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The Bulls Won’t Be The Only Ones With Their Horns Out In San Antonio

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The Bulls Won’t Be The Only Ones With Their Horns Out In San Antonio


Virginia Beach, VA – The IHRA Alcohol Funny Car class continues to grow and flourish. The proof will be well documented for all to experience at the 2008 IHRA Knoll Gas Nitro Jam season opener this weekend during the Amalie Oil Texas Nationals at San Antonio Raceway near San Antonio, Texas.


Kalbones Grill’n Sauce team driver Laurie Cannister is thrilled to see what is happening in the class.


"It looks like this year may prove to be one of the toughest seasons in IHRA Alcohol Funny Car. When you have drivers like Mark (Thomas), Rob (Atchison), Dale (Brand) among many others all out there gunning for the championship, saying that the class is going to be extremely competitive is an understatement," Laurie commented.


This weekend’s event in San Antonio will set the pace for the entire season in a class that was once threatened with extinction due to lower car counts. Such is far from the case in 2008 with many top notch teams returning to Alcohol Funny Car action.


With only an eight car qualified field at all IHRA events for Alcohol Funny Car along with being an 1/8 mile venue for this weekend at San Antonio, it should prove to have a very tight field. It wouldn’t surprise the Kalbones Grill’n Sauce team to see the spread from number one to number eight on the sheet to be as little as a handful of hundredths.


If the forecast holds true for this weekend, look for 1/8 mile records to be shattered in the professional classes and Alcohol Funny Car will be no exception. The current AFC 1/8 mile record is 3.80 @ 195.79 mph. Many teams have exceeded this when running quarter mile events including the Kalbones team running well into the 3.70’s zone and exceeding the 200 mph mark.


Although Cannister is returning for her first full season in several years, the San Antonio track and 1/8 mile racing is nothing new to her. Cannister competed at the event last season and was amazed how quickly the 1/8 mile goes by.


"You’re just getting ready for the 2-3 shift and it’s already time to pull the chutes," Laurie said. "It’s hard to want to take your foot out of it when the car wants to really start hauling in the second half of the track when we’re running quarter mile."


Looking ahead to this weekend and the season in general, Cannister is pleased to be a part of a very special group of people.


"Because of Kevin and Wendy Sims, our Kalbones Grill’n Sauce team has been provided with all the tools we need to go for the championship right from the start. From the best of the best in crew to the parts arsenal we have at our fingertips. When it comes down to it we all know it’s a new season and everybody starts from zero. There is no number one right now, no one person or team that doesn’t have a bulls eye on their back," explained Laurie.


Noting that the Alcohol Funny Car class will be the one to watch this year and not one team can be taken lightly. Laurie had this to add, "I guess it would be safe to say that the entire class will have their horns out in Texas not only looking for that first win but also to set the stage in a class that is just overflowing with talent."


Laurie Cannister Fast Fan Facts


Birthday – July 23

Hometown - Johnstown, Ohio with husband, Tuner Dale Cannister


Children – Samson "Our Son" – Norwegian Elkhound

2002 & 2007 IHRA Alcohol Funny Car Champion – President’s Cup Nationals (Budds Creek)


2000 IHRA Pro Outlaw World Champion


1999 IHRA Pro Rookie of the Year

Career quickest elapsed time is 5.669


Career fastest speed is 246.89Cannister is the fastest and quickest female driver in IHRA Alcohol Funny Car history


For more information about Laurie Cannister and Kalbones Racing Inc., visit the team website - www.kalbonesracing.com


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