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Pro Trucks Go Drilling for Green!

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On September 20th, the Pro Trucks will be back in action at Houston Motorsports Park! HMP is proud to announce the “DDC 30 presented by Waste Management Recycle America.” For this special race, the Pro Trucks will run a 10 Lap Heat Race and a 30 Lap Feature. Qualifying will be based upon each Pro Truck’s best single lap time from any of the three practices. There will be a full field invert for the 10 Lap Heat Race. Starting order for the 30 Lap Feature will be set by the finishing order from the heat race.


1st $850

2nd $550

3rd $400

4th $300

5th $225

6th $175

7th $160

8th $150

9th $140

10th $135

11th $130

12th $125

13th $125

14th $125

15th $125


Beyond 15th will also be $125 payout per car for all cars starting the race. Car entry is FREE.


Houston Motorsports Park would like to thank Waste Management and Directional Drilling Company (DDC)for their continued support!

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wish we could make it.....sounds cool. i'll be on vacation though.

thanX to the sponsors for making a great purse., and hmp for a very cool race format. should be interesting.

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