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New to this Board - My Memories


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Greetings. I recently ran across this site on the net - never knew of it before. Boy oh boy, did it bring back memories.


Spent time at Yellow Belly and the 1/8 mile strip out Fort Hood way. Did my time at HOT Speedway helping Bobby Yankee and his "roundy rounds". Keith Green and I played football together at Midway in the late 60's/early 70's - I think he was into motocross at that time. Moved to Richfield my senior year and used to race Billy Myers on the road next to the school, me in my 340 Duster and he in his orange 396 Camaro.


I think my fondest racing memories were across the recently flooded Lake Waco where we put up our own dragstrip, I think it's Midway Park or something similar - out close to Speegleville. It lasted for many years until the Highway Patrol put up speed bumps.


Good to find this board. Thanks for the memories!

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Welcome to the board Assassin. I see you are from the Waco area. We love old racing photos on here. I wish we had more from the Waco area. I know there must be hundreds out there somewhere. I would encourage you and anyone else from the Waco area to pull those old boxes of pics down off the closet shelf, scan them and post them on here. They're not doing anybody any good deteriorating in some old shoe box somewhere. Post them and share the memories with all of us! You'll be glad you did.

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Thank Budman. Yes, from Waco originally, went to college in Kingsville at A & I and have been in Dallas since about 1977.


I'm really going to have to dig to find those pics. If someone here knows Keith Green he probably has a bunch. He's been racing at HOT for a long, long time.


I sent this link over to Bob Bronstad - he's got a long history of racing in Texas. He had a top VW, "The Golden Scarab" around the early '70's.

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OK OK, I have HOT Pic's and News articles measured in pounds rather than pages or album's. I keep very detailed records from 73-75. It got a lot less detailed beginning in 76 because that was my first year driving instead of spectating. I must first tell you that most of the pic's are very poor quality, but what would you expect from a 13 year old with a Kodak 110 Instamatic?


pic's coming soon, my PC says I must clear up some security issues first.

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HOT 1973



David Granger driving the Bob Mangrum "Rolling Donut"



Jim Scott #60



Bill White driving the Larry Romming #34




"Little" Donnie Rowe driving the Bob Tidwell #15



Joe Sturdivant 73 Champion driving the Sammy Reed #8




Gordon Woolley 73 runner-up driving the Jack Bagby straight six #43




Well that's the 1st batch!







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Good pics there! I think mine are long gone, probably somewhere over the Atlantic.


Gordon Woolley was one of the hot drivers of that time. Also noticed Pierce Crook car. I think that was Clark Crook's dad (went to school with me and Billy Myers).




BTW - anybody remember the name of the short strip just outside Fort Hood? An 1/8th I think?

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Yeah , this place is great




I used to know a fellow who went to high school with Keith Green . I can't for the life of me remember his name though . Ed was his first name and he was a truck driver by trade , used to work for a truck driving school in Waco . haven't seen him in years though .


Anyway , I have a photo or two of Keith Green , I'll try and get them posted someday .


Is Bob Tidwell related to Sheila Tidwell , the former lady modified driver ?


Is that Gordon Woolleys age or car number .


Just kidding , but just a little really . Gordon Wooley was one of the best Sprint Car drivers around . Last I remembered seeing him he was driving a hot stock or something at HOT and he had to be close to 73 years old .


And texastracker , thanks for posting the photos . That's dirt track racing the way I remember it growing up .

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