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Kennedale, TX (4/15/09) DarinShort.com The Cowtown Challenge has now reached a record amount for this Saturday, eclipsing the $1,050 amount raised by the Bomber drivers, and is now at a staggering $1,500!


That means the winner of the Winged 600 feature will win a minimum of $1,150 to $2,500 Saturday night!


The following three new sponsors are responsible for the increase (please make sure to thank them):


- $300 Pro-Tech Service Company www.Pro-Tech-Services.com


- $200 City Vending www.CityVending.net


- $200 Robby Fox Drywall, 817-572-9636


Those three sponsors total $700 added to the already $800 in place provided by sponsors Skyvue Funeral Home and Excel X-Ray/Duarte Motorsports make up the $1,500 Cowtown Challenge Bonus.


This sudden surge of sponsor money also guarantees the Winged 600 Cowtown Challenge to become inked on the 2010 Cowtown Speedway schedule - congratulations and thank you to all that have made it happen!


We still anticipate this number to grow further, as many drivers plan to add money to the Bonus when they arrive at the track on Saturday night.


Here's an interesting scenario to consider:


Let's say 25 of the Winged 600 drivers put an additional $50 each into the Cowtown Challenge bonus fund when they arrive at the track Saturday night. That would equal $1,250. Added to the existing $1,500 would result in a total Cowtown Challenge of $2,750.


In other words, if a front row qualifier takes the Cowtown Challenge, starts 24th and wins, they will leave Cowtown Speedway with $3,750 in their pocket on Saturday night! (Well, they may have to stuff it into 2 pockets!)


Or, if no one takes the Cowtown Challenge (or takes it, but doesn't win), each of the top 10 finishers will split the Cowtown Challenge bonus of $2,750 by EACH taking home an additional $275! (That would make it a total of $1,275 to win the feature!)


One thing's for sure: Saturday is going to be a WILD night of racing at Cowtown Speedway; with sprint cars, all points classes running and the Winged 600 Cowtown Challenge - don't miss it!

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