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Mary Ann in SCR


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Imagine my delight when I got to p.42 of the Nov. 08 Stock Car Racing magazine and there is our own Mary Ann Naumann and Thunderhill Raceway featured in a great story. Several of the THR drivers are mentioned , (sorry but nothing in there about oldtimer) and lots of action photos accompany the great write-up. My favorite picture is on p.44. Need to get my copy autographed at the next race! Way to go Mary Ann!

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I haven't seen the article yet. One of the SS drivers said he would bring it to THR this weekend.


I thought I'd also share the following note with y'all from Stock Car Racing:


The article on Mary Ann and the track are in the November issue of Stock Car just out. You have the questionable honor of being in the last issue of the magazine which has been in print for 42 years.


Stock Car closed it's doors last month.


I hope the article is acceptable. Thank you to Mary Ann and the others who helped me with the article.


June M. Boone

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