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Saturday's Motorsports Page

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Every Saturday, the Houston Chronicle has committed a whole page to Motorsports and has dedicated almost 75% of that page for local motorsports coverage. This has been a lot of work by both the Chronicle's Motorsports Writer, Russ Goodall and the staff at HMP to convince the paper that this is a worthy subject. The support and positive attitudes of the drivers, teams and families as well as the positive response from the spectators is a large part of the decision. Thank you to all of our racing family for your support! If you would like to read the most recent Motorsports Page click below:


Saturday's Motorsports Page - Houston Chronicle


The success of this page is largely dependent upon all of us. If you have some interesting news, success stories, announcements or otherwise, please send it to either myself at jmandabach@msn.com or to Russ Goodall at Russ.Goodall@chron.com. It could make you famous!! LOL.


HMP has some very exciting announcements that will be made over the next few months that we hope will have a positive impact on the racing community and improve the quality of racing at Houston Motorsports Park. We will continue to listen to constructive feedback and make improvements that make sense for the betterment of the sport for all parties involved. HMP wants you to know that we are listening and taking every suggestion into acccount. However, it would be impossible to implement every single suggestion and we hope that everyone involved understands. What we will commit, is to listen to and consider any feedback/suggestions that are presented in a respectful conversation. Personally, I am available any Friday, Saturday, or Sunday at HMP and/or you may contact me directly at (713)826-3313.


Thank you all for all your support! I hope to see you soon.


John Mandabach

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Its been about 15 years since write ups were done in the newspaper. Looking foward to reading whats going on in racing and especially being able to showcase racing in Houston. This exposure is needed and appreciated. I would personally like to thank the HMP staff and the Houston chronicle for making this possibble.


Thanks, Brad Dixon

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Just want to give yo guys a nice job pat on the back. Im from san antonio area but ill be buying the houston chronicle that day. I know you guys hear all of the complaining but it's easy to see hmp is trying the hardest and has the best asphalt track around. If I can ever afford a crate for the late model I'll definatly be racin there.

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