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Pro Mod, Pro Stock round 1 Eliminations


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Pro Stock Elimnations, round 1


Robert Patrick--4.192, 173.23--- red light -.030

*Larry O'Brien--4.179, 170.77


*Jeff Dobbins--4.149, 174.44

Richard Freeman--4.196, 172.96


*Pete Berner--4.146, 173.90

Cary Goforth--4.164, 172.36


*Bob Bertsch--4.211, 173.25--MOV .007

Jason Collins--4.249, 170.95


Frank Gugliotta--4.129, 175.02

*John Montecalvo--4.153, 174.46---hole shot


*Dean Goforth--4.164, 170.86---.001 light

Chuck Demory--4.252, 168.40--.002 light


*Elisha Morton--4.181, 172.96

Steve Hintz--6.254, 74.69--drifted to wall


*Rob Mansfield--6.555, 80.33---shook tires

Cale Aronson--broke after burnout



Pro Modified Eliminations, round 1


Scott Cannon jr.--4.420, 15960--tire shake/sideways

*Jason Stock--4.417, 166.83--tire shake


Burton Auxier--4.201, 167.34

*Quain Stott--4.123, 183.67---drove around Auxier


*Jim Halsey--4.047, 184.09

Mike Castellana--4.213, 175.13


*Scotty Cannon--4.164, 183.24

Steven Wiley--4.349, 165.94


Mike Janis--4.110, 183.87---tire shake

*Billy Harper--4.046, 176.35


Ed Hoover--5.994, 96.70---shook tires

*Billy Gibson--4.122, 178.12


Thomas Patterson--4.350, 166.09

*Tommy D'Aprile--4.130, 178.03


*Jason Hamstra--4.010, 182.53

Kenny Lang--4.605, 131.18--sideways



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