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As you probably know, Thunderhill Raceway (THR) is an ASA Member Track. For the 2008 racing season, ASA has chosen Speednet Direct to be its official scoring software for racing statistics at ASA Member Tracks – including the data required for the new 2008 ASA National Championship race.


It was recently announced that the THR A-Line Super Stock drivers will be eligible for this national championship title, and the official class name is now the ASA A-Line Super Stocks. To furnish information for the championship title, ASA Member Tracks from all over the country will use the Speednet Direct software to record and upload race results. The uploaded data will include the starting lineup, number of cars in the field, finishing position, etc., which are all components of the national competition. These results will then be "imported" into the ASA Championship Management software that will tabulate all of the results and calculate the ASA point standings.


The website address for information (results, points and schedule) on the THR classes (ASA A-Line Super Stocks, Thunder Stocks and Grand Stocks) is: http://speednetdirect.com.


During the past week, we’ve been inputting data from the THR April 12 and April 26 races, and the website is now current. When you visit the website, you’ll need to select Thunderhill Raceway (TX) to view the results, points and schedule. And, yes, there’s another Thunderhill Raceway in Wisconsin, so you’ll have to make sure you select the TX option.


We’ve also added the information (results, points and schedule) for the Texas Super Racing Series (TSRS) Late Models on the Speednet Direct website (http://speednetdirect.com).


Additional information (practice times, qualifying times, and results) for the transponder classes (TSRS, Pro Modifieds and Pro Trucks) can be found at http://mylaps.com.


It’s our goal to provide our drivers, crews, fans, sponsors, etc., with complete information – before, during and following the races. We hope these on-line sites will help you find our racing information easily and quickly.


Please contact me at debbie@thunderhillraceway.com if you have any questions or need additional information.

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