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Get back to dirt on Speed TV


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I believe it was filmed in 2002. We raced against the 17 car, and Jimmy Quick, the guy who owned the girl's car, back in 1998. Trandel White had is heart attack in 2002. We raced our dirt car against a lot of the cars in the film in the "Turkey Nationals" @ Lone Star Speedway in Kilgore, Tx. Jon won the race but Trandel's car (with another driver), had a late model motor in it. Jon held him off for the win. I loved racing @ the Devil's Bowl. Great people and great racing.

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We raced up there in 1999 on our off weeks from the ARTS series and a couple of times in 2000. I think we raced a total of 5 or 6 times and won 4 of them. We finished 5th in the points in 1998. We had 7 feature wins. We missed 2 weeks because we totaled the car coming out of turn 4. We clipped it and won the first week back. Probably the best racing in the country. I'd say 1998 @ Devil's Bowl and 2002 in the ARTS series were the most fun I've ever had racing.

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It was filmed in 2002 for sure. Trandel aka Isabellaisadude had his heart attack the next day after our banquet in 02. Trandel has been running a drag car this year. I don't know why Gayla couldn't spell the words big Tim called her cause most of them didn't have but four or five letters. There was a lot more to that story than was showed. 02 was a very entertaining year to be runnin at the country club. Thereis a website www.dirtthemovie.net that has some good stuff on it.

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