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Devils Bowl Spwy. top tens 9-6-08

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Super Sprints


99 Kurt Summers

31 Matt Clevenger

45 Martin Edwards

21 Russell Shoulders

12 Dale Wester

B4 Eric Baldacccini

22 Dan Adkins

24 David Gailley

53 Bill Waller

6 Jeff Jones


Late Models


82 Max Eddie Thomas

21 Darren Ellis

3t Jason Trevathan

B23 Michael Grubbs

98 Troy Tendall

ZZ Sloppy Hogg

23A Bill Anderson

28B Wendall Bolden

22 Brandon Barber

2 Jack Ambern Jr


USA Outlaw Modifieds


99 Johnny Dunn Jr

77 Randy Kirkland

6L Steve McMAckin

2 Perry Belk

V8 Rick Preddy

81 Danny Caldwell

19 Richard McGibbony

B23 Bill Blue

5 Billy Fronterhouse

4 Tracy Adams


World Class Street Stocks


29 Tim McManus

37 Bubba Meeks

75 Wally Beaty

77 Marcus Baxter

6 Tandy Boroughs

99 Bobby Bryant

66 Chuck Flannery

26 Brandon Leopolos

12x Jeremy Shaver

83 Chris Green


USA Limited Modifieds


46 Tom Earl

37 Richard Strain

v8 Robert Vetter

99 Bill Dennis

100 Kevin Conner

711 Michael Daniel

99H Rickey Haney

70m Tommy McKinley

50 Steve Sickels

39 Jimmy Staats

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