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Stoa tops Modified main at IMCA Speedway Motors Super Nationals


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Stoa tops Modified main at record-setting

IMCA Speedway Motors Super Nationals


BOONE, Iowa (Sept. 6) – Kevin Stoa capped a record-setting IMCA

Speedway Mo tors Super Nationals by winning Saturday night’s Modified

main event at Boone Speedway.


The North Carolina transplant and 2000 champion started 18th and

worked his way through the field, passing five-time race winner John

Logue with five circuits left in the 40-lap contest.


Three-time champion Mark Noble ran third, despite an exit early in

the race to fix a flat tire. Jay Goosmann and Mike Mullen rounded out

the top five.


Other champions crowned on Saturday were Brian Irvine in the Stock

Cars, Andy Boeck man in the Hobby Stocks and Harvey Vande Weerd in

the Karl Chevrolet North SportMods.


Johnathan Thimmesch won the Harris Auto Racing Ron Efkamp Memorial

Race of Champi ons for Modifieds and Kevin Opheim topped the Sunoco

Race Fuels Race of Champi ons for Stock Cars.


Winners earlier in the week were Todd Cooney in the Deery Brothers

Summer Series for Late Models on Monday, Tim St. Arnold in the

Jackpot Junction Tour for Sprint Cars on Tuesday and Jay Noteboom in

Friday’s Fast-Shafts All-Star Invitational for Modifieds.


A record 825 cars from 23 states and Canada were in the pits for the

26th annual Super Nationals. That total included 305 Modifieds, 176

Stock Cars, 139 Northern SportMods, 139 Hobby Stocks, 47 Late Models

and 19 Sprint Cars.


Mark Elliott started the Modified main event from the pole and led

the first five laps before driving off with mechanical problems. Jake

Durbin inherited the front spot and looked to check out on the field

before a lap 24 caution.


The door swung wide open for Logue to take over following the ensuing

re-start, when Durbin and 2006 champ Rich Lewerke got together in the

second set of turns.


Stoa went back and forth with 30th starting Eric Dailey before

securing the second spot for himself and then driving on the higher

line around Logue. Dailey left the track following a lap 38 caution and Stoa

held off Logue and Noble the rest of the way, winning by

less than two car lengths.


Also the 2006 Super Nationals Stock king, Irvine led all 30 laps from

his outside row one start. His lead was a straightaway at the halfway

point and Irvine pulled away again following a caution with four

circuits left in the 30-lapper.


Damon Murty, Larry Portis, defending champion Opheim and Chad Estes

followed at the finish.


Boeckman won the fourth Hobby Stock title of his Super Nationals

career after catching Doug Smith for the lead on lap eight.


The pair made side-to-side contact before Boeckman drove away to win

by a comfortable margin. Smith, Beau Kaplan, Chris Jensen and Rusty

Montagne completed the top five.


Vande Weerd was in the right place at the right time, running third

when frontrunners Kevin Sather and Luke Wanninger got together late

in the contest.


He held off 20th starting Troy Jerovetz in the green-white-checkered

finish. Brett Meyer, Scott Davis and Joe Docekal followed.


The re-draw at midway put Thimmesch at the front of the Efkamp race

and he led the last 10 laps, holding off Noble and Ryan Ruter.


Opheim took charge on lap three of the Sunoco RoC and led the last

eight times around the track. Robert Stofer and Jeff Turner chased

Opheim to the checkers.


Stoa made $2,008 for his Modified win while the Late Model checkers

put $2,000 in Cooney’s pocket. Thimmesch collected $1,000 in prize

money and another $1,000 in lap money for his Efkamp win.


Irvine and St. Arnold each earned $1,000, Boeckman and Vande Weerd

$600 each. Opheim made $500, plus another $400 in lap money, for the

Sunoco victory.


Saturday Results


Modifieds – 1. Kevin Stoa, Salisbury, N.C.; 2. John Logue, Boone; 3.

Mark Noble, Bloom ing Prairie, Minn.; 4. Jay Goosmann, Hinton; 5.

Mike Mullen, Seymour, Wis.; 6. Mike Han sen, Alton; 7. Brad Pounds,

Bakersfield, Calif.; 8. Ronnie Wallace, North Platte, Neb.; 9. Randy

Havlik, Waukee; 10. Kelly Lyons, Boone; 11. Clay Daly, Watsonville,

Calif.; 12. Troy Taylor, Fort Worth, Texas; 13. Jay Schmidt, Tama;

14. Mike Molle, Glidden; 15. Benji La Crosse, Luxemburg, Wis.; 16.

Jonathan Snyder, Ames; 17. Eric Dailey, Armstrong; 18. Rich Lewerke,

Garner; 19. Brad Williams, Lytton; 20. Jake Durbin, Perry; 21. Jeremy

Mills, Gar ner; 22. Troy Cordes, Raymond; 23. T. J. Stalker, Mason

City; 24. Scotty Brown, Dallas, Texas; 25. Scott Baker, Boone; 26.

Shawn Kilgore, New Franken, Wis.; 27. Matt Bonine, Onawa; 28. Johnny

Saathoff, Beatrice, Neb.; 29. Mark Elliott, Webster City; 30. Sean

Jerovetz, Krakow, Wis.; 31. J.J. Wise, Manley; 32. Jay Noteboom,

Hinton; 33. Todd Shute, Des Moines.


Stock Cars – 1. Brian Irvine, Oelwein; 2. Damon Murty, Chelsea; 3.

Larry Portis, Nora Springs; 4. Kevin Opheim, Mason City; 5. Chad

Estes, Temple, Texas; 6. Justin Temeyer, Independence; 7. Mike

Nichols, Harlan; 8. Larry Silbaugh, Jefferson; 9. Bryan Trogdon,

Bouton; 10. Mike VanGenderen, Newton; 11. Travis Shipman, Mason City;

12. Donavon Smith, Lake City; 13. Jeremy Christians, Horicon, Wis.;

14. David Smith, Lake City; 15. Jay Schmidt, Tama; 16. Charley Brown,

Maxwell, Neb.; 17. Trent Murphy, Jefferson; 18. Daniel Parker,

Greenville, Texas; 19. Rick Mees, Eagle Lake, Minn.; 20. Dustin

Smith, Lake City; 21. Ryan Lundy, Knoxville; 22. John Heinz, Green

Bay, Wis.; 23. Mitch Dowhower, Sioux City; 24. Colton Osborn, Cozad,

Neb.; 25. Mike Scharn, Sac City; 26. Rod Snellenberger, Pulaski,

Wis.; 27. Jamie Colwell, Kaukauna, Wis.; 28. Jason Ward, Sioux City;

29. Travis VanStraten, Hortonville, Wis.; 30. Shane Manson, Manchester.


Hobby Stocks – 1. Andy Boeckman, Lake View; 2. Doug Smith, Lake City;

3. Beau Kap lan, Ankeny; 4. Chris Jensen, Des Moines; 5. Rusty

Montagne, North Sioux City, S.D.; 6. Chris Luloff, Independence; 7.

Kyle Timmerman, Lake; 8. Robby Marsh, Hebron, Neb.; 9. Josh Irvine,

Oelwein; 10. Randall Macku, Lincoln, Neb.; 11. Alan Van Gorp,

Carlisle; 12. Travis Prochaska, Iowa Falls; 13. Randy Hadacek, Britt;

14. Randy Roberts, Boone; 15. Kyle Robinson, Cherokee; 16. Brandon

Pruitt, Dexter; 17. Justin Hopkins, Boone; 18. Rod Manthey, Norwood,

Minn.; 19. Terry Shaffar, State Center; 20. Justin Maschke, Des

Moines; 21. Doug McCollough, Webster City; 22. Shannon Anderson,

Atlantic; 23. Kenneth Hansen, Audubon; 24. Pat Mather, Greenfield;

25. Tim Wilcox, Ida Grove; 26. Kenny Loftus, Des Moines; 27. Nyle

Godwin, Redfield; 28. Tim Rupp, Cherokee.


Karl Chevrolet Northern SportMods – 1. Harvey Vande Weerd, Alton; 2.

Troy Jerovetz, Green Bay, Wis.; 3. Brett Meyer, Lytton; 4. Scott

Davis, Boone; 5. Joe Docekal, Dysart; 6. Tracy Wassenberg, Shawano, Wis.;

7. Austin Lucas, Story City; 8. Josh Sherbon, Cedar Falls; 9.

Jeremiah Asher, St. Joseph, Mo.; 10. Geoff Olson, Sioux City; 11.

Austin Kaplan, Ankeny; 12. Brock Hess, Renner, S.D.; 13. Kevin

Sather, Ankeny; 14. Luke Wanninger, Jefferson; 15. Brian Miller,

Grand Junction; 16. Fred Leytham, Garwin; 17. Brian Besaw, Omro,

Wis.; 18. Jeffry Albright, Norwalk; 19. Max Harder, Blue Springs,

Neb.; 20. Matthew Meinecke, Perry; 21. Nathan Chodur, Lake Mills; 22.

Shay Woods, Humeston; 23. Michael King, Odebolt; 24. Jeremy Embrey,

Granger; 25. Rick Ringgenberg, Kelley; 26. Joel Bushore, Boone; 27.

Kent Croskey, Polk City.


Harris Auto Racing Ron Efkamp Memorial Modified Race of Champions –

1. Johnathan Thimmesch, Aurora; 2. Mark Noble, Blooming Prairie,

Minn.; 3. Ryan Ruter, Kanawha; 4. Tom Eiklor, Barton, N.Y.; 5. Todd

Shute, Des Moines; 6. Jay Noteboom, Hinton; 7. Johnny Saathoff,

Beatrice, Neb.; 8. Ricky Alvarado, Delta, Colo.; 9. Ron Pope, Mason

City; 10. Jimmy Gustin, Marshalltown; 11. Randy Havlik, Waukee; 12.

Rick Gustin, Marshalltown; 13. Wayne Larson, Ames; 14. Kelly Lyons,

Boone; 15. Randy Brands, Boyden; 16. Justen Yea ger, Green River,

Wyo.; 17. Al Hejna, Clear Lake; 18. Kevin Stoa, Salisbury, N.C.; 19.

John Logue, Boone; 20. David Murray Jr., Oberlin, Kan.; 21. Rich

Lewerke, Garner; 22. Scott Ho gan, Vinton; 23. Jared Siefert, Green

Bay, Wis.


Sunoco Race Fuels Stock Car Race of Champions – 1. Kevin Opheim,

Mason City; 2. Robert Stofer, Jefferson; 3. Jeff Turner, Kaufman,

Texas; 4. Justin Temeyer, Independence; 5. David Smith, Lake City; 6.

Jeremy Christians, Horicon, Wis.; 7. Colton Osborn, Cozad, Neb.; 8.

Charley Brown, Maxwell, Neb.; 9. Jeff Senne, Fairmont, Minn.; 10.

Jesse Colwell, Wrightstown, Wis.



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