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South Texas Spwy. results 8-31-08

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Doggett Heavy Equipment Weekend @ South Texas Speedway, 8-31-08


By J M Hallas


Corpus Christi, Tx., (Aug. 31st, 2008) South Texas Speedway's semi-banked 1/4 mile clay oval capped off the Labor Day weekend with a Sunday show for all of their regular classes. The weekends events were presented by Doggett Heavy Equipment, without their help the Friday event could have easily been a wash out after the rains hit just about race time.



Mikulencak Picks up Second Weekend Win

For the second time in as many nights, Corpus Christi ace Lawrence Mikulencak found himself out front when the checkers waved. Mikulencak ran in the top three throughout the race and again took advantage of problems by others in the final laps. Similar to Saturday night at Texana Raceway Park, Mikulencak took over the top spot leading only the final two circuits for the win.



As green waved on the 13-car, 25-lap Outlaw Modified main, Adan Arambula grabbed the lead with a three wide battle for second. Lawrence Mikulencak out-dueled Josh Majek for the second spot, with Darin Leonard, David Schury, Danny Brown, Nick Hardcastle and Steve Whiteaker jr. falling in line. Brown, Schury and Whiteaker made contact, after Hardcastle slipped and fell back. Whiteaker rolled to a stop in turn 4 to bring out a caution and quickly pitted for repairs.



On the restart, Brown and Hardcastle got by Schury who slowed and stopped to bring the yellow back out. This was a big break for Whiteaker who was able to complete repairs and rejoin the field without losing a lap. On the next restart, Majek got into the infield, then got tangled with Brown and Dale Flanagan who spun in turn 4. Finally back to green, Hardcastle ducked inside Leonard for fourth.



Mikulencak then put the heat the young Majek, who got his spot back, with Hardcastle almost trying three wide. Mikulencak finally secured second leaving Hardcastle and Majek side by side for third, while Leonard and Eddy Ross ran wheel to wheel for fifth. Those two battled raged for three laps until Majek broke and rolled to a stop consecutive laps in turn 3.




On the restart, Ken Hobbs spun collecting Jed Rollins sending him into the turn 2 wall. As racing resumed, Whiteaker began his charge using the high groove. Whiteaker got by Leonard on the restart, then methodically picked off Ross, Hardcastle then Mikulencak on consecutive laps. Whiteaker then tried the high side of Arambula, with Mikulencak looking back under Whiteaker. As the trio battled for the lead Whiteaker go into Arambula sending him around. Arambula got th lead back, with Whiteaker sent to the tail.



Once back to green, Whiteaker again put on a high side driving clinic working his way back up and into the lead on lap 16. Whiteaker looked like he was going to run off from the field, but ended up in the turn 1 wall after breaking a pull bar, twisting the rear housing and snapping off the brake lines. Whiteaker was able to climb out uninjured, but the car was done.



Arambula got a good jump on Mikulencak and Hardcastle as green waved for the final laps. After following Arambula for a couple laps, Mikulencak moved to the high side and got along side teammate Arambula. The two ran side by side with Mikulencak taking the point on lap 23. On the white flag lap, Arambula slowed a bit giving Hardcastle and Ross an opening to get by. At the checkers it was Mikulencak in the Ace Transmissions, Youngs Auto Repair, Texas Battery, reworked HOT Chassis grabbing the victory.



“I've just had a lucky weekend,” said the grinning Mikulencak. “I wasn't laying back, I just couldn't get by. When little Steve(Whiteaker) went by us on the top I just figured I'd try up there too. I figured Adan(Arambula) would go up to the top after the red. I thought I could get by him on the bottom then. He didn't go up there and I got a good run up there and got past.”



“Since he(Whiteaker) started in the back of the feature he was able to gamble running up top. I've been in that position before. Running second I was afraid if I jumped up there I'd get freight-trained. I felt my best chance was to stay on the bottom. He had nothing to lose starting that far back, then being sent to the back. He had the winning car.”



“It's kind of hard racing your teammate. Randy(Young) owns both these cars and we try not to take each other out and make the boss mad. We may not have the newest cars out there, but I enjoy being able to win with something that we've built. I have as much fun building and experimenting with the cars as I do driving them”



Outlaw Modifieds

1. 7 Lawrence Mikulencak

2. 94 Nick Hardcastle

3. 35 Eddy Ross

4. 1 Adan Arambula

5. 26 Darin Leonard

6. 39 Jed Rollins

7. 89 Steve Whiteaker jr.

8. 82 Josh Majek

9. 13 Ken Hobbs

10. 38 David Schury

11. 58 Rowdy Flanagan

12. 55 Danny Brown

13. 57 Dale Flanagan





Outlaw Modified heat winners, 7 Lawrence Mikulencak, 82 Josh Majek




Butcher Slices Up IMCA Sportmod Field

Despite not running a full schedule, Corpus young gun, Dustin Butcher never missed a beat as he led flag to flag in the IMCA Southern Sportmod main. Butcher held off challenges from Andy VanBlarcum, Jim Myers and then veteran Lawrence Mikulencak to take the hard earned win.



A huge field of 27 cars started the 20-lap IMCA SSM A-main with Butcher and Myers on the front row after a redraw. Butcher got out first with VanBlarcum moving to second and Myers third. National points contender, Johnny Torres got by Larry Smith for fifth. Torres then began to challenge E J Gilpin for fourth, while Kris Rye and Mikulencak got past Smith.


Rye got along side Torres on lap 4 in the battle for fifth as caution waved for a spin by Flint Brown in turn 4. On the restart, VanBlarcum spun from second but kept it rolling falling back to tenth. Rye and Mikulencak continued their march to the front getting by Torres on lap 5. Larry Jernigan and Mark McGahey hooked bumpers on lap 6 to slow the action.



As green waved again, everyone got away clean and settled in until yellow waved on lap 9 for Gilpin who slowed and stopped in turn 4 giving up third place. Coming to green for halfway the top five were Butcher, Myers, Rye, Mikulencak and Torres. Myers took a look under Butcher for the lead, while Mikulencak was searching for a way past Rye. Butcher held off Myers who made contact with Rye as Mikulencak was lurking behind waiting for an opening.



Yellow waved again on lap 14 for multiple, but separate, spins by Rene Mares and Brown in turn 1, while McLendon was having trouble in turn 3. On the restart, Rye took a shot on Myers, but Torres broke and slowed, Mares spun in some fluid, and Jernigan stopped in turn 1 to bring the caution right back out. Once back to racing, Mikulencak tried the high side of Rye. Myers slipped with both Rye and Mikulencak getting past for second and third.



Mikulencak and Rye were side by side on lap 16, with Myers fighting back and taking a look low on Rye on lap 17. The final caution waved on lap 18 for another spin by Brown. Butcher now had the crafty veteran, Mikulencak on his bumper for the two lap shootout. Butcher got a good jump as green waved not giving Mikulencak any chance. Mikulencak got a run on Butcher in turn 2 on the final lap, but at the checkers it was Butcher in the Texas Service Industries, Access Ford, Holdsclaw & Herman, WW Bodies, Youngs Auto Repair, Rush Chassis holding on for the win.



“It was a lot of luck,” replied Butcher. “Drawing the pole was probably the biggest thing. My uncle Steve(Whiteaker sr.) changed a lot of stuff on the car. I've learned a lot this whole year.”



“ I don't get nervous, but I now guys like Lawrence(Mikulencak) are out there. If they get underneath me, they'll race me clean. If I mess up, they'll give me some room to correct myself. It's just good clean racing. I enjoy racing with those guys that have been racing forever.”



“Missing some races doesn't hurt too much. It only takes hot laps till I've found my groove. It's like riding a bike, you never forget how. I don't regret missing any races, my first priority is helping little Steve with the USMTS races. Maybe we'll race for points later, this year I'm just learning.”



IMCA Southern Sportmods

1. 90 Dustin Butcher

2. 87 Lawrence Mikulencak

3. 4$ Kris Rye

4. 47 Jim Myers

5. 37 Bill Pittaway

6. 211 Chris Carroll

7. 15 Andy VanBlarcum

8. 115 Chuck Perry

9. 22 Dwayne Norvell

10. 4X Art Cox

11. 82 James Parks

12. 1c Chris Cockrell

13. 11 Chris McLendon

14. 56 James Lee

15. 09 David Routen

16 222 Rene Mares

17. 75 Flint Brown

18. 66 Johnny Torres

19. 44 Gene Hyde

20. 18 Larry Jernigan

21. 46 Todd Evans

22. 21 E J Gilpin

23. 5 Larry Smith

24. 2 Robbie Adams

25. 88 Mark McGahey

26. 89 Doug Livingston

27. 26g J J Jennings





IMCA SSM heat winners, 21 E J Gilpin, 47 Jim Myers, 90 Dustin Butcher, 4$ Kris Rye




In the 20-lap Hobby Stock feature, Doug Lestourgeon jumped out front on green as the the 13-car field quickly sorted out single file. Leo Hinojosa trailed LeStourgeon early but spun from second on lap 4. This left LeStourgeon with a big lead over Steven Doty and Bill Stephens. Stephens challenged Doty on lap 7 for second, while Ziggy Reusser was looking for a way around Andy Anderson for fourth.



Anderson would spin himself out from that position on lap 11. Stephens continued to put the pressure on Doty as they raced three wide past a lapped car. They stayed side by side on lap 17, with Doty able to hold the spot. Up front it was Lestourgeon in the Flour Bluff Heating & A/C, Braun Precision Collision, Island Tire, Sandbar Signs sponsored car taking the checkers.



Hobby Stocks

1. 22 Doug Lestourgeon

2. 9 Steven Doty

3. 13 Bill Stephens

4. 4 Ziggy Reusser

5. 007 Joby Palsey

6. 86 Andy Anderson

7. 08 Alton Fambro

8. 7 Leo Hinojosa

9. 4R Brian Rye

10. 56 Brad Titzman

11. 88 Tommy Wynd

12. 33/113 Barry Major

13. 10/2 Daniel Duncan



Hobby Stock heat winners, 9 Steven Doty, 7 Leo Hinojosa




Sonny Matula got the early lead in the 20-lap Pure Stock feature, while Curtis King and James Starry ran side by side for third. Matula, Billy Denton, King and Starry tried to go four wide for the lead, and the result wasn't pretty. Matula, Denton and King got together and slammed the front stretch wall. Matula and Denton continued, but King was done for the night. Denton was put into the lead, despite damage to the right front suspension.



On the restart, Jason Kelly got by Manny Trevino for fourth but had problems later and pulled off. Starry grabbed the lead from Denton on lap 4, with Paul Voight getting along side Denton for second. Denton, who got stuck on the high groove found it to his liking as he moved back by Voight for second on lap 7.



Denton kept on the charge and caught Starry for the lead. The two ran side by side on lap 10, with Denton retaking the top spot on lap 11. With two laps to go, Denton got slowed by a lapped car giving Starry a run on the bottom. Starry got the lead back as the white flag waved and held off Voight and Denton for the win in the Sunset Towing & Recovery, Car's Delivery, Executive Tours sponsored ride.



Pure Stocks,

1.74 James Starry

2. 49 Paul Voight

3. 42d Billy Denton

4. 8j Dennis Jasik

5. 3 David Royal

6. 5 Sonny Matula

7. 72 Manny Trevino

8. 74x Steve Mireles jr.

9. 7 Jason Kelly

10. 42 Curtis King

17 Edie Valdez--DNS




Pure Stock heat winners, 42d Billy Denton, 5 Sonny Matula




The 20-lap Bomber feature saw Justin Langford snag the lead on lap 1 as he Brandon Skinner and Joe Arce opened up a gap early. By lap 5 Langford had put some distance on Arce who took second from Skinner, while Sean Ward worked his way by Kyle Jackson fourth. Brian Holland got into K. Jackson sending him around to bring out a caution.



Once back to green Ward, who is being deployed to Iraq, took third from Skinner. Ward closed and got by Arce on lap 6 for second. Langford was pulling away to big lead again until Charles Feely spun in turn 2 to bring out a caution. On the restart Arce tried to get back by Ward. The two traded a little paint before Arce pulled to infield with a flat, at the same time Ward began showing some smoke from his ride. Ward would retire a lap later moving Skinner and Chris Silva up to second and third. This left Langford with huge advantage as he cruised to victory in the Hammerhead Construction, Kuhn Crane sponsored car.





1. 81 Justin Langford

2. 2 Brandon Skinner

3. 85 Chris Silva

4. 77x Brian Holland

5. 69r Ruben Montes

6. 93 Corey Collier

7. 0 Kim Royal

8. 7 Daniel Pelayo

9. 77+ Charles Feely

10. 889 Sean Ward

11. 55 Joe Arce

12. 113 Kyle Jackson

13. 52 Tom Thrower

13 Justin Jackson---DNS




Bomber heat winners, 77x Brian Holland, 889 Sean Ward




Youth Division(5-8 yrs. old)

1. 4 Brendan Sanders

2. 17 Julie Brown

3. 1 Mason Casteneda

4. 28 Dylan Delagarza

5. 37 Aaron Trevino

6.8 Ryan Carlucci

7.100 Waylon Scheidt



“I did pretty good,” commented Sanders. “I just try to go as fast as I can all the time. This is my second win. I'm going to drive a modified next”




Youth Division heat winners, 8 Ryan Carlucci, 4 Brendan Sanders




Junior Division(9-11 yrs. Old)

1. 10 Caleb Johnson

2. 4 Dillon Heinaman

3. 8 Brennan Riley

4. 12 Brady Carpenter

5. 99k Austin Kennemer

6. 36 Amelia Perez



“I had a good race” said Johnson on his win. “I can run pretty good. This isn't my first win. I'm probably not ready to drive Stevie's car yet.”



“This is my first trophy,” replied 8 year old Riley. “It's only my third race. I just like to beat the boys. I'll probably try another smaller car next, like a Mini Stock.





Junior Division heat winner, 4 Dillon Heinaman




Senior Division(11-14 yrs. old)

1. 4 Dakota Heinaman

2. 19 Jarrett Barber

3. 7 Derrick Gonzalez

4. 55 Brancen Pittman

5. 01 Devon Phelps

6. 13 David Jackson

7. 1 Trey Heald

8. 8 Cody Leonard

15 Tyler Walter--DNS



“This is my second win,” replied the 13 year old Heinaman. “I just run my own race out there. My dad(Joey) teaches me a lot and does all the work on my kart. This is my first year running karts. I don't get to race all the races, so I'm not up in the points. My dad said he'd let me drive his Limited Modified, but I'm not sure what I'll move up to next.”



Senior Division heat winners, 4 Dakota Heinaman, 19 Jarrett Barber

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