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White Outrun Sportmod Field for A-qualifier Win

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Fourth Annual IMCA Southern Sportmod Nationals @ Heart O’ Texas Speedway, 9/5-6/08


By J M Hallas


Waco, Tx., (Sept. 5th, 2008) Waco’s Heart O’ Speedway high-banked ¼ mile clay oval hosted the Fourth Annual IMCA Southern Sportmod Nationals featuring many of the best the south, central regions best drivers from four states. The long awaited showdown between the top two Sportmod drivers in the state, Keith White and Jeff Turner never materialized as Turner opted for the Super Nationals in Boone, Iowa.


After paring the field of 60+ cars down through heats and B-mains, the quickest 24 cars of the night the field was set for the 20 A-qualifier, which would send the top six to Big A-Main on Saturday night.


White Outrun Field for A-qualifier Win

Current IMCA SSM points leader, Keith White used patience and track experience to find his way around early leader, Benji Kirkpatrick at halfway. White then easily cruised away from the field on his way to the win.


As green waved on the 24-car, 20-lap A-qualifier Kirkpatrick got the jump on Chris Cogburn going into turn 1 for the lead. White moved along side Cogburn as they ran side by side for second. Once White cleared, Cogburn then squeezed down in front of T J Green. Jacob Pirkle got by Mark McDaniel on lap 4 for sixth, followed by Jeff Emerson to seventh a lap later.


Chase Jupe spun himself out from a top ten spot on lap 6 as he tried to avoid contact with McDaniel. Scotty Wallace spun to avoid Jupe, with both able to continue without caution. On lap 8 White began to take a look on the high side of Kirkpatrick for the lead. White got along side Kirkpatrick on lap 9 and was able to ease out front at halfway with, Kirkpatrick, Cogburn, T J Green, Johnny Torres and Pirkle holding down the top six transfer spots.


Once White cleared, he quickly began to pull away, while making a charge forward was Emerson. Using the high side, that no one else was trying, Emerson worked his way past Greg Atwood for seventh. Staying in the top lane, Emerson then got along side Pirkle for the final transfer spot. After going three wide past a lapped car, Emerson got the spot.


Up front White was increasing his margin, while Emerson got along side and by J. Torres on lap 17. Emerson then challenged T J Green for fourth in the final laps. As the white flag waved, White had built a huge lead over Kirkpatrick, with Emerson getting by Green. At the checkers it was White in the Tracy’s Auto Sales, Belton Pipe & Steel, Braka Operating, All-Tex Cabling, Amsoil, Tubbs Paint & Body, TCI, Big Chief Chassis taking the win.


IMCA SSM Little A-Main(top 6 transfer to Saturday's Big A-main)

1. 1 Keith White

2. 2. 971 Benji Kirkpatrick

3. 5c Chris Cogburn

4. 35 Jeff Emerson

5. 55 T J Green

6. 66 Johnny Torres

7. 355 Cary Stephens

8. 41 Jacob Pirkle

9. 23x Greg Atwood

10. 5D Kevin Green

11. 4$ Kris Rye

12. 100 Kelly Cross

13. 11 Mark McDaniel

14. 5m Bobby Mercer

15. 45t Eric Tomlinson

16. 720 Ronnie Welborn

17. 56 Sid Kiphen

18. 7 Scotty Wallace

19. 94 Allen Torres

20. 2 Brandon Stewart

21. 11b Chip Godfredson

22. 30 Chase Jupe

23. 171 Tommy Davis jr.

24. 021 Jason Gore


***Results unofficial pending tech


IMCA SSM B-main's(top four from each to Little A-main)

B-Main #1. 171 Tommy Davis jr. 58 Sid Kiphen, 100 Kelly Cross, 021 Jason Gore(06 Randy Buttery—DQ tech)

B-Main #2. 2 Brandon Stewart, 94 Allen Torres, 45t Eric Tomlinson, 11b Chip Godfredson

B-Main #3. 4$ Kris Rye, 5D Kevin Green, 5M Bobby Mercer, 7 Scotty Wallace (31 Cody Smith-DQ, tech)


IMCA SSM Heat races(top 2 transfer to Little A-main/redraw)


1. 971 Benji Kirkpatrick, 55 T J Green

2. 1 Keith White, 35 Jeff Emerson

3. 66 Johnny Torres, 23x Greg Atwood

4. 41 Jacob Pirkle, 30 Chase Jupe

5. 720 Ronnie Welburn, 11 Mark McDaniel

6. 355 Carry Stephens, 5c Chris Cogburn

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