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Heart o Texas Spwy results 3/20/09

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Friday, March 20, 2009


Mercer Wins at Hot


ELM MOTT—Bobby Mercer Jr. from China Spring won a side by side battle with Sid Kiphen from Gatesville to take the IMCA SportMod feature win Friday night at the Heart O' Texas Speedway.


Keith Green from Robinson won a five-car, hard-charging mêlée to take the top honors in the IMCA modified feature. J.P. Dowell from Killeen, Keith White from Academy, Benji Kirkpatrick from Elm Mott, and Justin Radcliff from China Spring constantly changed positions to round out the top five.


Chris Cogburn from Robinson paced the IMCA hobby stock field to win the feature over Shannon Dulock from Axtell and Ray Kemp Jr. from Riesel.


Paul Bolfing from Waco topped the street stock class followed by Sam Sovey from Waco and Tommy Kirkpatrick from Elm Mott.


David Andrews and Paul Bolfing exchanged the lead throughout the pure stock feature before Andrews prevailed for the win.


Other winners were Heath Zucha and passenger J.J. Jenkins from Waco in cruisers, Corbin Suggs from Elm Mott in junior mini stocks, Corey Homan from Oglesby in the Texas twisters.


Trevor Reed from Waco won the Brazos Mini Sprint feature in the stock class. Tony Smith from Liberty Hill was the top finisher in the Outlaw class, and Garron Brimmer from Desoto had the best finish in the Restrictor class.


Next week the Texas Wing Modifieds will make their season debut at the Speedway. IMCA modifieds, IMCA SportMods, IMCA hobby stocks, street stocks, pure stocks, cruisers, junior mini stocks, and Texas twisters will also be competing. Gates open at 6:00 P.M. and racing begins at 8:00 P.M. Check for more information at www.heartotexspeedway.com


Coming Events

March 27, 2009 Friday 8:00 P.M. Regular Race Program + Texas Winged Modifieds

April 3, 2009 Friday 8:00 P.M. All Classes. Features only for Street Stock, Pure Stock, Cruisers, Junior Mini Stocks & Twisters + ASCS Sprint Cars (North Texas)

April 10, 2009 Good Friday 8:00 P.M. Regular Race Program + Texas Winged Modifieds & Easter Basket Giveaway

April 17, 2009 Friday 8:00 P.M. Regular Race Program + Brazos Mini Sprints

April 24, 2009 Friday 8:00 P.M. Regular Race Program + Texas Winged Modifieds

May 1, 2009 Friday 8:00 P.M. Regular Race Program + Brazos Mini Sprints and Kids' Bicycle Races



Complete Finish

Friday, March 20, 2009


IMCA Modifieds 3/20/2009

Feature: 1. Keith Green (Robinson, TX), 2. J. P. Dowell (Killeen, TX), 3. Keith White (Academy, TX), 4. Benji Kirkpatrick (Waco, TX), 5. Justin Radcliff (China Spring, TX), 6. Pat McGuire (Belton, TX), 7. Jimmie Helona (Crawford, TX), 8. Kenneth Fielding (Fort Worth, TX), 9.Brian Guay (Hewitt, TX), 10. Ben Ketteman (Pflugerville, TX), 11. Eric Tomlinson (Robinson, TX), 12. Johnny Sheets (Gatesville, TX), 13. Chase Jupe (West, TX), 14. Michael Lamb (Ft Worth, TX), 15. Wesley Dulock (West, TX), 16. Kenny Stone (Temple, TX), 17. Cody Daniel (Lacy Lakeview, TX).





IMCA SportMod 3-20-09

Feature: 1. Bobby Mercer Jr. (China Spring, TX), 2. Sid Kiphen (Gatesville, TX), 3. T.J. Green (Robinson, TX), 4. Brandon Stewart (Academy, TX), 5. Lil’ Robert Black (Hallsburg, TX), 6. Keith White (Academy, TX), 7. Mark McDaniel (Elm Mott, TX), 8. Donny Miller (Tom Bean, TX), 9 Randy Doyle (Killeen, TX), 10. Joe Spillman (Marble Falls, TX), 11. Kevin Green (Robinson, TX), 12. Billy White (West, TX), 13. Edward Schmidt (Boys Ranch, TX), 14. Corky Coffer (West, TX), 15. Ricky Heckel (China Spring, TX), 16. Mitch Tierney (Temple, TX), 17. Zack Zaidle (Eddy, TX), 18. Chris Cogburn (Robinson, TX).


IMCA Hobby Stock 3-20-09

Feature: 1. Chris Cogburn (Robinson, TX), 2. Shannon Dulock (Axtell, TX), 3. Ray Kemp Jr. (Riesel, TX), 4. Michael Guenat (Robinson, TX), 5. Andy Roller (Waco, TX), 6. Charles Cosper (Belton, TX), 7. Billy Taylor (Gatesville, TX), 8. Melvin Burrows (Gatesville, TX), 9. Jaron Shahan (China Spring, TX), 10. Kyle Davis (Robinson, TX), 11. Jeremy Hendrix (Robinson, TX), 12. Les Maxwell (Waco, TX), 13. Joe Williams (Waco, TX), 14. Chris Guesendorf (Moody, TX), DNS Ricky Rodriguez (Eddy, TX), DNS Markiss Harcrow (West, TX).


Street Stock 3-20-09

Feature: 1. Paul Bolfing (Waco, TX), 2. Sam Sovey (Waco, TX), 3. Tommy Kirkpatrick (Elm Mott, TX), 4. John Heffelfinger (Waco, TX), 5. Jason Gauntt (Elm Mott, TX), 6. Matt Hood (McGregor, TX), 7. Ed Thompson (Waco, TX), 8. Bill Eller (Lorena, TX), 9. James Hamlin (Elm Mott, TX), 10. Lewis Blackwood (Pendleton, TX), 11. Brandon Geurin (Whitney, TX), 12. Doug Andrews (Elm Mott, TX), DQ Chuck Hamlin (Elm Mott, TX), DQ David Khoury (Waco, TX).


Pure Stock 3-20-09

Feature: 1. David Andrews (Waco, TX), 2. Paul Bolfing (Waco, TX), 3. Melvin Kemp Jr. (Waco, TX), 4. Greg Andrews (Waco, TX), 5. Jimmy Reid, Jr. (Waco, TX), 6. Jack Jenkins (Waco, TX), 7. Kenny Merritt (Bellmead, TX), 8. Leon Alvarado (Riesel, TX), 9. Billy Williams (Waco, TX), 10. Edward Harcrow (West, TX), 11. Jeff Willis (West, TX), 12. Billy Rupert (Mexia, TX), 13. Adam Schwarz (Elm Mott, TX), 14. James Haynes (Hubbard, TX), 15. Lil’ Robert Black (Hallsburg, TX), 16. Mike Bolfing (Wimberley, TX), 17. Chad Pelham (Whitney, TX), 18. Jeff Williams (Waco, TX), 19. Colton Glaser (Lorena, TX), 20. Scott Wimberly (Covington, TX), 21. Michael Votaw (Whitney, TX< /st1:place>), 22. Wesley Sauter (Riesel, TX), 23. Wade White (Waco, TX).


Cruiser 3-20-09

Feature: 1. Heath Zucha/J.J. Jenkins (Waco, TX), 2. Dwain Wills (Waco, TX), 3. Barry Gaston (Waco, TX), 4. Mike/Michael Van Cleave (Lacy Lakeview, TX), 5. Steve Wade (Waco, TX), 6. Dan Webre Jr. (West, TX), 7. Randy Thompson (Mt. Calm, TX), 8. Andrew Richards (Robinson, TX), 9. Gordon Coble (Lago Vista, TX), 10. William Dean (Elm Mott, TX), 11. Russell Bullock (Waco, TX), 12. Justin/Marvin Bailey (Mt. Calm, TX), 13. Eric Newton (Mart, TX), 14. Dustin Richards (Coolidge, TX), 15. J.R. Walker (Waco, TX).


Junior Mini Stock 3-20-09

Feature: 1. Corbin Suggs (West, TX), 2. Brittney Rasmussen (Harker Heights, TX), 3. Jordan Kornegay (China Spring, TX), 4. Cory Kreder (Elm Mott, TX), 5. Alex Norris (Elm Mott, TX), 6. Cheyenne Reese (Hillsboro, TX), 7. John Alvarado (Riesel, TX).


Texas Twister 3-20-09

Feature: 1. Corey Homan (Oglesby, TX), 2. Michael Hillard (Temple, TX), 3. James Barber (Bellmead, TX), 4. Jay Hutson (Waco, TX), 5. Ricky Bobby (Elm Mott, TX), 6. Chaznie Nunn (Riesel, TX).


Brazos Mini Sprints 3-20-09

Feature: 1. Trevor Reed (Waco, TX), 2. Coy Jorden (Teague, TX), 3. Dustin Davidson (West, TX), 4. Rodney Coburn (Pflugerville, TX), 5. Kyle Thompson, 6. Tony Smith (Liberty Hill, TX), 7. Roy Hutchison (Weatherford, TX), 8. Tom Hutchison (Alvarado, TX), 9. Chipper Wood, 10. Kaley Engstrom (Rhome, TX), 11. Michael Hernandez (San Antonio, TX), 12. Kenny Elwood (Chalk Bluff, TX), 13. #7, 14. Garron Brimmer (Desoto, TX), 15. Jarrett Roberts (Temple, TX), 16. Tyler Russell (Hillsboro, TX), 17. Amerin Betteridge (Joshua, TX), DNR #5.

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