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Grayson County Spwy. results 9-20-08

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Grayson County Speedway




Hot Stock 9/20/2008


A-Main:1. Billie Potts (Denison, TX), 2. Shawn Marquez (Sherman, TX), 3. Dennis Rogers (Sherman, TX), 4. Kyle Whitworth (Tom Bean, TX), 5. John Morris (Savoy, TX), 6. Shelby Williams (Dodd City, TX), 7. Landen Mitchell (Tom Bean, TX), 8. James Dolezalek (Sherman, TX), 9. Brian Sethaler (Pottsboro, TX), 10. Trevor Raney (Denison, TX), 11. Robbie Harris (Denison, TX), 12. Jerry Smith (Durant, ok), 13. Ed Marquez (Bells, TX), 14. Robby Cummins (Colbert, Ok), 15. Jeremy Hensley, 16. Chester Smith (Durant, ok), 17. Shane Thomas (Farmersville, TX), 18. Ethan Smith (Durant, ok),





Heat 1:1. Trevor Raney (Denison, TX), 2. Dennis Rogers (Sherman, TX), 3. Jerry Smith (Durant, ok), 4. Brian Sethaler (Pottsboro, TX), 5. Jeremy Hensley, 6. James Dolezalek (Sherman, TX),





Heat 2:1. Robby Cummins (Colbert, Ok), 2. Kyle Whitworth (Tom Bean, TX), 3. Billie Potts (Denison, TX), 4. Shelby Williams (Dodd City, TX), 5. Shane Thomas (Farmersville, TX), 6. Landen Mitchell (Tom Bean, TX),





Heat 3:1. Shawn Marquez (Sherman, TX), 2. Ed Marquez (Bells, TX), 3. John Morris (Savoy, TX), 4. Ethan Smith (Durant, ok), 5. Robbie Harris (Denison, TX), 6. Chester Smith (Durant, ok),




IMCA South Central Modified 9/20/2008


A-Main:1. Robert Daniels (Princeton, TX), 2. B.J. Baze (Sherman, TX), 3. Shawn Stephenson (Howe, tx), 4. Rick Hayes (Bells, TX), 5. Chris Capps (Trenton, TX), 6. Jason Hartline (Ivanhoe, TX), 7. Jeramie Cox (Sherman, TX), 8. Nathan Long (Sherman, TX), 9. Danny Burns, Jr. (Whitesboro, TX), 10. Alex Bailey (Van Alstyne, TX), 11. Scott Raney (Denison, TX), 12. Donald Hopkins (Ector, TX), 13. Gene Skelton (Tom Bean, TX), 14. Donnie Hix (Sadler, TX), 15. Jay Wells (Whitesboro, TX), 16. Harvey Gomez (Princeton, TX), 17. David McKay (Van Alstyne, TX), 18. Mark Marr (Van Alstyne, TX), 19. Ron Hessel (Van Alstyne, TX), 20. Danny Burns Sr. (Whitesboro, TX), 21. Chad Cox (Leonard, TX),





Heat 1:1. Chad Cox (Leonard, TX), 2. Shawn Stephenson (Howe, tx), 3. Ron Hessel (Van Alstyne, TX), 4. Danny Burns, Jr. (Whitesboro, TX), 5. Alex Bailey (Van Alstyne, TX), 6. Chris Capps (Trenton, TX), 7. Nathan Long (Sherman, TX),





Heat 2:1. Jay Wells (Whitesboro, TX), 2. Jason Hartline (Ivanhoe, TX), 3. Gene Skelton (Tom Bean, TX), 4. Donald Hopkins (Ector, TX), 5. Scott Raney (Denison, TX), 6. Mark Marr (Van Alstyne, TX),








Heat 3:1. B.J. Baze (Sherman, TX), 2. Rick Hayes (Bells, TX), 3. David McKay (Van Alstyne, TX), 4. Robert Daniels (Princeton, TX), 5. Harvey Gomez (Princeton, TX), 6. Donnie Hix (Sadler, TX), 7. Jeramie Cox (Sherman, TX), 8. Danny Burns Sr. (Whitesboro, TX),




IMCA Southern Sports Mod 9/20/2008


A-Main:1. Cary Stephens (Bells, TX), 2. David Price (Savoy, TX), 3. Matt Winnett (Colbert, OK), 4. Brian Parks (Frisco, TX), 5. Don Tomlinson (Sherman, TX), 6. Shane Hartline (Ivanhoe, TX), 7. Jeremy Henry (Sherman, TX), 8. Buddy Harrison (Savoy, TX), 9. Chris Earnhart (Denison, TX), 10. Keith Nottingham (Sherman, TX), 11. James Craig (Denison, TX), 12. Bill Earnhart (Denison, TX), 13. Danny Caldwell (Gainesville, TX), 14. Ron Hessel (Van Alstyne, TX),





Heat 1:1. Cary Stephens (Bells, TX), 2. Matt Winnett (Colbert, OK), 3. Jeremy Henry (Sherman, TX), 4. Shane Hartline (Ivanhoe, TX), 5. Danny Caldwell (Gainesville, TX), 6. Buddy Harrison (Savoy, TX), 7. James Craig (Denison, TX),





Heat 2:1. Ron Hessel (Van Alstyne, TX), 2. Don Tomlinson (Sherman, TX), 3. David Price (Savoy, TX), 4. Brian Parks (Frisco, TX), 5. Bill Earnhart (Denison, TX), 6. Chris Earnhart (Denison, TX), 7. Keith Nottingham (Sherman, TX),




Mini Stock 9/20/2008


A-Main:1. Brad Dudley (Tom Bean, TX), 2. Chance Whitworth (Tom Bean, TX), 3. Brayden Phillips (Savoy, TX), 4. Jennifer Perez (Tom Bean, TX), 5. Trenton Raney (Tom Bean, TX), 6. Tyler Plum (Van Alstyne, TX), 7. Ashley Harrison (Savoy, TX), 8. Dustin Geesling (Denison, TX), 9. Shelby Williams (Dodd City, TX),





Heat 1:1. Shelby Williams (Dodd City, TX), 2. Tyler Plum (Van Alstyne, TX), 3. Jennifer Perez (Tom Bean, TX), 4. Chance Whitworth (Tom Bean, TX), 5. Ashley Harrison (Savoy, TX),





Heat 2:1. Brad Dudley (Tom Bean, TX), 2. Trenton Raney (Tom Bean, TX), 3. Brayden Phillips (Savoy, TX), 4. Dustin Geesling (Denison, TX),




Novice 9/20/2008


A-Main:1. Josh Halliburton (Van Alstyne, TX), 2. Shawn Clay (Sherman, TX), 3. Kevin Dillard (Savoy, TX), 4. Brian Mooser (Denison, TX), 5. Buck Spears (Bells, TX), 6. Cliff Shelton (Dodd City, TX),





Heat:1. Buck Spears (Bells, TX), 2. Kevin Dillard (Savoy, TX), 3. Brian Mooser (Denison, TX), 4. Josh Halliburton (Van Alstyne, TX), 5. Shawn Clay (Sherman, TX), 6. Cliff Shelton (Dodd City, TX),




M Faber

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