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Texas Pro Sedans at THR

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Texas Pro Sedans at Thunderhill Raceway - April 12th


San Antonio, Texas


April 12th will mark the return of a popular four cylinder stock car touring series to the 2008 Thunderhill Raceway event schedule. The Texas Pro Sedans will resume their 2008 schedule by holding the second event of their 33rd racing season at the Kyle, Texas 3/8 mile asphalt oval. The event will be the first of eight TPS series races hosted by Thunderhill Raceway during 2008.


The Texas Pro Sedans racing format will consist Qualifying Time Trials at 5:00pm followed by a Feature Race with a distance of 25 or 33 laps (to be announced) at approximately 7:10pm.


Many of drivers and cars who were in the first TPS race, held March 29 at Red River Speedway in Wichita Falls, TX, will also compete in the race at THR. A field of 23 drivers have filed their entry.


Lalo Leal of Corpus Christi is currently 2nd in 2008 TPS points after his near tie finish at Red River Speedway. He trailed the winner Josh Cournoyer of Wichita Falls by 1/10 second at the checkered flag. It was the closest Feature Race finish in 32 years of TPS racing.


Six time TPS Champion Bill LaBarge of Bryan has filed entry in his #27 BMW “Beamer”. He won the TPS Championship in 1992, 1996, 1997, 1998, 2003 and 2004. No other driver has dominated the TPS series championship as has Bill LaBarge. He placed fourth in the TPS season opener at RRS,


The entry list includes several other notable TPS drivers:


A race entry was received from Jesse Sandoval of Corpus Christi. He will drive the #7 Ford Pinto.


Mike Merrell of Kingsland, Texas will be in the drivers seat of George Merrell’s #70 VW Scirocco.


2007 TPS Rookie of the Year driver Ja Lane of Katy will drive his #85 Ford Focus.


Mike Knotts of Universal City will be at the wheel of his #48 VW Scirocco.


All four drivers are tied in early season TPS point standings with nine points each.


Sergio Hexsel of Live Oak, Texas will again drive his familiar, yellow #20 VW Rabbit. He was the 2005 and 2007 TPS Champion. During the 2007 season he won three TPS feature races at THR. His last win was at Thunderhill Raceway.


The Texas Pro Sedans have invited Red River Speedway and Corpus Christi Speedway four cylinder cars to participate in this TPS race.



For further information regarding this News Release, contact Neil Upchurch at the TPS Office at 210/655-3222, or by Email message to: neilupchurch@sbcglobal.net

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working hard to get there ..thats seems tobe the norm lately working harder than we should have to ..dont hit walls and bend your car ........ thanks lalo for helping out with what you could . you will need to work on your arm signals .. were not loud enough for me to hear you ..

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wish i could be there, had a deer decide i shouldn't ride a motorcycle to work for a while. Pins and plates in the left wrist and pins in the right pinkey also 33 stiches to the forehead. i may come to watch if im up to it. otherwise good luck. :o:(

damn ......lalo can .B.B.Q that deer for you ..

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