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I37 Raceway Looking for Poteet Parade Queen

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This year the I37 Raceway is looking for a queen for the Poteet Parade. This queen will be on one of our floats during the parade and will represent the I37 Raceway. The parade will be held on April 12th. Our queen must be a girl that is between the ages of 8-13. We will be having a trivia contest at our April 11th race. All the little girl needs for the parade is a dress. We will provide the sash and crown. We will be selecting our queen from 5 different children, as to keep our intermission to a 20 minute maximum. If more children show up to participate we will draw numbers and the lowest 5 will participate. We will be asking 10 trivia questions and the girl with the most right will win the position. If there is a tie we will do a tie breaker question. If several girls tie then we will draw numbers for the position. Our trivia questions will consists of I37 facts. Examples of these questions are as follows: How many classes of cars race at I37 on a regular basis? What is the last name of the new owners? What was the opening date for the 2008 season? The questions will get harder as the contest goes on, with questions ranging from the name of the track to different personnel names. We will ask that all participants report to the concession stand 20 minutes prior to the contest so that we can narrow down our 5 spots. You can find answers to all the trivia questions at our website I37Raceway.com or you can call Cassie at 210-478-0111 or Ty at 210-240-7416 for more information. We will be posting 20 questions on our website as well as on Speed Zone next week, and we will be using 10 of those questions for our contest. Our queen will also be given a goodie bag from I37 and free admission tickets for 3 people for the next race. Good luck!!!!

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