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Houson area stars look to defend home turf from "Outlaws"

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Houston area stars look to defend home from “Outlaws”

Several of the local hero's entered to try their hand at making the field of hard-charging, out-of-town, hot shoes. Heading the list of locals, was long time area racer and winner of everything he jumps in, Howard Willis, Kevin Sitton, following his father,Tims footsteps, has moved up rapidly through the racing ranks, and modified ace, Chris Brown making his first attempt in the full blown late models.



" The biggest thing on this race is we have to time in." replied the multi-time, class and track champion Willis. " If we can time in within the top ten and start near the front of our heat race, we can get qualified for the feature. Those two laps are the most important of the weekend. I'm not really a god qualifier, because we may only time in once or twice during the year.


"I just hope we get qualified for the feature, run it and by the end of 100 laps we should be in good shape. Since this is a race track that I know I should be able to hit the line that I want to hit. If I can get through the time trials and heats to make the feature, then all the pressure's off me."


"This is actually the same Tony Flynn, Custom Race Engines, Masterbilt Chassis car we ran up at Texas Motor Speedway Dirt Track. This car has a lot more power, but I've swapped from car to car so many times you make a lap and be pretty fast, though it might take you 20-30 to get comfortable. They're not all that different. It's all in your head. If you have you head screwed on right, you'll be plenty fast."


"You've got to get more amped up when these guys come to town. The reason they came is because everyone feels they can win he race. We're outclassed when they show up because of the experience they've got. We've got experience too, but not at that caliber. "




"We pretty much looking just to make the show," said Sitton who had a strong run at the TMS, Texas World Dirt Track Championship SUPR race finishing second. "This is my first time to run with the World of Outlaws and I know that they're pretty bad-fast. I just hope I make the show, that's the biggest thing.'


"I was really excited about the WoO coming to town, but anytime I go race I always get pumped up. This open motor we got from Tony Flynn, who's letting us use it. We had to pull our 'spec' motor out to run with these guys."


"There's no really too much different driving style wise. If it's a tacky track you can run your car a little tighter, with the extra horsepower to turn it.'" added Sitton who drives the Sitton Racing, Best Auto Parts, Flynn Racing, JD's Body Works, All American Plumbing, D&D Dozer Works, Rated R Racing, OCF, Rocket Chassis.




"Our goal headed into this weekend was just try to make the show." stated Brown. "Thankfully it was just practice last night because we struggled a little bit. The car continued to get to better as the night went on. These guys(WoO) have been driving these car a lot longer and know what adjustments to make. They know how to keep up with the race track and tire selection. We've got a lot of ground to make up there, but hopefully we'll hit it just right. Chub Frank has been over here helping us since we unloaded. "



"We had the car that Kevin Sitton is driving and ran it before. With this Delta Flange Manufacturing, JD's Body Works, Performance Graphics, Rocket Chassis, having this much horsepower under the hood it's a different story for me. Since this is the first time it, I guess I'll find out tonight how much different it really is to drive."



"They always say that you're only as good as the people you race with. So yes, these guys coming into to our town gets us up. You always want to race with the best so you can get up to their level."

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