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Top Fuel, Nitro and Alcohol Funny Car round 1


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Top Fuel Eliminations, round 1


Bruce Litton--3.187, 264.03

*Spencer Massey--3.193, 264.06---hole shot, MOV .006


Bobby Lagana jr.--3.904, 153.86---smoked tires

*Kevin Jones--3.411, 243.68


*Mike Strasburg--3.299, 208.04, threw blower belt top end

Scott Palmer--3.325, 242.02---small fire top end


*Terry McMillen--3.884, 163.65---smoked tires

Chris Karamesines--7.738, 64.89--red light


Nitro Funny Car Eliminations, round 1


* Bob Gilbertson--3.504, 215.65

Todd Simpson--4.189, 130.39, out first, sideways/smoked tires


Matt Hagan--4.976, 102.66---shook and smoked tires

*Dale Creasy jr.--3.419, 245.94


Terry Haddock--3.450, 241.77

*Jack Wyatt--3.446, 250.46---MOV .0021


Jeff Diehl--3.984, 183.15, out first, drifted to center line

*Steve Macklyn--3.629, 238.85


Alcohol Funny Car Eliminations, round 1


*Laurie Cannister--3.751, 198.32(sets new track and world speed record, backs up last nights 3.731 for world ET record)

Paul Noakes--4.029, 187.29


*Tom Carter--3.858, 194.66

Tim Stevens--3.975, 188.20


Dale Brand--5.779, 79.66---out first, shook tires, dropped parts/fluid

*Mark Thomas--3.969, 188.52


Tony Bogolo--3.812, 191.00

*Rob Atchison--3.884, 196.89---hole shot

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