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Alright boys and girls, it's been 3 very long weeks without racing at I-37 Raceway, so air up your tires, charge the battery, dust off the cars and find your marbles (if you still have any), cause we are going to race this week.


We will be running the:

Pure Stocks

Street Stocks

Super Stocks

IMCA Southern Sport Modifieds

IMCA Modifieds


Races start at 8pm


See everyone Friday!!! :D

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Custom Control Modules will give the "Furthest Traveled" monies to this weeks race (9-12-08).


And drivers and crews will again be drawing for two $100 gift certificates to Swenson's race trailer as well as a $10 gift certificate to the concession stand and free "test and tune" certificate.


The track will also be awarding two $25 gas cards to a pair of fans in the grandstands.

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Good showing at the nationals. congrats on your heat win. I was listening on racetalk live for ya, and you were on your way to the super a main then the carnage happened. Sounds like you were giving'um hell for awhile. Seems that you have made some new friends according to whowon.com. they posted a nice thread about yall.

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Your right on that.. :angry: ...They said here in Three Rivers that the south bound lane might be open for Ike and if you want to get back down to C.C. you have to take back roads......even 281 will be only going north...i heard that for the local cops here in Three Rivers.....They said it might start Thursday suppose to make a call tomorrow on it.....Good Luck to all that go an race I think I will stay home...I don't know that many roads that can get me back home :(

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