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Mills, Durbin drive to Friday qualifying feature wins


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Mills, Durbin drive to Friday qualifying feature wins


BOONE, Iowa (Sept. 5) – Jeremy Mills and Jake Durbin ended long runs at the front with stops in victory lane, in IMCA Speedway Motors Super Nationals Modified qualifying features on Friday night.


Mills qualified ahead of Californians Brad Pounds and Clay Daly, and Matt Bonine. Durbin’s win in the nightcap at Boone Speedway came ahead of J.J. Wise, Jay Goosmann and 2000 champion Kevin Stoa. The top four from each race advance to the outside row of Saturday’s main event.


The sixth starting Mills caught Jordy Nelson for the lead following a lap two re-start. Daly raced into the top four when G.W. Egbert drove off with a flat tire on lap eight. Bonine was promoted when apparent runner-up Nelson was disqualified in post-race tech for an illegal frame.


Durbin started the second qualifier from inside row five, catching Robert Avery for the lead at midway.


Stoa made his way into the top four and into the Super Nationals record book from the 16th starting spot. He’s the first North Carolina driver to make the big dance, and the first driver to qualify as a resident of three different states. Stoa had lived in Minnesota and then Iowa when he qualified for the main event previously.


Pounds, Daly, Bonine and Wise are each in the Saturday Modified show for the first time, 1999 runner-up Mills and Goosmann both for the second. Durbin made the cut for the fifth straight year while Stoa will start his seventh main event.


A five-lap dash during the Saturday program will determine the order of the front eight on the outside row; last-chance races will set the back three rows of three to complete the 33-car starting grid.


First qualifier – 1. Jeremy Mills, Garner; 2. Brad Pounds, Bakersfield, Calif.; 3. Clay Daly, Watsonville, Calif.; 4. Matt Bonine, Onawa; 5. Clint Wendel, Mason City; 6. Randy Havlik, Waukee; 7. T.J. Stalker, Mason City; 8. Terry Pruitt, Dexter; 9. G.W. Egbert, Belton, Texas; 10. Vern Jackson, Waterloo; 11. Greg Dinsmore, Kerrville, Texas; 12. Jay Sale, Edmond, Okla.; 13. Tim Stevens, Cedar Rapids; 14. Michael Albertsen, Audubon; 15. Brandon Blochlinger, Concordia, Kan.; 16. Jay Steffens, North Platte, Neb.; 17. Eddie Muenster, Green Bay, Wis.; 18. Todd Shute, Des Moines; 19. Bill Davis Jr., Des Moines.


Second qualifier – 1. Jake Durbin, Perry; 2. J.J. Wise, Manley; 3. Jay Goosmann, Hinton; 4. Kevin Stoa, Salisbury, N.C.; 5. Robert Avery, Des Moines; 6. Danny Hogue, Abilene, Texas; 7. Scott Mullen, Seymour, Wis.; 8. Steven Glenn, Hamilton, Mo.; 9. Dan Ratajczak, Frog Station, Wis.; 10. Jonathan Snyder, Ames; 11. Jared Siefert, Green Bay, Wis.; 12. Roger Hadan III, Waterloo, Neb.; 13. David Schuster, Waterville, Minn.; 14. Chad Sterling, Stockton, Kan.; 15. Pat Graham, Ames; 16. Charlie Wild, Antigo, Wis.; 17. Larry Hood, Bakersfield, Calif.; 18. Jim Lynch, Bloomfield; 19. Ricky Alvarado, Delta, Colo.; 20. Steve Arpin, Fort Frances, Ont.






King reigns over final Northern SportMod qualifier


BOONE, Iowa (Sept. 5) – Making his move to the front with three laps left, Michael King won Friday’s IMCA Speedway Motors Super Nationals last-chance feature for Karl Chevrolet Northern SportMods.


The victory puts King at the front for the start of Saturday’s main event at Boone Speedway.


Taking the green flag behind him will be Rick Ringgenberg, Fred Leytham, Geoff Olson, Max Harder, Brian Besaw, Jeffry Albright, Kent Kroskey and Brock Hess.


Three drivers were disqualified in post-race tech for ported heads. Mike Pruitt had been scored second across the finish line, David Schlicht was sixth and Ricky Rohr had been ninth.


Results – 1. Michael King, Odebolt; 2. Rick Ringgenberg, Kelley; 3. Fred Leytham, Garwin; 4. Geoff Olson, Sioux City; 5. Max Harder, Blue Springs, Neb.; 6. Brian Besaw, Omro, Wis.; 7. Jeffry Albright, Norwalk; 8. Kent Croskey, Polk City; 9. Brock Hess, Renner, S.D.; 10. Jeremie Gibbs, Sioux City; 11. Phillip Cossel, Montrose; 12. Jim Buhlman, Cedar Falls; 13. Kaleb Bentley, Eldora; 14. R.J. Merchant, Sioux City; 15. Kirk Beatty, Sioux City; 16. James May, DeSoto; 17. Mike Munson, Boxholm; 18. Timothy Jorgenson, Seymour, Wis.; 19. Marcus Yarie, Wausau, Wis.; 20. John Moore, Maxwell; 21. Chad Guyette, Black Creek, Wis.



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