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Live updates from THR, 9/20/08


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A very nice day at Thunderhill...


TSRS LM Qualifying up first...Heath Stewart sets fast time at 15.333 - By the way, he set identical times on both qual laps..


And to top that off, Brian Moczygemba set two identical times at 15.434. I've seen identical times, but never twice on the same session.


This was Heath's 8th fast time in TSRS. Just for the record, Chris Schild has 13 fast times in his TSRS career


1. 1 Heath Stewart 15.333

2. 14 Jake Kruger 15.349

3. 50 Brian Moczygemba 15.434

4. 17 Robert Barker 15.447

5. 05 Cody Smith 15.571

6. 79 Joe Aramendia 15.639

7. 2 Bobby Teer, Jr. 15.670

8. 12 Adam Haugh 15.688

9. 81 Dillon Spreen 15.710

10. 7 Chris Schild 15.713

11. 99 Cary Stapp 15.749

12. 84 Mike Reininger 15.846

13. 61 Cory Lovell 15.950

14. 6 Jason Hollander 15.985

15. 02 Ugo Bevione 16.041

16. 28 Jeff O'Neill 16.871

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NasKart 8-lap heat up next.


Jim Mullin out first with Chris Terry, Mike Steinman and Megan Smith not far behind. By lap two, Terry puts an outside move on Mullin to grab the lead.


Terry moves away from the pack to grab an easy win with Mullin, Megan Smith and Mike Steiman following in a tight bunch a few kart lengths back.


Thunder Stock 1st heat has Leonard FLores on the pole with Scott Schweisfurth outside.


They go side by side into turn one with Flores getting the advantage down the back straight... But Anthony Gordon makes a great move to the inside coming off turn four to take the lead.


Steve Joyce moves up to second at halfway followed by JOdy Wayne Stuart in third.


Cary Chancellor spins down the back straight but no yellow as he gets it going...


With two to go, Stuart spins on the back straight but recovers to retain his spot.


At the line it's Gordon, Steve Joyce and Stuart the top three.


Second Thunder heat has David Sevilla on th pole with Aaron Leddy on the outside. Bryon Reed and Jason Stanley in second row, James Lynch and Aaron Brungot in row four. Mason Tead and Joey Tschoerner in row six.


On the start Cooter Lynch lost his rear bumper to force a complete restart.


Sevilla gets out first with Bryon Reed moving into second with Jason Stanley working the outside. Stanley and Reed go side by side for a couple of laps as Lynch follows Reed on the inside.


At halfway, Sevilla, Reed and Lynch are battling for the lead as Stanley watches the action.


Lynch puts a bumper on Sevilla in turn 1-2, but Sevilla able to hold on and take the win with Lynch and Reed and Stanley right on his bumper. A small gap back to Mason Teague.

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Grand Stock 1st 8- lap heat has James Laljer on the pole with Mark Rahn on the outside.


Rahn out first with Michael Weaver falling into second Mike Farish in third. On lap two, James Aramendia takes over third as COdy Smith grabs fourth.


At halfway it's the same order but Aramendia looks to the outside but Weaver hangs on. The top four are nose to tail..


With two to go, Aramendia takes over second as Weaver got loose coming off turn two. Rahn hangs on for the win with Aramendia in second, COdy Smith in third, Weaver and Mike Farish rounding out the top five.


Grand Stock heat 2. Layton Carroll and Kris Wilson up front. Terry Thames and Richard Fitch in row two.


Fitch splits the front two to grab the lead... but.. wait. They're calling it back .. maybe someone got too good a start.


Fitch splits the front two again to grab the lead and Tammy Thames comes with him. Carolyn Aramendia outpowers several cars and takes over thrid on lap 3. Thames and get together in 1-2 with ARamendia to the outside. Homer Pitner takes advantage of the threesome as they scatter to take over the lead Fitch and Aramendia battling for second...


At the line it's Homer Pitner followed closely by Richard Fitch who has Aramendia on his bumper.

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ASA A-Line Super Stocks heat has Rodney Rodriguez and Terry Tschoerner on the front row. Duane Toyne and Cary Stapp on row two. Brent Reeves and Ken Tyler in the six car race.


Tschoerner takes the lead from his inside starting spot but has Stapp right on his bumper as Rodriguez gets shuffled back to fourth on the outside.


Tschoerner and Stapp go at it at halfway with Toyne giving Stapp a mirror full as well. Toyne , with 3 to go, tries the outside of Stapp, but he gets a bit loose coming off turn 2 allowing Tschoerner and Stapp a bit of breathing room.


On the last lap Stapp tries the outside and Tscoerner and Stapp cross the line side by side for a photo finish. The tower names Tschoerner the winner followed by Stapp, Toyne, Rodriguez and Reeves rounding out the

top five. This was a good one.


Second ASA A-Line Super Stock race has Tracy Tschoerner on the pole with Mickey Mckim outiside, Levi Krauss and Mark Mathias in row two.


McKim grabs the lead and takes Mathias with him as Tschoerner drops back. Krauss takes over third. The top three goes nose to tail at half way. Mathias puts a light bumper on McKim several times over the last half of this one but McKim was able to hold on as Krauss tries the outside.. but no go.


McKim takes the win over Mathias and Krauss with Tschoerner in fourth.

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Thunder Stock Feature will be 30 laps for the 15-car starting grid. Aaron Leddy and David Sevilla, Jr., on the front row, Bryon Reed and Scott Schweisfurth in row two, Jason Stanley and Anthoney Gordon in three, James "Cooter" Lynch Steve Joyce in row four. Aaron Brungot and Gary Chancellor in five.


Sevilla and Leddy go side by side for the first lap with Bryon Reed and Jason Stanley battle for third. Sevilla slides back a bit at Leddy and Stanley freight train by on the inside. Lynch follows Stanley.. Stanley puts a good inside move on Reed to take over second with 24 to go. The 13 cars are nose to tail...


Car 72 stalls down the front striaght to bring out the caution with 24 to go.


Running order is Leddy, Stanley, Reed, Lynch, Sevilla, Stuart, Chancellor, Joey Tschoerner.


Stanley gets under Leddy on the restart and muscles by for the lead. Lynch goes under Reed to take over third. Sevilla and Stuart a couple of car lengths back as Stanley gets a few car lengths on Leddy and Lynch.


Stanley out first, but Lunch gets under Leddy for second in 3-4. Sevilla follows him through... Jody Wayne tries to get by Seveilla for third, but as he checked up he took a big hit from Chancellor and spins to the infield. No yellow.


At halfway Stanley had six car lengths on Lynch who has an equal lead over Joen Tschoerner who had moved past Sevilla a lap earlier. Leddy now in fift being challenged by Jeff SMith who takes over the spot with 11 to go.


Stanley still has a big lead over Lynch who has a big lead over Tschoerner. Chancellor and Brungot and Gordon are having their own battle for position back in the pack.


Lynch made his way by Leddy but it was all for naught as Mason Teague blows up on the back stretch leaving a trail of oil all the way to pit road.


Red flag for a long cleanup.


Running order is Stanley, Leddy, Lynch, Sevilla, Stuart, Chancellor, Joey Tschoerner, Sucane Sanders, Gordon, Brungot and Jeff Smith. Not sure if that's the right order, but that's who's on the track during the red.


With ten to go, it's the same story...


Smith and Sevilla, racing for position, make contact in turn two and both spin to bring out the yellow with 6 to go.


The field is all closed up due to the yellow with Stanley, Lynch, Tschoerner, Chancellor, Brungot, Gordon and Sanders the only cars left.


Wait! Jody Wayne's in the infield tearing body panels off and he puts his driving suit back on, hops back in his car and fires it up... Is he going to race"? Nope.. Yep.. He pulls into the pits under the yellow as they load the Sevilla car onto the roll back and he rejoins the field at the rear, several laps down....


Stanley gets out again but Lynch and Tschoerner right on his bumper. Chanclelor fading but hangs on to fourth.


With Four to go, Stuart looses yet another body panel on the front straight to bring out the yellow.


Stanley jumps out again and this time opens up a few car lengths over Lynch who has become quite loose coming off turn 4.


Tschoerner Tires his best to get by Lynch for second but Lynch holds on... At the line it's Stanley, Lynch, Tschoerner, Chancellor and Brungot.

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The "Debbie Williams 75" for the TSRS Late Models is up next.


Debbie very deserving of this honor!


Starting line up including qualifying times. The top six drew for position.


1. 50 Brian Moczygemba, 15.434

2. 14 Jake Kruger, 15.349

3. 79 Joe Aramendia, 15.639

4. 17 Robert Barker, 15.447

5. 1 Heath Stewart, 15.333 (fast time)

6. 05 Cody Smith, 15.571

7. 2 Bobby Teer, Jr., 15.670

8. 12 Adam Haugh, 15.688

9. 81 Dillon Spreen, 15.710

10. 7 Chris Schild, 15.713

11. 99 Cary Stapp, 15.747

12. 84 Mike Reininger, 15.749

13. 61 Cory Lovell, 15.950

14. 6 Jason Hollander. 15.985

15. 02 Ugo Bovione, 16.041

16. 28 Jeff O'Neill, 16.871


Fans are out on the front straight getting autographs before the race..

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All the festivities are over and we're ready to race.. so as Chuck Licata would say,, LET"S GOOOO RACIN!


Moczygemba out first with Kruger on his tail followed by Aramendia and Stewart.. Stewart goes by Joe in the inside at the end of the first lap. Teer all the way up to fifth at the end of two laps and starts to work on Aramendia. He gets by at lap 5 and takes Smith, Barker... with hiim..


Barker pulls up on the back side with 68 to go with a flat..


It's Moczygemba, Kruger, Stewart, Teer, Cody Smith, Haugh, Aramendia, Spreen, Schild, Stapp, Lovell, Reininger, Hollander, Bevione, O'Neill and Barker who rejoins the field at the rear.


Moczygemba out first on the restart, but Kruger gives a love tap in 3-4 just to let him know he's there. Stewart right on Krugers bumper too. A slight gap back to Teer.


Top three stay nose to tail with a bit of bumping going on. Haugh and Cody Smith having a good time battling for fifth.


Kruger makes a strong move to the inside with 57 to go but Moczygemba shuts the door. Kruger into the back of Moczygemba coming off turn 2 and the pair spins to bring out the yellow. Kruger to the rear. Moczygemba regains his lead position. That puts Stewart in second and Kruger at the rear of the line.


Lap 48 restart after some positioning in the lineup...


Moccygemba cleanly away with Stewart shadowing him all the way around. Teer not far behind Stewart.


With 44 to go, Stewart and Moczygemba gets a bit loose after a tap from Stewart but Stewart backs off and all is well... As the battle for the lead heats up, Smith catches the leaders as does Haugh. The pressure starts to build on Moczygemba at halfway as the leaders hit lapped traffic.


Smith and Teer are having a war for third and .. but a yellow comes out for debris in turn 1-2.


With 33 to go, the green waves for Moczygemba, Stewart, Teer, Smith, Haugh, Schild, Stapp, Aramendia, Kruger, who is passing cars like crazy...


On the restart Kruger, Aramendia and Reininger get turned around in 1-2 for a yellow. Everyone gets their spot back...


The three leaders get a jump on the restart.. Smith, Haugh, Schild, battle behind the leaders.


Moczygemba has to be feeling the pressure from Stewart who is practically glued to him...


WIth 20 to go Bovione spins solo in turn 2 for another yellow.


It's still Moczygemba and Stewart up front. Teer, running a very steady race, in third, Haugh, running strong all night, fourth. Schild, Stapp, Cody Smith, Kruger, ...


Restart with 15 to go.... Hollander and Lovell spin in 1-2 on the restart.. all called back..


Restart with 10 to go.. Moczygemba again away cleanly over Stewart.. A bit of bumping as the pair exits turn 2, but all clean....


With eight to go, the Cody Smith car blows up in a ball of smoke in turn 3-4. Yellows don't count at this point.


Reininger slows dramatically down the front straight on the green to bring out yet another yellow with eight to go...


Stewart looks outside.. then outside.. then inside again as the laps click down. Teer right there in case..


Finally, the inevitable happens as Stewart and Moczygemba make contact coming off turn four and the melee begins... Everyone scatters and there is contact all over with Haugh ending up in the wall with some front end damage. Not sure who else invovled as there were cars scattering all down the front straight.


Haugh pits after a great run.


Restart with 6 to go. Stewart sent to rear for the contact.


Moczgemba now has Schild and Kruger close behind. Barker gets by Stapp for fourth and takes ARamendia and Stewart with him...


Moczygemba holds on and takes the win over Schild and Kruger who finish side-by side. Schild second, Kruger third, Barker fourth, Stewart fifth after an impressive run from the rear. Teer finished sixth after running near the front most of the night. Not too sure after that.


Lots of action in this one.


Very Unofficial results.


1. 50, Brian Moczygemba, 75

2. 7, Chris Schild, 75

3. 14, Jake Kruger, 75

4. 17, Robert Barker, 75

5. 1, Heath Stewart, 75

6. 79, Joe Aramendia, 75

7. 2, Bobby Teer, Jr., 75

8. 99, Cary Stapp, 75

9. 12, Adam Haugh, 75

10. 6, Jason Hollander, 75

11. 28, Jeff O'Neill, 74

12. 12, Mike Reininger, 73

13. 05, Cody Smith, 67

14. 61, Cory Lovell, 64

15. 02, Ugo Bevione, 58

16. 81, Dillon Spreen, 29

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Grand Stock feature up next... Sixteen cars for 25 laps.


James Laljer and Layton Carroll on the front row. Mark Rahn and Kris Wilson in row two. Michael Weaver and Jody Wayne Stuart in row three. RIchard Fitch and .. well, they're reshuffling the field so I don't know..


Seven wide into turn one on the start!@Q! It didn't work too well.. Complete restart. But everyone stayed moving.. sort of..


Rahn out first followed by Layton Carroll.. Four or five wide in 3-4.. they all Made it! But this give the two leaders some breathing room.


Lots of banging all through the field. Once again the fied stacks up in 3-4 but amazinglyh they all keep going.


Rahn starts to lap the field with 20 remaining.. But.. Carroll spins solo in turn 1-2 to bring out the yellow while running second.


It's Rahn, Weaver, Homer Pitner, Mike Farish, Kenny Wright, Cody Smith, Richards Fitch, Floyd Reed, Terry Thames.....


Rahn out aheadh of Weaver as Pitner looks to shoot by for second, but Weaver hangs on for a lap or two.. but on the back straight Weaver and Pitner make heavy contact. Pitner gets his position back, which is now second, and Weaver goes to the rear.


Lap 8 restart has Pitner on Rahn's back bumper. The pair takes off over Mike Farish, Kenny Wright and Cody Smith. Lots of banging in back of the leaders... Meanwhile Pitner gets by Rahn and takes off with Rahn struggling to keep up. Fitch moves into fourth..


Carolyn Aramendia has worked her way up to take over fifth behind Fitch and Cody Smith with 10 to go.


Yellow flies for a solo spin in 3-4 by Layton Carrol.


With eight to go it's Pitner, Rahn, Cody SMith, Carolyn Aramendia, Fitch, Farish, James ARamendia...


C. Aramendia goes to the outside but can't make it stick...


Cody Smith and Rahn get together down the front straight. Rahn spins. Rahn gets spot back. Smith to the rear. So it's Pitner, Rahn, C. ARamendia, Fitch, Farish, J. Aramendia...


C. Aramendia pushes her way past Rahn in 3-4 for second.... Aramendia then sets sails for Pitner.


But a yellow flies for a stalled Layton Carroll with four to go..


The race will end on a green-white-checkered due to the time limit expiring...


Aramendia and Pitner make hard contact going into one as the green flies... and the brakes go on and the field stacks.. Floyd Reed goes wide and he's in the boonies and ends up against the catch fence in 1-2..


Race is over due to the time limit, but who knows who won. It all depends on the call from the tower. I have my opinion as who should go to the rear, but we'll see what the call is..


As I pack up the computer to go home, we still have no results for this one. It's either C. Aramendia, Homer Pitner or Mark Rahn... I don't have a clue.

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ASA A-Line Auto Parts Super Stock 40-lap feature up next. Twelve cars line up on the front straight for driver introductions.


Ken Tyler and Rodney Rodriguez on the front row. Mikey McKim and Terry Tschoerner in row two. Levi Krauss, Duane Toyne row three. Mark mathias and Cary Stapp in four. Brent Reeves and Tracy Tschoerner in five. Tim Sowell and Chris Birmingham in six. Dale Caswell and Joey Tschoerner at the rear.


OH no... they messed up my starting order... Oh well... It looks like Rodriguez and McKim on the front row. Terry Tschoerner and Levi Krauss in row two. Toyne and Mathias in three. Stapp and Tracy Tschoerner in four. Reeves and Birminham, Joey Tschoerner and Tim Sowell and Dale Caswell.. I think...


Rodriguez out first.. McKim stuck on outside and fades way back.. Terry in secind with Toyne in thrid. Stapp moves into fourth but follows Toyne past Terry Tschoerner going down the back straight. Mathias into fifth. Caswell black flagged.


Rodriguez now has Toyne and Stapp on his rear bumper with 35 to go.


Mathias gets into the back of Terry Tschoerner in 3-4 a lap later and they both spin. Mathias gets airborne after they pair makes hard contact again while they're still spinning. Yellow flies.


Tschoerner to the pits. Mathias off on the roll back.


So it's Rodriguez, Toyne, Stapp, Krauss, McKim, Reeves, Tracy Tschoerner, Terry Tschoerner who rejoins the field with some heavy body damage and a new tire or two. Ken Tyler brings up the rear.


Toyne gets to the inside of Rodriguez on the restart and makes the pass, taking Stapp with him. Krauss tries Rodriguez and makes the pass on the next lap.


With 30 to go Stapp goes under Toyne down the front straight to take the lead. He takes off and puts some real estate between him and Toyne. Krauss now pressures Toyne for second and looks inside several times with Toyne slamming the door shut lap after lap.


Krauss muscles past Toyne in 3-4 iwth 20 to go.. Toyne tries to get back by down the front straight but Krauss motors off. Rodriguez now starts to work on Toyne for third.


Up front Stapp is a quarter lap ahead with 15 to go. And the field is spreading out.. but wait. Krauss is slowing a bit and Toyne is now back on his bumper with 11 to go. Stapp laps several cars in the meantime.


Toyne now on Krauss' back bumper with eight to go...


WIth five remaining, the battle for second heats up but Krauss seems able to pull away again with 3 to go.


At the flag it's Stapp by a lot, Krauss , Toyne, McKim, Tracy Tschoerner, who nipped Rodriguez at the line.


So Stapp should be able to hang on to his ASA points lead with the win.

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OK... Got word that Mark Rahn was ruled the winner in the Grand Stock feature after Carolyn Aramendia and Homer Pitner brought out the yellow as time expired in the race. I didn't get a chance to get all the details but at least that's the ruling.


Also got word that the apparent Thunder Stock feature winner, Jason Stanley, was DQ'd in tech for some sort of valve or valve spring discrepancy. Again, I have no details other than that.


Home by 12:30!



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One eye on the track, one eye on the list of drivers, one eye on the keyboard... wait! Too many things to see all at once - and being an eye short it keeps ya hopping for sure.


But it's fun to try and keep up and several of our members who would be at the track if they could have come to rely on the updates.


Sorry for all the typos and mis-spelling and missed driver IDs.


I'd love to locate someone who has a cellular internet connection and would like to go out to tracks in their neck of the woods to do live updates. Does anyone know if there are lots of bars at I-37? And I don't mean honky-tonk bars. I mean cellular signal bars.. LOL


And I'm sure there are some folks in the Corpus Christi area who would love to do some live reports for TXSZ. The pays is great.



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Just so everyone knows, my car died coming off turn 4. Gary Sr in the 4 car didn't plow me intentionally. The positive battery terminal came off when I got down on the rumble strips to avoid the road course driver.

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Nick I did fade way back ....but I was able to get my steering wheel back on and continue racing ! :o


Lucky ya didn't hit anything.......


I remember Jerry Schild having something like that happen at San Antonio down the backstretch. I'm pretty sure his was the steering universal coming out. He managed to get it stopped without hurting the car or anyone else, although there was some kind of traffic jam behind him. It was about 80 or 81, a basically brand new Dillon car he was running with sponsorship from Jim Rice Machine shop of Houston.


Another not so fortunate casualty of a bad steering universal was Jerry Spencer, who stuffed the frontstretch cement wall at Pan American. Shortened that car up a bunch.

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