, when Cory Teakell got into his quarter panel, sending Robertson around. Marshall Saucedo navigated past the two cars taking the surprise win.

Pure Stock

1 11 Marshall Saucedo

2 18D Tommy Honey

3 17 Michael Robertson

4 91 Tim Strasser

5 1 Timmy Kemp

6 54 Melvin Kemp

7 23 Rodney Price

8 04 Michael George

9 191 Doug Eddinger

10 17K Roland Taylor

87 Cory Teakell—B/F


Jr Mini Stock

1 03 Jeremy Bost----1st ever win

2 8 Brandon Goodnight

3 22 Trey Johnson

4 103 James Blann

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