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Invite to I-37 Raceway Tomorrow


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Hey guys/gals, since TRP is not running this week, we are inviting all of you guys to come up here and race with us at I-37 Raceway tomorrow night. Ya'll will not have to do any track registrations.


For your Super Stocks - You will not have to make any changes to your car what so ever. Ya'll can race with our Super Stocks, as is.


Pure Stocks - You will need to add a 100 lbs to your cars, in front of the firewall.

That's it.


Hopefully we will see ya'll tomorrow!!!


Any other questions, please contact me

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Well........ I think I'm gonna load up the Nova and make a road trip if I can get out of work by Noon. Hopefully things will be calm. I've got my two 50# lead bricks to bolt on in front of the fire wall so I'll be good to go for some fun with the Pures.


Last event we had at Texana I announced, so it's been July 12th since I raced and I need a fix. I have commitments on Saturday so can't go anywhere then. I think this will be fun, if I can just close down and get out of the office.


Plus, looks like I could be in the running for the extra $100 on the longest haul :unsure: . It'll be over 160 miles for me from the house, and another 60 on top of that if I can measure it from the office in Ricmond.



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Sorry guys...I am starting to think I am cursed...my home (caldwell county) is in a severe drought. I can hardly walk to the shop without falling in a huge crack in the ground...yet I have been rained out like 10 times this year...quite a few from HRP and TRP...now we decide to go to I37 and...no suprise...


ps...still no rain here....I think I know where they should build a new track...lol

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