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thunder winner


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True Stock--#85 (7 cars?)

Thunders--#77 (15 give or take?)

Super Street--#72 (10 give or take?)

Good racing and good car counts. Decent amount of fans. Waaaay toooooo long of an intermission after a long red flag during the heats. Otherwise, good night. Very fitting moment of silence for Don Yocum and empty pole position in every race--very touching.

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When are you going to join us?Everybodys welcome at this track.I dont know if I can deal with 2 Pesky Neons but I will try.


Judging by the results that were sent to me and posted here:



(I couldn't see it first hand since I was playing a gig) the pesky 14 Neon wasn't as "pesky" as it usually is. He was 7th. I was surprised when I got the results to post.


What happened?




UPDATE: I found out what happened in the other thread:



well, it looks like the neon had an odd problem. oil pressure is great, water temp perfict. looks like the motor went "fat on the top end" as my dad would say. it looks like the fuel injectors went wide open. still dont know why. thats not good. the motor seems fine but its not good to put that much fuel in there, it laid out at 7000rpm. all 4 plugs are cleaner than crap, no oil. just wet. prolly pull that motor out anyway and put the old one back in. funny thing is with all the smoke and water coming from G.B.s car I thought I might win this one lol!



Well Thumper went to teck on 3 cyls.Tore the engine down Sunday afternoon and found the head gasket leaking in several places and #4 piston broken on 2 lands.The fan wire had broken at the soldered end from vibration over several years.One more lap and I would have burnt totally up.I am not sure I can get all the repairs done by this weekend.The head went to the machine shop this morning.

Charley and Johnny had a close finish,it took a while to determan who was where.Overall it was a great nite of racing except for the attrition.Anthony came back to a 2 finish after a hard wall crash in the heat.Nellie got her engine broke in and everyone I talked to was excited about racing again instead of worrying about the future of the track.All classes had more cars.

The sad note was saying goodby to Mr Yocum.I believe he would have been satified with the performance of all the racers and staff AND would have enjoyed seeing the happy faces of the fans who got to see the racing.I am grateful to Mr and Mrs Rhoads for continueing the tradition that is CC Speedway and Shawn for all his hard work.Looks like the future is bright.

And that Pesky Neon made Thumper run his guts out....literaly

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Thumper if I show up you will still only have one neon you will have to look out for trying to pass you and one that is just trying not to be in the wrong spot at the wrong time stock moter not to much power <_<

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dont have the money to do all i need to do now that i can not play thit the bomber car fill stay parked till I get the cash lots of stickers on car from last year no one wants to help this year might be able to work on it this weekend to get what i have fixed might get it out first of next month

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