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DW 75 @ Thunderhill Raceway 9-20-08

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DW 75, Texas Super Racing Series @ Thunderhill Raceway, 9-20-08


By J M Hallas


Kyle, Tx., (Sept. 20th, 2008) The Texas Super Racing Racing Series made it's second to last trip of the year to Thunderhill Raceway's semi-banked 3/8 mile oval for the DW 75, named for Debbie Williams the track's Public Relations Director and long time racing enthusiast. Williams, who has been around racing 28 years watched her brother Larry Bendele and nephew's Brandon and Kevin race before working for San Antonio Speedway. As Vice President to SAS Promoter Terry Dickerson, Williams held that post for 3 years until the track closed in 2007. Thunderhill Raceway owner and TSRS Promoter, Mary Ann Naumann, was quick to add Williams to her THR staff.



With the Texas Super Racing Series Late Model season winding to a close, former USRA Super Late Model Heath Stewart finds himself with a commanding points lead over Robert Barker. In the local classes, National ASA Short Track Series leader, Cary Stapp has the Super Stock title in the bag, his fifth in Super Stocks. Thunder Stocks points are tight as Joey Tschoerner holds a slim 33 points lead over past champion Gary Chancellor. Homer Pitner leads Team Aramendia in Grand Stocks, with James Aramendia 62 markers back, and Carolyn Aramendia another 11 points behind brother-in-law James.



In TSRS qualifying, it came as little surprise that Stewart, in the Southside Wrecker Service, Gen-Tech Generators, Lozano Brothers Race Engines, Lefthander Chassis, was fastest of the 16 drivers to times. Stewart's time of 15.333 fell just short of the all time track record of 15.317. Rookie contender, Jake Kruger was second .016th behind Stewart. Brian Moczygemba, second in points, Robert Barker, Cody Smith and Joe Aramendia finished rounding out the top six going to the draw for invert.



“It was a tough one tonight,” replied Stewart. “I think if they'd have told me what Jake(Kruger) ran I might have overdriven the car. I had a good car. It turned back to back(identical) laps. I think we've got a good race set up too. We changed a little bit this week looking for the long runs.”



“I've run this track a long time. You never know what i's going to do at night. It's not one of those tracks that you say is going to loosen up or tighten up. Starting where we are tonight(fifth) is a lot less pressure. It will be more of a challenge and fun. Starting on the pole you can mess up easier, fifth you have no place to go but forward.”



“Despite having the championship pretty much locked up, I'm going out there to win. Driving for Bobby Joe(New) second isn't good enough so you're here to win. He doesn't want me points racing and we haven't all year. We're here to win every race we can.”



“We've been looking to reset the track record all year. I thought we might have a shot at it tonight, but next week will probably be our best try. We'll have cooler conditions and it should let the motor run a bit better.”



When the draw for invert was complete, Moczygemba found himself on the pole flanked by Kruger. "Uncle Joe" Aramendia sat behind his nephew, Barker in fourth, Stewart fifth and Smith sixth.



As green waved on the DW75, Moczygemba broke out front, with Kruger falling into second and Aramendia third. Barker got hung out on the high side falling back to seventh before finding a hole. Stewart grabbed third from Aramendia on lap 2 an caught the lead duo on lap 4. Aramendia lost two more spots giving up fourth to Bobby Teer jr. and fifth to Smith. Barker brought the first caution on lap 6 when he stopped in turn 2 with a flat tire.



Once back to green the top three pulled away, with Kruger putting the pressure, and bumper, on Moczygemba. Teer was able to shake Smith and Adam Haugh, who gotten by Aramendia. Kruger kept the pressure on Moczygemba, with an occasional tap, then peek inside. That battle came to a head on lap 20 when the two made hard enough contact to send both around in turn 2. Stewart and Teer were able to get by cleanly without contact. Kruger was charged with the yellow and sent to the tail, Moczygemba put back in the lead.



On the restart Moczygemba and Stewart put a slight margin on Teer, who quickly closed the gap. Coming to halfway the leaders were running in traffic with Moczygemba, Stewart, Teer, Smith and Haugh rounding out the top five. Caution then came out on lap 38 for debris. As the race tried to resume, Smith slowed between turns 1-2 causing the rest of the field to check up and scatter. Aramendia and Kruger tangled in the back up bringing the yellow back out.



When green finally waved again, Stewart held on to Moczygemba's bumper, with Teer in pursuit. The top three were nose to tail on lap 50, while Haugh was digging under Smith for fourth. Former TSRS Champ, Chris Schild kept Smith hung out high, with Cary Stapp following through the hole. Ugo Bevione brought out a yellow on lap 55 when he looped it in turn 2.



When green waved with 15 to go, Jason Hollander spun after contact with Mike Reininger. Now with the lap count stopped at 10, the restart saw the top three play a little bumper tag in turns 1-2. Stewart was now looking inside Moczygemba for the lead, while Schild and Haugh ran side by side for fourth. Smith had his top ten run end when he blew up on lap 67 bringing out yellow and the clean up crew.



In a race that seemed as though I didn't want to end, the next restart saw Reininger slow with a flat and stop in turn 1. Once to green Stewart kept the pressure on Moczygemba. Stewart looked high then low with the two making contact in turn 4 scattering the field. Teer make contact with Haugh sending him spinning into the front stretch wall. Kruger found the tire wall in turn 4, with others suffering body damage in the melee.



Moczygemba was given the top spot back, as Stewart headed to the tail. Moczygemba now had Schild on his bumper as green waved for the final time. Kruger got by Stapp on lap 70 for third, with Barker, Aramendia and Stewart all working their way back up passing Stapp. Kruger then put the heat on Schild for second giving Moczygemba some breathing room. As the white waved, Moczygemba had three car lengths on Schild who now had Kruger along side. At the checkers it was Moczygemba taking his second TSRS tally o the year in the Aramendia Plumbing, Premier Minerals, Southwest Paint & Body, Royal Purple, Sirrozotti Excavating, Greg Hubbell Race Cars, Cat Daddy Race Engines, Port City Chassis.



“I was just looking forward,” commented Moczygemba. “Trying to hit my marks and run my line. It got a little crazy there, (Jake) Kruger got into me, then Heath(Stewart) got into me. All I was doing was running my line, protecting the bottom. This track is all about protecting the bottom, it's prime real estate. Starting on the pole I darn sure wasn't going to give it up. It's their job to get around me.”



“Frankie(Gabrish) is my spotter he did a good job keeping me calm and does a great job spotting. We can talk between cars, but unless it's real bad, my uncle usually doesn't say much to me. After leading 70 some laps and getting dumped twice all it that did was make me drive harder”



“I think we have a good shot at winning again next weekend too. We've been running up front all year. I'd like to get the last race to end on a strong positive note. I know we'll be a contender.”




TSRS Feature results

1. 50 Brian Moczygemba

2. 7 Chris Schild

3. 14 Jake Kruger

4. 17 Robert Barker

5. 1 Heath Stewart

6. 2 Bobby Teer jr.

7. 79 Joe Aramendia

8. 99 Cary Stapp

9. 12 Adam Haugh

10. 6 Jason Hollander

11. 28 Jeff O'Neill

12. 84 Mike Reininger

13. 05 Cody Smith

14. 61 Cory Lovell

15. 02 Ugo Bevione

16. 81 Dillon Spreen



TSRS Qualifying

1 Heath Stewart, 15.333

14 Jake Kruger, 15.349

50 Brian Moczygemba, 15.343

17 Robert Barker, 15.447

05 Cody Smith, 15.571

79 Joe Aramendia, 15.639

2 Bobby Teer jr., 15.670

12 Adam Haugh, 15.688

81 Dillon Spreen, 15.710

7 Chris Schild, 15.713

84 Mike Reininger, 15.846

61 Cory Lovell, 15.950

6 Jason Hollander, 15.985

02 Ugo Bevione, 16.041

28 Jeff O'Neill, 16.871

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I want to thank everyone, especially Chuck Licata, Mary Ann Naumann, and the rest of the THR/TSRS staff for making the TSRS Late Moles "Deb Williams 75" so special last night. It was a great honor, and I loved announcing the "Gentlemen, Start Your Engines" command.


Several people questioned why I didn't wave the green flag to start the race. Following the command, I had to run back up into the tower to handle the electronic scoring for the race. I got to start and score my special race - what an unusual combination!

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