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Hey folks,

Just talked to Nick Holt..We're going to use this thread for most, if not all, the TSRS info from today's Allstate Texas Race Fest...that way, all the info on TSRS today is here in one place..I''m doing PR for TSRS today...


Here's the qualifying that just finished (12:20 p.m. Central)..in order of qualifier, then with both lap times..

TSRS Qualifying record @ THR, by the way: Robert Barker – Sept. 26, 2008 – 15.173



20-Mark Mathias, 17.034, 16.218

96-Todd Farris, 16.497, NA*

72-Kendall Bumbera, 16.699, 16.033

2-Bobby Teer, Jr., NA, 15.874

17-Robert Barker, 15.727, 15.537

15-Bradley Burke, 16.858, 16.609

7-Chris Schild, 16.082, 15.862

28-Jeff O'Neill, 17.018, 16.541

99-Cary Stapp, 16.596, 15.859

4-Levi Krauss, 16.349, 15.650

1-Heath Stewart, 15.847, 15.423

14-Jake Kruger, 16.035, 15.539

05-Cody Smith, 16.124, 15.605

81-Dillon Spreen, 16.270, 15.714

6-Jason Hollander, 17.003, 16.163



1) 1-Heath Stwart, 14.423

2) 17-Robert Barker, 15.537

3) 14-Jake Kruger, 15.539

4) 05-Cody Smith, 15.605

5) 4-Levi Krauss, 15.650

6) 81-Dillon Spreen, 15.714

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3:30 p.m. Update...


Here is the official Race Lineup, with notes to follow...Hometowns listed are Texas unless otherwise noted

® - indicates '09 TSRS Rookie



Allstate Texas Thunder 50, March 14, 2009

Row 1

(1) Heath Stewart, Del Valle, 15.423

(17) Robert Barker, Boerne, 15.537


Row 2

(14) Jake Kruger, Bastrop, 15.539

(05) Cody Smith, La Vernia, 15.605


Row 3

(4) Levi Krauss ®, Schertz, 15.650

(81) Dillon Spreen, Boerne, 15.714


Row 4

(99) Cary Stapp, San Marcos, 15.859

(2) Bobby Teer, Jr., Comfort, 15.874


Row 5

(96) Todd Farris, College Station, 16.497

(15) Bradley Burke, Johnson City, 16.609


Row 6

(7) Chris Schild**, Leander, 15.862

(28) Jeff O'Neill ®**, Round Rock, 16.541


Row 7

(20) Mark Mathias ®, San Antonio, 16.218

(6) Jason Hollander, Round Rock, 16.163


Row 8

(72) Kendall Bumbera ®, Sealy, 16.033


**broke impound, moved to back of starting field

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General Information update:

at 3:30 p.m., the USAC midgets are on the track..track conditions are dry, but it's still very chilly...

USAC looks to get qualifying soon, starting at 3:30 p.m., which is only 20 minutes later than what the scheduled qualifying was set for (31:0 p.m.)

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Another interesting Fact..

Below are the winners of the last 2 years at this race.


Year ------On the pole------ Did they win Championship?

2008 -- Heath Stewart -- Yes

2007 -- Bobby Joe New -- Yes


2009 -- Heath Stewart -- Annouced he was retiring last year??


Same car has sat on the pole 3 years straight...

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Here's some notes from TSRS qualifying:


*Chris Schild (#7)..pulled his car out of impound, said he's just looking to "improve" his car for tonight's feature race...Chris is tied with Tommy Gural ('06 TSRS champ) for most career victories in TSRS history.


*Jeff O'Neill (#28)..a TSRS rookie, bought Leland Waddell's car late last year....pulled his car out of impound, said his team needed to adjust the swaybar...


*Heath Stewart (#1)...won his 9th career Fast Qualifier Award today, sits second in TSRS history to Schild (13)...

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More info...


*TSRS Drivers are scheduled to do Drivers Autograph Session from 3:45 to 4:15 p.m. today..the Allsate Texas Thunder 50 is set for a 7;05 p.m. CT green flag..this race will be replayed on SPEED channel on March 25th at 2 p.m. Central Time

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Some other TSRS notes:


*Heath Stewart, the defending TSRS champ and pole-sitter for today's race, said he wasn't planning on running any more races this season - unless #1 car owner Bobby Joe New "asks him to." Heath said there may be a couple of different drivers who run the #1 in TSRS races this season...


*(#14) Jake Kruger's younger sister, Nikki (13, a 9th-grader at Bastrop High School), made her high school cheerleading squad this past week. Congrats, Nikki!


*The TSRS drivers stayed 10 minutes past their alloted time for the Allstate Texas Racefest autograph session this afternoon. Plenty of fans were asking for autographs and drivers did themselves - and the series - proud at the session.

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More notes from TSRS pits, as we wait for tonight's race:


*Youngsters Levi Krauss is 16 years old (birthday: Oct. 1) and has been racing for four years coming into this TSRS season...Kendall Bumbera is 16 and was the 2007 Rookie of Year in the Pro Stock Class at Houston Motorsports Park..Tonight is Kendall's first-ever Late Model experience...


*A lot of drivers in TSRS pits feel (1) the track is in good condition, despite the rain this weekend and lack of rubber..(2) that everyone's going to "play it smart" when driving out there and NOT try to win the TSRS race on the first lap tonight..


*The car that Chris Schild is driving tonight is that of his brother - Brian. That car hasn't been on a race track in two years; that's a big reason Chris and his crew broke impound, there are a couple things they wanted to work on to get it ready for tonight's race...

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Hey Chuck,


I am assuming that you will be giving live race reports on the TSRS race, but are you going to give live reports on the other races too?


Are you staying warm out there?


How is the crowd so far?


I would have liked to come out, but man I am a wimp in this weather.

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Kathy!!! Great to hear from you, you THR legend!

Okay, answers to your questions..


1) it's cold and still getting colder...dry now (last rain was 2 pm today)


2) Jay Hallas and Nick Holt are here, Nick's doing some live updates on the 2 National series...for me, i'm going to give live updates on TSRS only..


3) Crowd is REALLY GOOD despite the horrible weather...stands about 3/4 full...good crowd! BTW, we haven't seen the sun all day!


4) Don't blame you for staying home...glad these fans came out!

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sorry, trying to do scoring and give updates..

42 laps in, 5 cautions....


17 (Barker) took lead from Heath (1) on start, has led the whole time...the first 4 cautions were solo spins, the 5th was 72 (bumbera) and 20 (Mathias) bumping and spining between 3 & 4...


17 has had lead the whole race...Top 5 with 8 to go, 17, 1, 14, 05, 4...the 2 and 99 are then 5 car lengths back in 6th and 7th..

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In case you didn't see it...

Two rookie drivers - Mathias and Bumbera - started in the rear on their own decision..Jeff O'Neill had already been put to the back because he broke impound.

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more info coming..for now

there's been 2 cautions since lap 42...14 spun out 1 out of Turn 2 on lap 44, 14 sent to rear..


restart was fine, 1 was starting to challenge 17 for lead...then 4 spun out, out of turn 2 while 72 spun inbetween 1 & 2...the tower called Caution on #72, so 4 will get his spot back ....


at 7:30 p.m., about to restart on lap 47 with 3 laps to go

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more info in a few minutes...here's your finish..



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hey folks....i was running around the pits and got some interviews for stories throughout the week...but, here's a race recap for you..


Barker holds off Stewart at the checkered flag to win '09 TSRS season opener


Robert Barker, the runnerup to 2008 TSRS Late Models champion Heath Stewart last season, got a bit of revenge Saturday night as he got the jump on Stewart at the beginning of the race then held Stewart by about half-a-car length at the finish of Saturday's Allstate Texas Thunder 50 at Thunderhill Raceway (Kyle, TX).


The TSRS season opener was part of the Allstate Texas Racefest festivities at Thunderhill Raceway (THR).


The win is Barker's fourth career TSRS win, moving him up into a tie for fifth place on the all-time TSRS list. Ironically, Barker (Boerne, TX) is now tied with Stewart (Del Valle, TX) as well as former series champ Ronny New.


Barker started on the outside of Row 1, next to Stewart who won his ninth-career Fast Qualifier Award (second only to Chris Schild, 13, in TSRS history) with a qualifying time of 15.423 seconds earlier in the afternoon. At the start of the race, Stewart seemed to slip while Barker got some "good bite" on the cold 3/8th-mile asphalt, D-shaped track. As they raced side-by-side into Turn 1 and out of Turn 2, Barker got the better of Stewart and dropped to the inside groove of the track in front of Stewart.


He would hold that position for the rest of the race. However, on the 50th and final lap, Barker (who had been running well when he went on the high side of Turns 3 and 4) seemed to get a bit loose as he came out of Turn 4; Stewart was hugging the inside lane, creating a bit of a "sprint" to the checkered flag. Barker won by a little more than a half-car length over Stewart.


While the "Move of the Race" came on the first lap, the "controversy" of the race came late. On Lap 44, Stewart - who was being challenged hard by '08 Rookie of the Year Jake Kruger - spun coming out of Turn 2. While the near-capacity crowd and race teams waited with baited breath, TSRS officials ruled Kruger (Bastrop, TX) had spun Stewart, sending Kruger to the back while Stewart got his second-place spot back on the restart.


The official finish of the Allstate Texas Thunder 50:

1) Robert Barker, Boerne (TX)

2) Heath Stewart, Del Valle (TX)

3) Bobby Teer, Jr., Comfort (TX)

4) Chris Schild, Leander (TX)

5) Cary Stapp, San Marcos (TX)

6) Jeff O'Neill ®, Round Rock (TX)

7) Dillon Spreen, Boerne (TX)

8) Jake Kruger, Bastrop (TX)

9) Bradley Burke, Johnson City (TX)

10) Kendall Bumbera ®, Sealy (TX)

11) Todd Farris, College Station (TX)

12) Mark Mathias ®, San Antonio (TX)

13) Jason Hollander, Round Rock (TX)

14) Cody Smith, La Vernia (TX)

15) Levi Krauss ®, Schertz (TX)

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So were Cody and Levi awarded last places..... or disqualified altogether? I hope it's not a complete DQ, to ruin any chances for running for the championship. They passed height checks before the race, so maybe the suspension springs settled or the shocks take a few minutes to rebound. It's not unusual to have some new springs for a new setup at the beginning of the season, then those springs lose some height during the first race.

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